Chapter 76: Can’t I put them on a chain?




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Day 31? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 80F

I got tired of retorting.

Well, I got 「Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds (Sword of Kusanagi) – Divine Sword, Eradicates Evil, PoW SpE DeX LuK 30% Up ? ? ?」, but it seems that the avatar of avarice Armored Pres-san doesn’t want it? Could it be because she is a skeleton? But she doesn’t seem to have any problems with blessings or holy attribute items? Could it be that she is pretty picky? She might be picking by the appearance? For now, her equipment all looks pretty cool.

So by the design, one was supposed to get the holy sword here, and then use it for the battle on the lowest floor? It does look like it might cleanse darkness… Yeah, going by the order of things, that seems to be the idea. THEN DON’T DROP ME!

It has 30% to every attribute, so let’s put it into 『Evergreen Staff?』. This is the third item. So I have only 4 slots remaining. But why doesn’t it get any heavier? Why doesn’t the design change at all? With the black hood and wooden staff, I look simply like a side-character. Even though the person beside me is wearing sexy silver armor?

Next, 79F. Finally 70s floors. But to go home I have to pass 79 more floors. I never heard of a hikikomori that can’t go home! I feel like I barely even lived in that cave! And from the middle of it, I was staying in a tent in front of the cave? I’m not shutting-in at all. I miss my new home in this world even more than I miss the one in the original world.

Though at this point I’m basically living in a dungeon, which is supposed to be a maze, thanks to 『Space Perception』, I’m not getting lost at all. What kind of maze is it if I didn’t get lost even once? I also want to have such moments like in light novels 『Where should we go? Left? Right?』. Exploration wasn’t supposed to be like this. After entering the dungeon I first was walking in a straight path, and by the time I got to the supposed maze parts, I could already perfectly navigate through it with the combination of 『Space Perception and 『Map』. Not a hint of an actual exploration or discovery. No, it’s convenient, so I’m going to use them, but…?

And 79F 『Spike Viper Lv 79』, a snake? Since it is a viper, it probably should have poison, but why does it have spikes? For better traction?

Encountering snakes, or rather, reptiles in general, the first thing I’d try is lowering the temperature. Though I did the same with the fishes as well.

They stopped moving. Or they can’t move anymore? Or maybe they are in hibernation? I don’t know, but for now, they aren’t moving.

I then walk around, cutting off their heads. But they are so huge. Easily over 10 meters. 『Swallow』, 『Strangle』, 『Choke』, does it really count as martial arts? At least according to the status page of『Spike Vipers』they should be? Are they also going to shout the skill name before the use? 『ShAAAA』? Getting strangled with that spiked body would probably be very painful. You’d get stabbed all over.

「But they are vipers, right? Like a saw-scaled viper? They even have that chain-like pattern on them. So why spikes? Why no chains? Are they trying to show off their individuality? 『I’m unique and special』kind of thing?」

In the end, everyone lost their heads while lying without movement, turning into magic stones. They even had 『Temperature Sense』, but couldn’t do anything about the change in temperature. Their numbers were too much to deal with by using Ice Magic, but Temperature Magic has a considerable impact and large area of effect. Could it be specialized anti-reptilian magic? Fried snakes would probably sell really well, but dungeon monsters disappear on death.

It is probably a combination of effects from『Kusanagi』and『Magic Katana』, but the staff cuts really well. It could cut even with Mana Wrap and Packing alone, but this is a completely different level of sharpness. Kind of like a mere touch is enough for a cut? Just what is this wooden staff going to become? Even though it began as a wooden stick? Even though it still looks like a stick? Even if I try to gracefully slash my opponents, it looks like I’m simply clubbing them. Not graceful at all!

「Next is floor 78, huh…… Levels 40… Probably impossible? I might be able to handle levels 30? But since there are so many of them, maybe levels 20? Which means for 50 floors more I won’t be able to fight properly? Even though it’s a dungeon?」

Okay, who is living on the next floor……? 『Vanish Wolf Lv78』, just a normal wolf. Does this world even have a concept of monster girls? I’m yet to see even a hint of that? If I find them I might be unable to beat them, but taming is another matter. Though I’d probably get scolded for that later? And I’m probably bound to get scolded for Skeleton-san…

Now, Vanish, vanishment. I’m not getting tricked by that. There is no way a monster that disappears or evaporates on its own would exist. It certainly will pop up somewhere else after that. No doubt. This is for certain. Otherwise, they would probably be long gone, due to their own skills.

They are probably going to vanish when I try to attack them, and then reappear when they attack. What a pain.

Well, since they are Lv 78, I won’t be able to win even if they don’t vanish. There are 80 of them, and the whole pack has the Cooperation skill. A team attack from 80 wolves. No, nope, nope, nope.

Vinegar. I spread, scatter and spray it. I wonder if one cask will be enough? Use Packing to hold it and Wind Magic to scatter. On one hand, I’m glad that I bought it, on the other, it feels like a waste. Well, it’s not like it is that pricey, and I can buy it anytime.

After cornering them, I scatter a powder made from paralyzing mushrooms. Doesn’t feel like a waste at all. Have as much as you want. Pepper would be wasteful, so I keep it for now. It’s the last resort.

Cornered and covering their noses with front paws with tears in their eyes, they are then finished off by Armored Pres.

It hurts my heart doing this to cats or dogs. But they definitely would’ve gone for a chomp on my head.

Their vanish ability seems to last only 2-3 seconds, and they are immediately mowed down after reappearing. I keep on scattering vinegar. I’m quite sure there aren’t that many people that go to the dungeon to do this.

I also kill cornered wolves with Ice Needle, and then corner another group, and repeat the process.

The whole floor smells sour. It’s beginning to sting my eyes.

I can’t stay in such a sour dungeon. Though it was I who made it like this…

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