Chapter 58: I thought it’s a dungeon trap, but turns out it was a psychological trap! I have to develop Meteor




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 28 – Daytime, The dungeon, the lowest floor.

「Damn useless geeks! Such useless extra info! Do they use their heads only as headgear slots? Just burn them if that’s all they amount to! Well, I tried though. Ah, this scared me.」

Good grief, just who is going to fall off a cliff? Just who? Ah, that’s me.

Or rather, this was not a cliff but a pitfall trap inside a wall? It was blocked by the wall? Even though it is a trap? Could it be that this is a special trap meant for those that would try to remodel the 1F to settle on it? I’m probably the only one that got caught in it. This is why the situation on the real estate market of this world doesn’t improve. Why can’t they remodel housing on their own?

「I fell pretty far, huh? Which floor is this? The lowest one? Is this where the affection rating is supposed to be? For the opposite sex?」

Well, normally falling from such a height would mean instant death.

So most likely no one ever went in here of their own volition.

Then the affection rating is safe somewhere here?

In fact, if I didn’t have『Air Walk』I surely would’ve died.

The problem is the pitfall.

I wouldn’t fall from a cliff, and even if I did, I could climb back.

I have 『Air Walk』after all.

But this is a pitfall.

It’s completely vertical.


Smooth and slippery.

With『Air Walk』I can walk. On air. Like on a stair to heaven. I will move upward and forward, I would have no problem even on a cliff.

But I can’t climb up a narrow vertical hole.

It’s too narrow to climb through it like on a spiral staircase.

And since it is so smooth, I can’t climb up the walls.

「You will fall from a cliff, you will fall from a cliff, but this is a pitfall, I totally didn’t expect this? Or rather, this is the trap set up by the geeks! I didn’t even think about pitfalls, too distracted by cliffs!」

If I were to climb all the way back by using Air Walk I would have to move forward, pressing and rubbing on the walls. Impossible. I don’t even want to try.

「Damn it, because of the geeks I only thought about cliffs! I didn’t expect this at all! They didn’t say a thing about pitfalls! Is this a psychological trap? So the geeks are enemies after all? Burn?」

But this shape? Is this work of Sense Presence? I can somewhat tell its size and form?

Checking the status, I see『Space Perception Lv 1』there. Is this for design? Architecture? Sounds convenient.

That’s good, that’s all cool. What pisses me off is 『Trap Sense Lv 1』, it’s certainly because I fell in here. I get the reason, I get it. But it’s too late getting 『Trap Sense Lv 1』after I already fell into a trap! Too late! I’m already down here! The trap already got me!

But it probably will come in handy later. Very handy. But it still pisses me off!

Even though I got『Space Perception』, but checking the labyrinth around me…… It’s a straight path …… Into a dead end? …… No……A circular room? A hall?

Looks like there is only one path ahead.

With that shape…… It can be a big bath. I wonder if I can find a hot spring if I dig somewhere around here?

But it’s pretty deep underground? Isn’t this over 100 floors? Getting into a hot spring would be a huge deal. From 1F it might take…… 3 days? One can even catch a cold on the way back.

「Well, since it is the only way, I have no choice but to follow it. However, the first floor, this place, and well, in a way a pitfall are all straight paths, which part of this is supposed to be a maze?」

It’s just a corridor, narrow and dark. It’s really asking to get remodeled.

「It’s a looooong… Path? Corridor? Road? Maze? No, since it’s a straight path, I can’t get lost here, so it’s not a maze. It’s been like this since I stepped into the dungeon. I even brought a map with me, but there is not a hint of a maze. I even got『Space Perception』but I still can’t find anything maze-like?」

It’s a secret that during this dull walk I also was working on the soil here.

Finally, the end of the path. A door? And it’s so big? A circular open area?……Coliseum? Stadium? ……Which is it? I don’t think they are playing baseball here…… At least not according to my Sense Presence. Probably?

I will know when I open the door.

I won’t know unless I open it.

I won’t be able to return without opening it.

What if it doesn’t open?

That might be the most troublesome development?


I knocked, just in case.

Manners are essential.

No response.

Looks like I’m not expected.

So I have no other choice but to open it.

「I’m coming in? I’m coming? Please don’t scream calling me a pervert?」

Though I said please don’t, but to be honest, that is the development that I would like the most. But this is also a secret.

But it surely is going to be the most unpleasant scenario anyway.

Large circle shaped room on the last floor. That surely is a coliseum. What awaits there is most certainly a boss battle. Surely there won’t be a baseball match going on. It’s not Japan, after all, I can’t hope for a Japan Series here, Monster Series at best. Hmm, I actually might want to see that!

Then again, I can’t hope for a large public bath here and surely wouldn’t want gobs to shout 『Kya, perv!』at me. I’d immediately boil them alive.

「In what world Lv 12 would be challenging a boss solo? If you are going to drop someone, at least drop the geeks instead! I would’ve helped by dropping some boulders after them……」

I’d burn the boulders until they melt and then throw them. Meteors. Meteors (Lava Dropped on the Geeks’ Heads) should be able to burn their heads.

And yet, why was I dropped here?

And my affection rating doesn’t seem to lie anywhere.

Wait, it could be actually lying. Lying dead.

Or rather, was it even alive to begin with?

Anyway, it is the lowest floor.

This is the place.

The door opens.




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