Chapter 79: Since you are so close, it would be unfair not to treat you in the same fashion.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 32? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 75F

Since the armored person with a stare that physically hurt didn’t need it, I took 『Demon Beast Bracelet』for myself. Even though I was just hitting it from behind, I’m actually the one who defeated that thing. Probably?

But I’m troubled by the vagueness of『Demon Beast Bracelet – Increase All Abilities』. Will it also increase NEET, Hikikomori, or Loner?

Anyway, the 74th floor. I can still feel the prickling from the stare, but it’s the 74th floor.『Metal Scorpion Lv 74』are waiting there.

『Metal Scorpion』is well, a scorpion, which means, it’s venomous. Scorpions, despite their appearance, are actually pretty soft. What they have is not actually a shell or a carapace. They easily die if smashed. But metal scorpions are made of metal, so they must be quite tough. I don’t think they will squash that easily. Probably? The answer is fumigation. So once again, I’m busy with making fires and spreading smoke.

After all, scorpions are arachnids. Basically siblings to spiders. Since they are so close, I have to give them the same treatment. Aren’t you happy? Lying on their backs with twitching legs? They probably are?

The silver armor is going around, stabbing the scorpions into the gap of the armor on their necks, and then removing their heads.

Behind it, a dude in a suspicious black hood keeps smoking the surroundings non-stop.

No, no, I shouldn’t let it bother me. It’s my loss if I do. Just like working. Title-wise. [1]

Finishing collecting the stones it’s now time for a pleasant detour to a hidden room. Though there was nothing pleasant about it until now? In terms of My Affection Points.

This chest also wasn’t locked. Just when will I get a chance to use Magic Key?

What do we have here?「Enduring Greaves – Complete Resistance, Magic/Physical Attacks/Impact Resistance Up (Greater)」? Greaves? Ah, the shin guard. Leg protection from western-styled armor. Since it’s western-style I tried to show it to Armored Pres, but she seems to have no interest in it. Is it because they are black? She won’t accept anything other than silver? So she picks items based on appearance? Well, as a girl she might have some points where she cannot yield. Well, Full Silver Armor has「Complete Immunity」and 「Enhance All」on top of that, so she simply might have no use for it.

I wonder if I can put these into my boots?…

Yup, they fused. I’m so happy. This is what I wanted the most after Affection Rating. Complete resistance, Physical Attacks and Impact Resistance Up. This means that crash landing, and clashes with enemies will become easier from now on. Though is it really a good thing to embolden such behavior? But well, what can I do if I fall and clash? Of course, it would be better if it didn’t hurt as much. Yup

I’m itching a bit for some charge attack, or more like, for crashing directly into enemies at full speed, but considering that the next floor is turtles, I probably shouldn’t try that. Big turtles? With… alligator faces? Is that what’s called an alligator snapping turtle? But the name says 『Reflect Turtle Lv 73』? Four huge turtles are lined up in an excessively huge corridor. Yeah, don’t want to crash into that. Each of them is the size of a small house. Probably would be beyond painful. No, thank you.

Rather than that, it’s Reflect. How is this reflect different from the boar-sans’ Mirror? Since they also have『Magic Reflect』skill, I see no difference.

Approaching the first turtle I use magic to create a hole under its right front leg. And then another one under its left front leg. And another one under the right back leg. And another one under the left back leg. Here we go. It cannot move anymore.

I then hit the head of the turtle, which lost its freedom of movement. Even though it’s a turtle, it makes no attempts to retract its head, so I just keep whacking it.

It is trying to bite me, but it doesn’t have enough reach.

Since it’s so huge, it blocks the passage, preventing other turtles from coming near.

So I just keep bludgeoning it.


…Armored Pres suddenly cut off its head. She couldn’t wait any longer? That turtle had 『Slashing Resistance』, how could she cut it like that? Well, fine. It saved us time. She seems to have an impatient side to her?

Then, another Reflect Turtle approached us, so I created a hole under its right front leg, and then…

It was incredibly tedious.

But all of them are annihilated. 8 turtles in total. They were so huge that this floor felt smaller than the previous ones, but with all turtles now gone, I see how truly huge this floor was.

Their magic stones are also huge. I wonder if big magic stones are worth more? Is this actually a treasure? But there are 72 floors between me and the buyout window.

Hm, no hidden room it seems, let’s check what’s above. I open a peeping hole in the ceiling. No matter how many times I peep through it it’s still not fun at all.

Dead trees? 「Treant Lv 72」. A wood. There is no need to think here. They don’t even have fire resistance. Though they do seem to have magic resistance. Wouldn’t they burn from a normal, ordinary fire?

Bonfire, bonfire…… Whoa, it’s seriously hot.

It’s burning well.

Well, that’s a dry tree for ya.

I splashed them with all kinds of oil including canola oil, olive oil, and sesame oil, and then set them on fire.

What good will having only magic resistance do? I can simply use air walk to pour oil on them. Of course, they will end up in flames. They are basically monsters made of dry wood, asking to be burned? Of course, I will oblige. Though it’s seriously hot.

Everyone burned out.

Using oil here feels like a waste though. It’s expensive and they don’t sell it in such large quantities.

Gather magic stones and flat gaze. Then, it’s time for a hidden room.

Hm? No treasure chest?

Only a piece of dry wood called 『Elder Treant Lv 72』? A huge dry tree. And it burns very well. Well, not without my help.

When it finally burned down I discovered「Elder Treant Cane – Magic Power 50% Up, Elemental Affinity Increase (Greater), Magic Control Increase」, among the remains. A magic staff, huh. I wonder if there is any cane that makes whacking enemies feel better? Isn’t blunt damage what people seek from canes? The swords get bonuses to attack strength, but all that canes and staffs get are spellcasting bonuses? Isn’t it a weapon designed for beating others to death? No?

[TL Notes:
[1] “働いたら負け” – “If you work, you lose”, Relatively famous japanese meme encapsulating the psychology of some dedicated NEETs.]

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