Chapter 22: I lost Affection Points with Opposite Sex




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Day 19 – Noon, Weapon Store?

Rather than calling it a weapons shop, it’s more like a stall? Is this so-called peddling? A shabby place, no?

「There is a bit of special circumstance to this shop, so the array of goods is nothing like what you would find in a normal store. This place should suit your needs.」

I see, since normal stores sell normal weapons, I normally can’t equip them. In this case, a suspicious shop is what I need. Eh, wait!

I have Appraisal, but I’m not that knowledgeable about weapons? Well, let’s take a look……

「Parasitic Vine – Strengthen Wooden Sticks, Staffs ? ? ? ?」

Hmm, suddenly,『?』-san So should I just go with ?Equipment? Are those 『?』part of the same series?

『Spiked Shoulder Pad – Ferocity Up, Pow +3, ViT +5』

This one is no good, absolutely. Were I to equip this and I won’t be able to go back…… It’d be HYAAHAAAAAh all the way. [1. TL Note: reference. Spiked shoulder pads are an essential element of bad guys’ attire. With “hyahaa” being a battle cry for the most of mob characters there.]

「Necklace Of Seven – (30%) 7 Slots」
What’s this? A necklace-type item bag? Eh? Nothing goes in? Defective product?

What’s this「7 Slots」? Actually, getting level 5 in Appraisal I got the same thing on the equipment of Villager A-san, but it doesn’t seem to be an Item Storage. What’s the meaning of this?

Cloak?, and Leather Gloves?, and Leather Boots?, and Clothes?, and Staff?, the five have「7 Slots」, same set?

「Shopkeeper-san, what’s this Necklace of Seven? What’s with this 7 slots?」

I asked a super suspicious hooded shopkeeper-san. Even if I won’t buy anything, I still can get information, and asking costs nothing.

「It allows you to combine items. It can combine the effects of seven items if you put seven different necklaces in there. But their power will be reduced to 30%.」

Ah, this is a useful item.
It could be really useful when I start gathering resists, poison, sleep, and so on. With this, I will be able to have resistances from 7 items on one, though only at 30% of the power.

I want it, but 30%…… 100% poison resistance would turn into 30%…… Dubious, but still better than nothing. However, I don’t have other necklaces.

Having extra money which you have no idea where to put, makes buying new stuff extra tempting.

No, that even more interesting is Parasitic Vine from 『?』series. Staff? is my only weapon at the moment, so if I can make it stronger with this, then I’d like it. I don’t know how much stronger it will get, but the base strength is also ??, so I don’t even know that.

Even so, I’d like to buy it if it can give an enhancement. I can’t use other weapons after all…… For now, that’s the first pick.

「Cloak of Magic Reflection Reflects Magic」

This is nice. I didn’t take any magic attacks so far, but since I can’t rely on level difference to resist attacks, this is good stuff.

And since it’s a mantle, I can probably combine it with Cloak? and will have 6 slots left.

The reflection probably isn’t perfect, but if I combine it with Lv and skills it should become a good anti-magic measure. This is a must buy. It’s probably expensive, but let’s buy it.

Considering that, a staff or a cloak, and I’d also like gloves and boots. Let’s search for them.

「Hey, are you still going to browse? Don’t tell me you want to look through all of the wares? It will take the whole day.」

It seems the old man got bored. It’s your gratitude to me, so bear with it.

Of course, I will browse every item. Or rather, if I don’t then how am I even supposed to decide on what I’m going to buy?

Yeah, there are many items that I’d like to buy. And I also have money… Could it be that this is my first bulk purchase in another world?! Am I really going to do it?

『Slash-Proof Clothes – Clothes that can’t be cut』are nice, but my current outfit cannot be cut as well, also it can’t be torn or burnt and can be easily washed.

In that case this…… No, 『Gloves of Power + 7 – PoW + 7』, 7 doesn’t sound that great. There should be something better……

『Anti-Snake Boots – +30% dmg to snake type monsters』? I might have problems with snakes?…… But it’s +30% damage boots, it might turn out that it applies only to kicks, so they might be useless …… In that case, 『Fire Staff +10%』, should be more effective, but with only 10% I might soon stumble upon 20% or 30% so it might be a waste of money?

『Uncuttable Hat』, isn’t taking hits to the head a big no-no? If a slash goes a bit off, my face will be cut, what then? Eh,『Magic Katana – Sharpness can be increased with mana, Level 30 required』uwaa, it’s katana! Want. But level 30, I won’t be able to use it…… But it’s not like I can’t hold it…… I can at least swing it…… But even so……

What? What is this?「Spatial Staff – Greatly Effective for people capable of using space magic」, does it mean, do something about the magic on your own? You! Having such a promising name and then telling me to learn it on my own? This is a scam! A scam I say! Old-folk might have fallen for this! Even I was about to fall for this! I really wanted……

I wonder if I will be able to use it someday? Crap, this is totally a bum’s line of thinking…… I must look for necessary and useful stuff. I shouldn’t hold useless dreams in another world.

What a guy, calling this his gratitude and ditching me to eat dinner somewhere. I’m also hungry, but I’m doing my best! He was the one who introduced me to this store. Even the shopkeeper is doing his best, holding back tears. Good grief, old men in other worlds these days, no perseverance whatsoever……

For rings, there is the Ring of Depleted Soul, but since it’s too scary, I didn’t pay much attention to it…… But it looks like it has 7 slots…… Okay, rings! Show me rings! Eh? What kind? All, all of them! Show me everything! Right now! Hurry up and show! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry![2. TL Rant: I can’t shake off this feeling that this is Hellsing reference. This is the second time it happens. This image is the first thing that Google shows me when I search for the last part]

「Please, I will give you a discount, price reduction, special offer, anything you want, just decide on something. I’m hungry and sleepy. I can’t take it anymore.」

「Hey, Lad… Have pity on the shopkeeper and buy something already? And have pity on me as well? It’s night already? I can’t even see the wares?」

What kind of merchant are you to start wailing here? Isn’t this where you are supposed to show some guts and try to sell more stuff? Get more passionate about this! You can do it! Though, he will probably run away if I tell him this.

「It’s fine? I have night vision and Appraisal? I can bring out a lantern if you want?」

「「……We want home.」」

Are you kids?

In the end, I was taken into custody by the president late at night.

I only looked through every item and finally picked possible purchases. I finally entered the examination and comparison stage and was in the middle of narrowing it down. This is where it really begins, and yet…… Oh, well, let’s just buy what I already picked.

Okay, this is the bare minimum, but at least I will avoid unnecessary spending this way.

「How much for this?」

「Eh! All of these? Eh? It’s a cheap store and you saved Gatek-san’s life, so I’m willing to give you a better price, but all of these are pretty expensive? It’s going to cost about 10,000,000 ere?」

「8,000,000. I will haggle until the morning, you know?」


In the end, on the president’s judgment I gave up on 「Shining Mantle – Shines cooly」and「Jar of Happiness – A jar, that was bought, after being told by the merchant that putting it at home will bring happiness」and「Pheromone Ring – Will improve the impression of the opposite sex? Probably?」bringing the total sum to 8,000,000. I had to give up on「Pheromone Ring 」. It’s「Will improve the impression of the opposite sex? Probably?」… No, nevermind……

By the way, it looks like the most expensive item was 『Pheromone Ring』at 2,600,000…… My affection points…… Were taken away?




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