Chapter 61: They are coming for me? They should have just thrown the geeks and the idiots into the hole




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Chapter 61: They are coming for me? They should have just thrown the geeks and the idiots into the hole.

Day 29 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn.

He didn’t come back. Of course, he won’t be able to come back immediately, but…… It is still worrying.

He always does something dangerous on his own.

「He might come back any moment, saying「Well, I fell down? So I climbed back? Kind of?」」

「「「「He might.」」」」

But even when evening came, he still didn’t return.

「He might be getting scolded by the gatekeepers after trying to get through the gates at night.」

「「「「He could.」」」」

But even when the night came, he still didn’t return.

「He might come back, shouting「Because of the geeks I didn’t even get time to sleep!」?」

「「「「Sounds just like him.」」」」

But even when the morning came, he still wasn’t back.

So, shall we pick him up? Casually saying that we dived into the dungeon.

「It’s 47F, right? Still no sign of him?」

「Just how many floors are there?」

We keep going down while grumbling.

「The lowest floor anyone went to was 43, right? We don’t have maps to rely on anymore so it’s starting to get tedious…」

「If he is on 50F then we are almost there… But what if there are 100 floors…… Are we going to camp here?」

We keep going, complaining on the way.

To where Haruka-kun is.

Taming on Shimazaki-san and the others still didn’t disappear.

In other words, Haruka-kun is alright.

If we keep going.

If we just keep going down.

We should find Haruka-kun.

Everyone keeps saying this and that.

But they keep advancing deeper into the dungeon.

The monsters are already over level 40. We can’t beat them that easily.

But we keep fighting.

Haruka-kun is probably trying to fight his way back to the surface, all alone.

Even at Lv 47 the monsters are extremely strong, one party is not enough to beat them anymore.

But Haruka-kun might be facing monsters of Lv100 or even higher, all by himself.

So we have to meet him, reaching at least where we can.

Because Haruka-kun is there.

No matter how strong the monsters are or how many of them are there.

Because Haruka-kun is there.

Haruka-kun is still alive and is still fighting. I’m sure he is fighting right now.

I’m sure I can reach anywhere, as long as Haruka-kun is there.

I’m sure everyone else is the same, no one is even trying to take a break.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 100F or 1000F.

I will go as far as it takes. Until I reach him.




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