Chapter 106: The stimulus effect on the fluidity of the economic circle is not taken into consideration?




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Day 40 – Night time, Omui’s Guild.

The two began another meeting. Every day, despite their busyness, the guild master and the local lord are holding a meeting as soon as the lord arrives.

Distribution of budget and personnel to the border and the town, a sudden and drastic increase in work, labor shortage, diverting workers to public infrastructure maintenance, which until now, couldn’t even be considered.

There is no end to subjects for discussion. But by the end of it, they always end up talking about that black haired boy.

And then a meaningless talk begins.

According to them, the boy saved the town?

According to them, the boy brought happiness to the town?

According to them, the boy brought a rebirth to this remote region?

And on top of that, the boy found no reward for all of that?

Ultimately, the boy is refusing to accept happiness coming his way?

And lastly, the boy is risking his own life for the happiness of others?

Just who the heck is that boy they are talking about?

A pointless discussion that couldn’t possibly get any more pointless. There is no such boy, and I’ve never seen such a person!

Yeah, I see a black haired boy every day, but I’ve never seen such an unfortunate person as they describe.

They are underestimating him too much, that boy is nothing that cute.

If there was such a boy he would’ve been killed by monsters a long time ago.

Not only was that boy not killed by monsters, but he is also killing them to the brink of complete annihilation instead.

All alone? All alone he is annihilating all of the monsters around.

Heedless of danger? It is the monsters that are under threat.

Saved everything? He simply killed everything, so there are no monsters around.

Found no reward? He is simply killing everything, so he doesn’t desire anything of that sort.

Brought happiness, but didn’t get any himself? He is killing everything, and then is happily coming to convert that to cash.

Refusing to accept reward or happiness? Every day he is taking all of the money from stores here and there, and that brings a wave of prosperity.

The two must be very grateful to him. That is natural if you look at the results alone.

But those are the results.

And all of those are the result of him killing every single monster he encounters.

Both the local lord and the guild master were born on the frontier, so they consider this town to be something commonplace.

But I’ve never seen or heard of a town filled with such compassionate, considerate, and virtuous people anywhere else in this country.

Falling into ruin and having nowhere to go, we were warmly received and helped by everyone in this town.

But in other places, not to even mention the capital, going under would mean more people coming to kick you when you are down, taking the little you still had left.

It is because of the way this town is that all of it worked in its favor, saving it.

That boy. No, that boy and his comrades are a mirror.

Because they were treated well, they stayed.

And because they stayed, the town obtained tremendous profits.

They killed monsters to complete annihilation, and peace came as a result.

It simply happened so his action resulted in the town’s happiness.

They are taking him too lightly, he is not such a compassionate boy.

If this was a different town, one that would’ve tried to bring them down with malicious intent, then such a town would’ve been destroyed.

If this was a different town, one that was a threat to that boy and his comrades, then it would’ve disappeared.

If the people of this town tried to strike a hard bargain with him, he would’ve simply turned to another town to sell his wares.

But the people of this town were willing to purchase everything at a reasonable price, even if it meant scraping every last penny they had to do so, and it was true not only of the stores of the town but also the guild and even the lord himself.

That’s why happiness came to this town, that’s why this town was shielded from harm.

That boy has neither good nor ill will.

It is because the rescue mission was sent to the dungeon that he left us weapons as gratitude.

It is because the town has people that treated him well that he is acting in the town’s interest.

Compensation, praise, adoration, reward, fame, gain, benevolence, or desire, that boy thinks of nothing of that sort.

Saving the town? He doesn’t even remember its name yet. As grateful to him as they might be, he doesn’t remember the names of the guild master or the lord either.

There is an old man that treated him well, so he repaid in kind. A nice town with nice old men is probably all that it amounts to him.

That boy does as he pleases, making people around him happy on a whim, and happily doing whatever he wants.

They are taking him too lightly, they are underestimating him too much, regardless of how unfortunate he might get, he will be happy, doing whatever he pleases.

Were it not so there is no way the people around him would’ve been so happy. They are simply being made so. Yes, he is simply doing whatever he wants.

They are underestimating, they are taking him too lightly, and they are worshiping him too much. That boy is just acting doing whatever he pleases. There is no way a boy, who thinks himself to be miserable or misfortunate, can make everyone around this happy.

So please stop this talk at once and get back to work. It’s pointless.

Day 40 – Over.




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