Chapter 123: Very popular, but stuffing too much into the mouth might lead to the loss of that popularity.




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Chapter 123: Very popular, but stuffing too much into the mouth might lead to the loss of that popularity.

Day 46 – Daytime, Cavern, 20F

There is nothing but golems here. Really. I’m tired of this already. I mean, waiting for the presidents all the time we are barely making any progress. Looking at them now, their Vibration Magic seems to have greatly improved, and their control got better as well? But it doesn’t translate into Vibration Sword? Just what kind of training were they doing? It’s gonna be noon soon? Oh, looks like they are finally done?

Spotted the hidden room of 20F. Though going to check it alone is a bit… that? I wonder how the contents of chests are split? Sharing loot in a party sounds like a pain. In my case there is only me and Armored Pres-san who I tamed, so I get everything that she allows me to have. As simple as that. Just what is taming…

「I’m opening it? Kind of? Sort of? Or rather, no lock again? How careless. And what about traps? For real. (Clang)」

And, oh my, inside was『Afterimage Katana – Invisibility Effect (Intermediate) Pow SpE DeX 10% Up』. It’s kinda dubious and I don’t like the stats, so I don’t need it. I mean, a sword with an invisible blade sounds super cool, having only afterimages visible is fantastic, but if I fused it with a wooden stick I’d turn into just a crazy high school boy who is swinging an invisible stick. I’m sure even enemies would look at me with pity if I fought with that. That would be just cringe.

「Inside was『Afterimage Katana』? Invisibility (Intermediate)? It leaves only afterimages? A katana with like… See-through effect? I guess?」

「Oooh~. Or actually, there was a hidden room~?」

「A katana. 『Afterimage Katana』sounds very strong? And it’s also invisible.」

「If only afterimages can be seen and the blade itself is invisible then isn’t it unbeatable? How do you defend against that?」

Aside from Shield Girl and Bludgeoning Great Sage everyone is using swords or katanas. And on top of that, all of them fight with a sword in each hand. It’s going to be carnage, a women’s fight, a battle without honor or humanity, a fantasy catfight, hand-to-hand combat, a possibility of a nip slip? I wonder where is the best spectator seat? If it’s pay per view then take my money?… But nothing is starting? And I even pulled out my wallet from the item bag.

「Errr? If we find something together, then we split it, but if someone finds something hidden, then they get the priority. So I think Haruka-kun can make the decision, or if you want, use it yourself. In the case of a sale, half of the sum goes to the finder, with the rest split among everyone else. That’s the rules by which we usually go. What about you and Angelica-san?」

「We aren’t a party, so it’s simple. Since there is only Armored Pres-san and me, I get everything that she didn’t plunder. Basically, I take everything except for valuable weapons and armor, or gorgeous accessories. Very simple? Right? 」

For some reason everyone turned to Armored Pres-san, meanwhile, she was frantically shaking her head. Hmm? Did I explain it wrong somehow? According to my memory, that’s how it went until now?

「Haruka-kun, you can decide. The finder gets priority.」

Since Armored Pres-san is gesturing that she doesn’t need it, I guess I’d give it to the board members. I still have plenty of weapons from Minotaurs, and they are better anyway. I keep them in reserve for Sword Rain, but the monster deficiency prevents me from ever using it. And with the addition of three『Demon Scythes』Sword Rain itself is under question. Even though I trained at throwing and swinging swords with『Holding』I didn’t have a single chance of using that.

「You girls can have it. Armored Pres-san doesn’t want it, and if I use it I’ll just look like a crazy highschooler, so you take it.」

「I want it! Can I buy it? You really don’t want it? Can I buy? I don’t have much money though? How about payment in installments?」

Vice President A-san is using katanas and seems to be very interested in it, but didn’t she just buy a few of them during the bargain sale? How many sword style is she going for? Is she going to hold them in her mouth? Considering the amount she is carrying, about 3 are going into her mouth? I don’t think the style will be too popular. Actually, won’t she be reported as a deviant?

The rule among the board members is that if someone is going to use equipment they don’t have to pay for it, so I just gave it away for free. The shrimp stole axes without paying anything anyway, so I might as well give something to A-san for free as well. Vice President A-san is using a dual-wield style oriented for inter-personal combat so『Afterimage Katana』might suit her. But now she has more than 5 swords. Can she hold them all? Well, can’t argue that facing someone who is holding 3 swords in the mouth would be scary as hell. Even goblins and kobolds will be terrified. I’ll run away in fear as well. It might be surprisingly effective?

Locked in combat with iron golems on the 25th floor. Armored Pres and I annihilated everything in the vicinity, so we are currently in observation mode. In the usual fashion, we left barely any monsters for anyone else.

Vice President A-san is using two swords. Looks like she is not going to use her mouth. And Afterimage Katana suited her after all, what the hell is that! So cool. I also want to do that… Was I too greedy, taking too many swords?! What she is doing is so nice. Let’s snatch it later.

Vice President A-san seems to have a skill for katanas. Currently, she has two shadow hands, in other words, 4 sword style. Add two more and she’ll be Asura-san? This could be very popular with 8th graders! And if she also takes a few swords in her mouth… She might lose that popularity? Well, she has nothing in her mouth though.

Armored Pres-san also changed to a katana and began coaching Vice Pres A-san. Both have long legs, so they look amazing in armor. It’s a bit disappointing that there is no jiggle since it’s armor, but Vice President A-san has nothing to jiggle even without armor. 「Cough, cough」…I didn’t say anything? I was just observing? H,o,n,e,s,t,l,y?

Unfortunately, the armor of Armored Pres-san seems to be the only one that follows the body line, all other armors are not particularly sexy. Thank goodness, looks like I didn’t awaken to Armor Fetish or any other weird stuff. It was just pure sexiness coming from the person inside the armor.

The pres also joined Vice President A-san and fights while being coached as well. Dumb shrimp is fighting while spinning around all over the place, and Shield Girl is also managing without getting knocked away. The Great Sage-san is as usual, why is there not a single caster among them? Great Sage-san?

On the 28th floor, I found another hidden room, but there was something inside? 『Metal Golem Lv 50』, a big-shot, a guardian. I wonder if Metal-san is made of some kind of alloy? Since it looked kinda dangerous I decided to go with metal destruction, thus, the first in a while Inferno-san. After wearing down the metal with high-speed vibrations and swift alterations of extreme temperatures I then crushed it with Holding and Gravity magic. It collapsed? No movement? 「Did I get him?」, still no movement, let’s go in. There were 6 people, but not a single person went「Oh!」?

A mysterious lump of squashed metal and a treasure box, which contained『Faerie Ring Dazzle Effect (Intermediate) Evasion (Intermediate) SpE 20% Up』, ooh, this is quite good.

「Anyone want this? If not then I’ll buy it? I think it will be pretty useful no matter who takes it? I especially recommend it to A-san and C-san, for real.」

「「「Hmmm. What shall we do?」」」

Yeah, used with sword skills of Vice President A illusion-based effects will have amazing compatibility with her『Afterimage Katana』. The shrimp is also darting about, so both Dazzle and Evasion effects will work well for her. Evasion (Intermediate) and SpE 20% Up will be beneficial for anyone. Quite close to my 『Cloak of Evasion – SpE + 20% Evasion Up (Lesser)』but this one is better. This is a good find.

「Since you need it, I’m fine with you taking it, you passed on the previous item, and you also gave away axes.」

「「「No objection. Okonomiyaki were delicious, so.」」」

Looks like I can have it? In exchange, I gave them 『Cloak of Evasion – SpE + 20% Evasion Up (Lesser)』which after a discussion went to the President. However, having 『Faerie Ring』and『Demon Ring』… Won’t they start a fight? Will it be alright? I guess I’ll instruct『Demon Scythes』on this later.

As a return gift for the item, I treat everyone to sweets as we stop for a break. I still don’t have enough to treat all other classmates, so it’s a limited edition stuff.

「A new product, steamed buns with jam. A limited edition? They are sweet~ delicious~, contain unidentified fruits~ For real, kind of~?」

「「「Yaaa~y, jam! Steamed buns!」」」

「And they are sprinkled with sugar? A premium-grade item~ delightful~」

「「「Sooo sweeet! So gooood! Mysterious fruits are delicious!」」」

I used one of the mysterious fruits that I received in the village. It had a good flavor but lacked sweetness and moisture, so serving it like that didn’t seem like a good idea. But the taste was a good fit for a jam. They were growing from the ground, so they might be comrades of strawberries. Looks like they made a favorable impression, so I’ll ask how to raise them when I drop by the village next time.

Now, I don’t think we can reach the 40th floor today, but are there many levels in this dungeon in the first place? Well, I want to sell clubs, and there is no point in trying too hard here. This place has nothing but golems. There won’t be any monster girls anyway. Golem girls won’t be accepted! Absolutely! Inorganic objects are a no-no. Ah, but the armor was very sexy? Wait… What if there is a sexy golem?! There is no such a thing, right?




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