Chapter 56: That is a problem of the other world’s flood control, right?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 28 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn, the assembly.

Haruka-kun already left.

We have to hurry up with the discussion, an emergency vote.

「Thus, it is apparent that Haruka-kun’s aim is the Pheromone Ring. The ring that can raise affection rating with the opposite sex…… Probably! Hence, we should destroy the dungeon!」

「「「……No objection!!」」」

It’s decided. By unanimous decision, the dungeon gets demolished. Complete unity. Objections won’t be tolerated!

「No, we can’t do that.」

「They will be really mad! Both the guild and the city!」

「Eh? Why the dungeon has to be destroyed because of some ring?」

Tch! Oda-kun and the others, who usually never show up at our meetings, objected.

「Aah. Which reminds me, earlier, Haruka-kun was saying that he is getting scolded despite not doing anything bad because he doesn’t have enough affection points.」

After getting scolded that much, how can he still believe that he didn’t do anything bad? And how is that supposed to be connected with the affection rating with the opposite sex?

Just what is he trying to do by raising it even further?

Does he want to create a harem or something?

No, that’s unlikely.

After all, he was basically in a harem situation with 20 girls in the cave, but escaped it, choosing to stay alone in the tent.

When I approached him in the tent he pulled back, escaping by crawling along the wall……

And what’s most important, he already has 5 girls tamed, he can just order? Anything he wants? To beautiful high school girls? But he isn’t doing anything, he hasn’t done anything and shows no interest in doing anything. He doesn’t even remember their names and doesn’t seem to want to.

Just what is he trying to do?

What is the purpose?……What is that necessity?

Could it be, could it really be, that he actually, seriously thinks, that he is getting scolded because he doesn’t have enough affection points with the opposite sex?!

He might. He certainly does! He is surely thinking 『But I did nothing wrong?』or 『Since they are mad at me? I guess I’ll get the ring? Kind of?』No doubt! How after making everyone worry that hard, after making everyone cry so much, after making everyone despair like that, come back all nonchalant, make everyone cry even harder, he can still think that he wouldn’t be scolded?!!

Well, for starters, he isn’t going to do anything indecent.

He certainly doesn’t have any ulterior motive.

But there is a risk in letting Haruka-kun have it. A risk that spells danger.

There might be a chance that all of us will get tamed.

And not through subjugation, but through willing submission.

In fact, by now it’s fine to call everyone devotees…… Everyone survived until now through their faith in him.

It will be a disaster if the affection rating goes higher in this state.

This must not be allowed. It’s too dangerous.

And what makes it even more dangerous, is that he himself isn’t aware of this danger.

That’s because Haruka-kun doesn’t know how everyone acted when he was away.

That’s because he doesn’t know how everyone acted on the night he came back.

He doesn’t know that the innkeepers, citizens, and everyone almost flooded the town with their tears.

If he didn’t come back, then we probably would’ve flooded this whole world.




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