Chapter 31: It seems that bureaucrats like wasting money. I wanted to get a position at a public library, but they are the only ones getting profit




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Day 22 – Morning, Omui Guild.

Today I once again drop by the guild, and today again, no one would meet eyes with me. Isn’t this amazing? Not sure if it’s related, but according to rumors, as of late many adventurers have neck pains.

「Why is it the same quests every day? I’m coming here daily.」

「Why are you coming here daily?」*Sigh*

Flat gaze with a sigh. As expected of the president of the receptionists. A lot of variation.

Today, I wanted to search for the geeks again, but it seems that yesterday’s incident impacted the girls more than one would expect, so I’m currently under self-restraint, why? I didn’t get any injury or anything? Even though the bandits just ran out of breath and collapsed to the ground on their own? I’m always getting scolded even though I didn’t do anything bad and just was dragged into this. Such a mystery.

On the other hand, even if I want to earn money, there are no good jobs. None. Never. I’m yet to see even one.

50,000 ere for daily allowance is the utmost cruelty.

At this rate, my affection points with the opposite sex…… I want affection points. As a high school boy.

「Isn’t there something that can bring in money? It’s fine if it’s not a quest.」

「At this point, it has nothing to do with the adventurers guild, does it? To begin with, you aren’t even an adventurer? And from what I’ve heard, you took all the money not only from the guild but also from the blacksmith and the general store, where did it go? Why do they keep disappearing every day? Will it ruin your day if you don’t leave someone without a single penny?」

Looks like this world has a deficit of hard currency. And since they don’t have enough coin, money isn’t circulating properly in the economy, leading to a shortage of funds at stores. Which they are trying to blame on me. Was a deflationary spiral summoned to this world as well? I don’t think I had it among my classmates?

There is no job outside the town, but staying in town means no money, but leave the town and they will be worried about me, but staying in town I’d want more money, which brings me to square one, no jobs in town.

Peeking into this store, peeking into that store, window-shopping a bit, losing all my money…… Should I hunt some gobs after all?

For some reason, there are a lot of soldiers patrolling the town. Seeing me, they give chase, what is going on?

「Why are you running away? Didn’t I say yesterday that I will send a messenger for you? Why were you not at the inn? Why did you run away after being discovered by the guards I sent to find you?」

Running away from the guards, I was called out by a young and cute maid, and just when I was all happy, thinking that she is trying to hit on me, I was brought to the mansion of the lord and am currently being scolded by the young lady?

「No, chased by strangers, wouldn’t you normally run away? Did you mean soldiers when you said a messenger? And you also said at a later date, but you never mentioned how much later is that date?」

「Then why did you get caught by a young and cute maid? You completely forgot, didn’t you? When you saw me 『WHO?』was written all over your face? You have absolutely no recollection of what happened? 」

I’m being scolded?

「Weell, it’s been a while? Did you do well? You grew quite big in the time we didn’t meet…… So I didn’t recognize you at first?」

「We met yesterday, didn’t we? Not even half a day passed since then. Why am growing to the point of no recognition in such a short period of time? Did I get fat in one day? Or rather, isn’t that the type of vague talk you would give when you have no idea who you are talking with? You have fully forgotten me! Right? I’m too obscure and unknown to be remembered? You forgot both my name and the name of the town, didn’t you?」

「It’s alright, there is no way I would forget a noble lady such as yourself, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, in all four seasons there wasn’t a single moment when I forgot about you, Merimeri-san?」

「Why is that the only thing that you remember?! And after speaking with such pomp, you end it with a question?! Forget four seasons, you didn’t remember me for even one moment! And in the first place, we met yesterday! For the first time!」

Apparently, she is angry.

Welcomed into the lord’s mansion, they prepared a meal for me. Is this hospitality?

「Today I invited you for dinner, and to once again thank you and give a modest reward, but…… Why am I shouting in anger?」

「Eehm? Such a mystery isn’t it?」

Unlike her traveling outfit from the other day, today the young lady is wearing a simple, but beautiful, well-designed dress…… And she is stomping her feet. Is this the latest trend among the nobles? Like, would someone approach her during a ball「My lady, would you like to join me in foot stomping?」, is this how it goes? Nobles sure have it hard.

「NNngh!… Here, it’s a trifling sum, but please accept this as a reward. Also, yesterday we heard that you don’t have identification papers, so we made them, if it suits you, please use them. They also serve as an entry pass to the town, so you won’t have to pay to enter the town in the future. The pass has the name of the town written on it, so please remember it. It’s Omui. The name of this town and my family name are both Omui. I have a name. I have written it here. Please remember it. Meriel Shimu Omui. Please forget Merimeri-san.」

The meal was delicious. The chat… Well, she was saying something. It’s fine, I guess.

「By all rights, it should have been my father, the lord of the town, who should be thanking you, but unfortunately, he, along with my mother, had to leave the town in the morning. He asked to apologize for this rudeness. He also said that he will make the sign on the entrance to the town bigger. Big enough to be able to read 『Omui』on it even from afar. And will also hang a few banners「Welcome to the town of Omui.」inside the town. And he already ordered 100 signposts to be placed on the way to Omui. Some officials even proposed creating a theme song for the town and playing it at a high volume 24 hours a day.」

Good grief, looks like bureaucrats love wasting money no matter where you go. They are most likely in cohorts with the banner maker and theme composer and are just trying to profit from this. It is exactly because the officials lack integrity and common sense that the economy is going into recession. And they don’t even notice it. They probably don’t even realize how absurd their ideas are. They are simply unqualified for positions involved with handling public funds. They most likely misunderstand money collected from businesses and the public as generated profit. Absolutely preposterous. Damn it, if I didn’t get transported to another world, I would’ve been trying to get a position at a public library. Why can only they leech off public funds? I also want to use public funds to buy books that I want! Read what I please as much as I please! Declare the books of the library as my own property! If you have money to make banners they spend them on a library! That’s why bureaucrats are…

「……Heeey, why do you never listen to what I’m saying? Are you ignoring me? Are you pretending to be deaf? Which means that you can hear me? Are you listening? And why won’t you remember my name?」

Ah, looks like the young lady was saying something.

「The treatment is the same as the last time, even though I dressed up for today……」

The butler got mad at me.

The maids were nice though……




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