Chapter 103: There seems to be a horrible gap between the way society and my comrades see me.




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Day 39 – Nighttime, Omui Guild

We are incredibly busy, and because it’s like this for several days already it is even more tiresome. It never was this crowded and hectic at this faraway guild. So I appreciate this busyness. I never felt this good about being tired. It seems that today as well the whole guild is going to work overtime thanks to just one boy.

Every day, from dawn to dusk we are under a constant onslaught of merchants with orders for magic stones. The merchants, whose numbers are increasing with each passing day, crowd the bargain area, buying magic stones in a chaotic commotion, and in return, the pile of coins keeps growing. The local lord was so desperate to advertise the place, and yet no one wanted to even approach the region, but now, trading associations and merchant guilds are making lines, bowing to him to get authorization to operate in the area. And thriving business brings enormous profits to the guild and the town.

Until now the guild couldn’t even properly compensate adventurers that were risking their lives to decrease the numbers of monsters in the forest and the dungeon. So adventurers kept fighting with poor equipment, which didn’t match their skills. But now, we can finally reward them properly. At last… Just how many adventurers lost their lives until now, if only we could provide them with proper equipment, if only we could gather more people, then those lives could’ve been saved. Just how many have we lost until now?

Even so, as a guild… As a guild master, I kept sending them to fight monsters, protect citizens, defend the town and villages. I had to give those orders regardless of how dangerous it may be. I’m not allowed to say that it’s fine already and they don’t have to work so hard. The local lord, Omui-sama, was bringing as many troops as possible, and even fought at the head of the army himself, trying to protect this remote region. He kept supporting the guild, even if it meant that he will have to live frugally. But even so, the number of troops was insufficient. And it couldn’t be any other way. There is no way there could be enough troops to defend from the forest of demons and the oldest dungeon. Many more died venturing to fight monsters than in defensive battles, and yet we couldn’t repay even for those deaths. Only tragedy and despair were awaiting this place. To think that would change to days filled with happy laughs and tears from busyness.

The boy destroyed the tragedies of this frontier and brought tremendous profits to the city and its citizens. As a mere level 9, he destroyed the pack lead by an atrocious big green wolf and saved my friends, Ofuta and his party. At such a low level he wouldn’t even be able to join the guild, yet he entrusted us with a large quantity of magic stones. Moreover, he even rescued Omui-sama’s family. A true savior of this town, the black-haired boy, unknown to everyone, never speaking of it himself.

The worst monster stampede in the history of the guild. The worst-case the likes of which couldn’t even be found in the records. In addition, according to what we heard later, the incoming horde was led by an Orc King. This is too much, there is no way we could defeat that. The town and surrounding villages were bound to be destroyed, but black-haired adventurers, young comrades of that boy, joined our forces. A mysterious group of boys and girls every single one of which had black hair and dark eyes, and possessed high levels and incredibly rare skills. Every one of them is incredibly strong, but none had any connection to his town, or most likely, even this country, yet they were willing to put their lives on the line to protect this place. From what I’ve heard they are only 16 years old. No one would blame them if they ran away. Quite the contrary, I had to fight the desire to yell at them to escape, when I bowed my head, asking for their help.

For quite a while after that, we stood strong, prepared for hell and death. However, not a single monster showed up. All because there was that black haired boy. Thanks to him we didn’t have even a single casualty, since he annihilated all of the monsters on his own. And he didn’t accept countless weapons and magic stones, acting as if nothing happened at all. The boy ended the worst stampede without any death or injury, and yet made no effort even to talk about it, much less brag to anyone.

And that’s the cause for this hecticness.

The equipment of adventurers drastically improved. Instead of their previous lacking gear, what they had now was far more than just adequate, as they carried rare items and weapons with skills, which were worthy of first-rate adventurers. Seeing such a scene in a remote frontier guild I can’t help but doubt my own eyes. Everyone teared up upon seeing this, unable to hold back tears when they thought just how many of their comrades they could’ve saved if they had this gear and weapons back then. No guild employee can remain unaffected by this.

The boy handed us equipment, saying that it is gratitude, and then also left a huge number of Frogman harpoons for the lord, moreover, the harpoons were of Lv58 class. The boy that killed the dungeon and escaped from the 100th floor before we could even prepare for the rescue mission. Bringing a colossal amount of magic stones to the guild, spreading potions which ended up saving the lives of many adventurers and citizens through the town, selling countless clubs at such low price to the weapon store that even the poor could afford to buy them for self-defense. All of it was done by just one person. The black-haired boy that single-handedly changed this town.

Praised by no one, hailed by none, unknown to gratitude or reward. Even so, this boy doesn’t hesitate to come to the rescue.

For now, only those that directly interacted with him or saw his deeds with their own eyes, know about that.

Omui-sama was crying when I delivered that huge volume of Frogman’s harpoons to him. Just how many soldiers could survive if they had these weapons… How many people could’ve been saved… And thinking about all of those he couldn’t help but simply crying, grateful to that boy, whom no one knew.

And I was the same. Receiving that number of weapons as gratitude, I protested, refusing to accept such an expensive donation, yet he simply pushed them onto me and left, leaving me bowing over and over in gratitude.

I’ll never forget the words Omui-sama said at the time.

――Without anyone noticing the town that was heading for ruin, knowing nothing but tragedy, became one filled with happiness. We witnessed a miracle for the first time.

The words he said while overlooking the town filled with laughter.

Because of the unfortunate skills, that boy is yet to reach even level 20, and because of those skills, he also can’t form a party. Fighting so much, defeating all kinds of monsters, and yet not reaching Lv 20. Unable to equip proper gear he is forced to fight with a stick, wearing simple clothes. Unable to form a party he is suffering all alone with those skills.

Not only can we not repay this debt, we can’t do anything for the boy that keeps struggling all alone, unable to even register as an adventurer.

For the boy that saved this town and the region, which, thanks to him has been reborn, bringing happiness here.

Even if we cannot repay this great debt, there is no way we can allow him to struggle all alone without doing anything for him, such a thing absolutely cannot be forgiven. Just what can we possibly do for the benefactor who seeks no fame or fortune, who obtains everything with his own power and yet holds to none of it, just how can we repay him, even in the slightest?

Just what can we possibly do for the boy who doesn’t desire anything?

Every time he appears with words『I have no cash』, but in the end he pours all of it back into the city. Vast fortunes, weapons, equipment, medicine, everything… And while the town grows more and more prosperous, he is still walking around with nothing but a stick in his hands, wearing only leather and cloth, continuing to fight on his own. Just what can we do?

No matter how hectic things get, no matter how busy we are, that thought alone sits in the back of my head, not leaving me even for a second as another day of work comes to an end.

The thought about that black-haired boy. While everyone found their reward and their share of happiness, the boy that made all of that come true had nothing, still struggling all alone…

Day 39 – Over.




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