Chapter 75: Demons are sly and treacherous, trying to deceive people aiming for their weaknesses. I know it because this guy went for my Affection Rating.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 31? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 82F

A short nap. I put up a monster-repelling tent, set up traps around, and what’s more important, there is Armored Pres guarding me. No one would be able to attack me! This is the safest place in the dungeon! But for a tent to turn out to be the safest place in the other world?

It might be a drag, but I must’ve leveled up already. Both Skeleton?-san and I should’ve gotten quite a few levels.

NAME: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 16 (4Up)
Job —

HP      276        (90Up)
MP      294        (99Up)
ViT     254        (81Up)
PoW     256        (79Up)
SpE     290        (99Up)
DeX     286        (97Up)
MiN     299       (102Up)
InT     313       (108Up)
LuK Max (Limit Break)

SP     1774

Martial Arts:「Path of the Staff Lv 5」(6 Up)「Uncanny Dodge Lv 3」(4Up)「Discernment Lv 7」(6 Up)「Mana Wrapping Lv Max」(Up)「Kyojitsu Lv 8」(4Up)「Instantaneous Movement Lv 7」(4Up)「Fluidity Lv 3」(2 Up)

Magic:「Temperature Lv 7」(2 Up)「Teleportation Lv 4」(6 Up)「Gravity Lv 2」(4 Up)「Holding Lv 2」(4 Up)「Elemental Sorcery Lv 2」(5 Up)「Wood Magic Lv 8」 (Up)「Lightning Magic Lv 8」(2 Up)「Ice Magic Lv 7」(2 Up)

Skills:「Health Lv 9」(2Up)「Sensitive Lv 8」(2Up)「Body Control Lv 4」(5Up)「Swift Foot Lv 3」(4Up)「Command Lv 9」(3Up)「Insight Lv 2」(3Up)「Farsight Lv MaX」(2Up)「God Eye Lv 8」(5Up)「Improved Detect Presence Lv 2」(3Up)「Detect Lv 1」(2Up)「Mana Mastery Lv 2」(3Up)「Erase Presence Lv 8」(Up)「Stealth Lv 9」(Up)「Concealment Lv MaX」(Up)「Map Lv 8」(2Up)「Empty Mind Lv 4」(5Up) 「Physical Damage NegationLv 2」(4Up)「MP Absorption Lv 2」(3Up)「Regeneration Lv 1」(2Up) 「Apex Thinking Lv 1」(New)「Rush Lv 8」(2Up)「Air Walk Lv 7」(Up)「Extreme Velocity Lv 9」(2Up)「Imitation Lv 5」(4Up)「Space Perception Lv 3」(New 2Up)「Trap Sense Lv 1」(New)

Titles:「Hikikomori Lv 8」(2 Up)「NEET Lv 8」(2 Up)「Loner Lv 8」(2 Up)「Grand Mage Lv 2」(3 Up)

Unknown:「Report・Inform・Consult Lv 6」(Up)「Jack of All Trades Lv 9」(2Up)「Muppet Lv 9」(2Up)

Items:「Evergreen Staff?」「Plain Clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」「Bracelet PoW+39% SpE +26% ViT +19%」「Black Hat」

As I thought, my abilities are trying to make a speedy mage out of me. What, am I supposed to charge at enemies or something? Strengthen and speed up with magic and then launch myself at the enemies? This world is so strange.

However, I didn’t expect I’d get 4 levels! Isn’t this place just crazy? In just a few days, 4 levels! Well, there are levels 100 and 99 all over the place. Though I didn’t fight them, I did manage to exterminate them, so it must have gotten me a lot of XP.

A whole bunch of skills changed. I don’t even know how they are different. 「Apex Thinking Lv 1」seems to be the fusion of other thinking-type skills 「Parallel Thinking」「Serial Thinking」「Quick Thinking」?
「Holding」is Packing-san? The name changed so much that I didn’t recognize who it was at first. 「Movement」 turned into「Teleportation」. I can now use Teleportation magic? I wouldn’t know unless I practice with it, but failure is extremely dangerous. I suffered so much even with Movement. It’s very risky. I should level it up very carefully. Since it’s me I certainly would end up inside a wall or something.

But it seems that I’m now beyond HP Recovery and going to regenerate instead. Does it mean that I now can grow new limbs if I lose them? Doesn’t sound like something a human would do…

The growth of combat type skills is also amazing. Well, since I was personally trained by the master of this dungeon it was expected. Those skills were otherworldly. Even though this is already another world.

Okay, time to get up.

「Good morning? Nothing happened?? You aren’t sleepy? You sure you don’t need a nap?」

She nodded repeatedly.

I’m not sure if it’s right to have my tamed one go for days without sleep or food, but since I’m showering her with jewelry she makes for an expensive employee. I’m sure even the labor standards bureau would have nothing against this. Or rather, how about my status as a NEET despite working this hard? Unforgivable.

By the way, Armored Pres, of course, also leveled up.

Name: Angelica
Race: —
AGE 17
Lv 11
Job —

HP     280      (181Up)
MP     291      (192Up)
ViT    256      (157Up)
PoW    265      (166Up)
SpE    307       (208Up)
DeX    301      (202Up)
MiN    288      (189Up)
InT    298      (199Up)
Luk     99

Martial Arts: 「Sword God Lv 1」「Martial God Lv 1」 ? ? ? ? ?
Magic: 「God of Magic Lv 1」? ? ? ? ? ?
Skills :「Divinity Lv 1」 ? ? ? ? ? ?
Titles:「Guardian」「Sword Genius」 ? ? ? ?
Unknown:    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Items: 「Full Silver Armor」「Mantle of Storage」「Ring Of Pilgrimage」「Elemental Necklace」「Blessed Bangle」

She instantly overtook me in stats and she is only on the way to returning to her prime.

Is she going to become some sort of a god? 『Sword God』『God of Magic』『Martial God』, a God of War perhaps? On top of that, she even has『Divinity』. Is she going to ascend into godhood? Well, for now, let’s pray to her. It is surely going to prove more effective than praying to that old geezer.

She also graduated from Skeleton? and now has an unidentified race? The job remains the same, none. The same as me? Jobless duo? But can a jobless become a god? Well, that old fart probably has Senile Old Man for a job.

Since I’m regularly making donations she has splendid equipment. And I’m still walking in the Villager Set.

But our stats are still far from Lv 80 monsters. Especially mine.

For now, let’s check the hidden room. There still has to be an item with Affection Rating UP effect somewhere. I’d also be happy to find Scolding Evasion UP or Scolding Reflection. Scolding Resistance isn’t needed. I’ll soon acquire it myself.

The contents of the treasure chest were『Magician’s Gloves Magic Control UP (Greater) Dex 30% Up』, Hmm?

Inside the box were gloves. Magician’s huh. With a bonus to control and dexterity. Does it mean, like prestidigitator? The one that shows tricks? Smells of fakery. Both effects are actually pretty good, but the combination makes it super suspicious. Won’t I get something like『Trickster』or『Fraudster』if I use them? Not like it’s going to stop me. But will they get a chance to shine? There is no chance to use『Gauntlets of Contradiction』as well, so I almost forgot about them. Even though I practiced sticking out my left hand and going 『Kuh!』. Secretly.

Let’s peek at 81F. An aquarium? Looks like a good date spot. I think? I never went to one since I didn’t have anyone to go with.「Sword Fish Lv 81」are swimming here and there. Is that even a monster? Maybe I can eat them? According to Appraisal, they are not edible… Even though it has a fish in the name? Observing them for a while revealed that those are swords, swimming like fishes. No wonder they are not edible! What a misleading name! I even got soy sauce ready! And even the grill… This is too cruel.

How are they different from Living Swords? If they are different, does it mean they are closer to fish? But I don’t think a net can hold them. They will just cut through it. I also see no mouths, so angling them also seems impossible. Poisoned bait is also out. Smoking them also won’t make them edible. Even though Smoked Swordfish sounds so delicious… They are swimming through 81F energetically like a colony. If they all attack me at once I’d turn into a hedgehog.

For a test, I tried to lower the temperature with Temperature magic and their movements began rapidly slowing down. So they can’t deal with cold temperatures, huh. With the temperature down I then tried to freeze them with Ice Magic. Frozen swordfish is ready.


I go around breaking icicles.

Taking swordfish that can’t move, being frozen, I then smash them at the wall, shattering them to pieces. But they are freezing to the touch.

There are quite a number of them, so we split and go around breaking them. The coldness wasn’t a problem for Armored Pres. Though she still stared at me with a flat gaze the whole time.

80F will definitely have a boss. But isn’t having a boss every 5 floors a bit too much? This is the 6th one already? Don’t give me that『I’m a boss』despite popping up all over the place. Well, though dealing with only one opponent makes it easier. Magic stones collection-wise. Gathering mountains of magic stones is a real pain. We actually spend more time doing that.

The monsters on 80F is self-proclaimed boss 『Demon Sword Master Lv 100』. Judging by the name, it’s a demon that mastered the way of the sword. I’d be quite pissed if it used a spear despite that. No, since it’s a demon it just might do that. The main point about demons is not their strength but their craftiness and cunning. Deceit and treachery are their true nature. It wouldn’t be strange even if it had a club instead.

It’s perhaps as sly and as evil as a demon. Well, it is a demon after all. It is doubtful even a demon would even fight seriously in the first place. It is probably going to use traps, poison, pitfalls, or even toxic vapors. Hmm, I feel like we might just get along. Get along well enough to travel the world in search of affection rating together. Demon-san must be getting lectured every day as well.

Or so I thought, but what a disappointment, he just jumped at me with a sword. What about traps? And you call yourself a demon? Aren’t you just an ordinary swordmaster? But doesn’t this make a demon look like a better person than me? Why is a demon so honest and upright? Think about how it makes me look?! I’m totally more of a villain! Ah, I got it! This demon is trying to raise its own Affection Rating by putting me down! Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable.

Fierce fighting spirit, the stance without any flaws, the mere pressure is enough to make one back down.

Raising the sword in an overhead position, the demon then brings it down at a terrifying speed, without any warning.


Well, since it fell into a pitfall, time to beat the hell out of it. I won’t allow you to raise your Affection Rating on your own. Absolutely.

「Damn it, such a devious person. How dare he try to lower my Affection Rating by trying to look good. Or rather, not a person, a demon. How dare he show off like that! A mere demon!」

In response, I got only a flat gaze. From her holding a sword with both hands, I can guess that she probably was expecting a fight? But what can I do if it falls down? While trying to drop my Affection Rating? Who can blame me for dropping such an evil demon? In the first place, boasting to be a swordmaster and yet being so careless, serves it right! Swordmaster my ass, apologize to the jobless! You can be Lv 100, or a demon, or swordmaster, or whatever you want, but I absolutely won’t forgive anyone who tries to bring my Affection Rating down. And by absolutely I mean ABSOLUTELY!

I simply was protecting my Affection Rating. It’s basically a self-defense. I did nothing wrong.

A magic stone and… a sword?

「Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds (Sword of Kusanagi) – Divine Sword, Eradicates Evil, PoW SpE DeX LuK 30% Up ? ? ?」…

A divine sword it says. It eradicates evil it seems…

「No, you are the evil here! A fiend! A literal demon!…… And it is already eradicated… Why did a demon even have a divine sword? Of course, it will get eradicated, that is basically suicidal behavior! I’m not to blame here.」

Just what was that? What was it trying to do? What was it thinking? Probably nothing. Just like the idiots. Aah, they could’ve gotten along as fellow dum-dums.

「A demon would be obviously weakened if it uses a divine sword. At least think a bit when you pick your weapon? Why would a demon have a holy sword? Didn’t it feel any discomfort? Why couldn’t it just be like a normal demon and have a normal cursed sword? Actually, where did a demon even get such a sword? Who? Who was it, who gave a demon a holy sword? Is it bullying? Was the demon sword master actually bullied?」

[TL Notes
The stuff of legends. Very famous legendary Japanese sword. One of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan.

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