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Chapter 159: Just because two became three it doesn’t mean that the overall strength increased.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 51 – Late Morning, Dungeon.

Since getting to level 90 it takes a while for everyone to increase their levels. They will probably spend a long while as Lv99. But going over level 100 should make one exponentially stronger.

And it is possible to do that. While Lv100 is the limit for monsters, humans can go over that. I guess that is the point from which one can actually challenge the dungeon.

There is no need for the girls to risk right now and force the fight. Because they are guaranteed to become stronger later. The path to the strongest is open to them.

In that regard, levels have nothing to do with me. Because me getting level 100 is absolutely not happening ever. Farming every monster in the Evil Forest to complete extinction and even killing Goblin Emperor only got me over level 10. I won’t get to level 100 even if I spend my whole life on it. It’s not even a time problem, but more of an experience issue. If annihilating all monsters of the Evil Forest got me only level 10, then I doubt there are enough monsters for me to reach level 100. Even if I were to kill every single monster in the world by myself, I probably still won’t get there.

Massacring everything on the lowest floors of the great dungeon with the following dungeon-busting expeditions still didn’t get me over level 20, so there is no way a colossal amount of XP required for me to reach level 100 exists. If there were so many monsters around, the world would’ve been destroyed a long time ago.

Immortal Armored Pres-san and Slime-san of unidentifiable lifespan might eventually reach it, but not me, since I have a finite life span. There is no way I can make it in a limited amount of time. I’m a human after all. Honestly? It’s even written in my status, okay?

I don’t know what I came to this world for, but there might be some meaning to it?

I certainly remember the geezer talking about that. That wavelength and aggregate amount matched. No idea about the wavelengths, but the aggregate amount was meant for all 43 of us who were brought to this world. There are only 30 of us left, and one is no good. The aggregate amount went under 70% by now. If that amount is a required volume, then there is only 69.76744186% left.

In that case, at least the remaining 29 have to get over lv100. I don’t know if that will be sufficient, but since the quantity went down, there is no choice but to compensate with quality.

I have no idea why we came to this world, but there might be a meaning to it. If so, there might be some things that can’t be accomplished unless the aggregate amount is raised. And, since my level doesn’t grow, I’m the best candidate here. A typical glass cannon side character that is strongest only in the opening chapters.

And if there is a meaning to us coming to this world, there is a good chance it has something to do with dungeons. In that case, we have to fight there. We have to fight in the dungeons. In there, we can deal with enemies floor by floor, and since each floor has monsters of only one kind, adapting to them is easy. But we won’t be able to win if a dungeon overflows and the dungeon master of Lv100 comes at us leading an army of monsters of different kinds. Being able to pick them off one by one as we can do in a dungeon is incredibly advantageous for us. It would be a problem if they went outside.

And if someone has to risk, there is no better candidate than me. Allowing the president and others to fight the boss is a high-risk low return gamble, considering the chances of victory.

And while I might be the weakest, my Epic Luck boosts my survivability by a lot, and my array of skills also gives me the best chances of winning. It is a high risk, for me, but also a high return.

Perhaps, we were teleported here because the frontier is the most dangerous place at the moment.

The danger comes from the Evil Forest, the Great Dungeon and other dungeons, plus the war.

Two villages already disappeared in the stampede emerging from the Evil Forest.

Right now, the Evil Forest, the Great Dungeon, and the war are not a problem. What remains are other dungeons. If we seal them we should be able to avoid the war. But if we allow an overflow the damage to the frontier will be immeasurable. And if its military power weakens it will surely come under attack, meaning, a war.

No matter how many words I use and how hard I explain they won’t get it. This is something I can do nothing about ever since we came to this world.

No matter what I think about it, those teleportations to the other worlds are the worst. Even in novels, there are no stories where the protagonist got to live in peace without fighting or struggling. Nothing good ever comes of them.

「Actually, why do you look like you are about to cry? That’s just ominous! It’s not like I’m going to die, okay? Or rather, until now, I didn’t die even once, right? Probably? So I’m like, the right person for the job? I’ll do my best until you get stronger, and then have my peaceful retirement, that’s all there is to it, you know? I probably will be nothing but a hindrance when you get over Lv100? So I’ll go for retirement. And for the sake of my comfortable retirement, I have to work until you get stronger. So it’s nothing to make such a fuss about? It’s a safe bet with a vision for the future. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be okay! I mean, the most unsafe and not okay I’ve ever been was during that time with Armored Pres-san? And then Slime-san? And yet I’m alright? My food and cloth expenses are not alright though? That’s sort of how it is, so it’s okay. 」

Yes, there is a risk, but the chances are much better compared to everything that happened before. Thinking normally, if I managed to survive all that, there is nothing that can kill me now, is how bad it was.

「Compared to what happened until now, fighting a level 100 Dungeon Master is a piece of cake, a walk in a park, easy-peasy? I mean, the most dangerous opponents number one and number two are with me now? Number three and below might as well be dismissed with consolation prizes? Seriously.」

Well, there won’t be an easy victory, after all, numbers one and two are greatly weakened from having their levels reset. But I also became a little bit stronger.

And annihilating 『Armored Chameleons Lv49』we proceed to the 50th floor.

Looks like this is the last floor.

By the way, Armored Chameleons were all massacred while they were hiding, apparently planning to remain unnoticed, despite all of the girls having 『Improved Detect Presence』. You were already exposed, you know?

「It’s a promise! We will go back as you told us, but you also must not do anything risky! I’m going to give allowance only to Angelica-san and Slime-san if you lie to me!」

No, wait? Among these three, I’m pretty sure I’m the most prudent one with money? Those two are avatars of avarice and gluttony? I have only sins of laziness and lust, so it’s not like I’m wasting any money? Moreover, I’m the hardest working slug of this world? Making an order, buying clothes, and then confiscating the money you paid but leaving me without even an allowance? What kind of fiendish shopping is that? That won’t be even a home industry anymore?

And so we enter the 50th floor.

Oh my, a hunch can come true.

『Cerberus Lv100』

A dungeon master of level 100. The guard dog of the Underworld.

Orthrus-san’s elder brother. It also has one head extra, having a whole three of them.

The past. The little brother Orthrus-san was doing its best trying to cover two of its noses with its front paws. It died though.

The present. The elder brother Cerberus-san couldn’t cover all three of its noses with only two front paws. It died though.

What a stupid hunch that was.

「Eerhm? Retreat?」

「「「And why would we retreat now! Cerberus-san is dead! The middle head couldn’t cover its nose and looked really pitiful! And just how strong is that vinegar! My eyes and nose hurt insanely bad!」」」

The air is so sour. It stings my eyes. My nose hurts too. Ah, it started dripping. Let’s hurry home. Even Slime-san hates it, despite having no eyes or nose.

It might’ve been a level 100 dungeon master, but since it was a doggie it was easy to deal with. It was strong, but that’s all. It would seem that Slime-san was a special dungeon master after all? Well, it is a Slime『Emperor』. All bouncy and jelly-like?

「I was worried, expecting a battle-ready version of Slime-san class monster to show up, but all this one did was yelp? Yelp, you know?」

Slime-san’s biggest menace was in its complete lack of any weaknesses. A doggie that has its weak points written on its face can be handled with ease. As long as I have vinegar.

「Just what was that? Shouting at us 『You must retreat!』and then throwing vinegar at the boss out of the blue? That was the famous Cerberus-san, right? And that’s the end of its screen time? The guard of hell seemed to be in a hell of anguish? 」

「But you’re right, if it were us, we would’ve been wiped out. Its stats were amazing. There was no way for us to defeat it. The retreat was the correct idea. The idea itself. There is nothing wrong with the retreat itself, the issue was with the person insisting on it.」

「I know, in my mind I understand it? But even so? But hearing that pitiful yelping I hardly care about the retreat anymore? 」

With that giant body The Dungeon Master Cerberus had『Extraordinary Strength』『Godspeed』『Leaping』『Evasion』『Hell Flame Magic』, a balanced high-speed type. I guess?

It also had『Slash Immunity』,『Spell Evasion』,『Physical Evasion』,『Extreme Heat Magic』,『Extreme Cold Magic』,『Super Regeneration』and『Vorpal Fangs』. It seems?

No idea though. Since it died without doing anything. But they can’t beat that. The retreat was the correct choice. I wasn’t wrong.

「I think there is probably a giant wall at level 100. That’s why the monsters of Lv100 dungeon master class can’t be beaten without level 100 or higher. Stats of level 100 or higher are needed to get through those immunities. 」

「「「But didn’t you just kill it? Crying 『Yelp, yelp』, it lost all three heads?」」」

I’m pretty good with bugs and dogs after all. Vinegar and insecticide can resolve the problem in most cases? But this vinegar was something else. I think it had the same power as a tear-gas bomb. Everyone’s noses are running.

(Bo~unce, Bo~unce)

Looks like even Slime-san felt the sourness. It’s pouting now. To remove the aftertaste I give it jerky.

Since it had 『Super Regeneration』we finished it off in an instant, with Armored Pres-san, Slime-san, and me jumping in and cutting off all three heads. Even upwind the smell was hard to bear, but around Cerberus-san’s head the sourness was awful! Who the hell made such vicious vinegar! I want to place an order for an additional party! It can be sold at a weapon store, but it won’t be as popular at the general store.

Taking stats alone, it might’ve been only slightly above minotaurs, but in terms of skills, Cerberus was overwhelmingly stronger.

If possible, I’d want the president to 『Plunder』them, but for now, it’s too risky to attempt.

As I thought, I can’t allow them to fight such enemies, it is far too dangerous. That’s because the president and others don’t carry vinegar around! How can they be so careless?

「I don’t want to agree, but what you said makes sense, Haruka-kun. We can’t beat that. To be frank, I’m not sure if we can do that even after reaching level 100. That’s why we will withdraw if we encounter such dungeon masters. But you also have to keep the promise! You must not risk!」

We should make the 50th floor banned for the classmates as well. The idiots might forget which floor is that and go in anyway though. Can they even count to 50? This makes me worry. For their intelligence.

Peeking into the 50th floor from the stairs, Cerberus seems to have finally turned into a magic stone.

Since no one was keen on going back, they pressed me with,『The one who scattered vinegar should take responsibility!』, and so I return to the sour room.

It’s huge, and the color is very clear, this must be a high-grade magic stone.

And the loot is『Magic Beast Hide Armor – SpE 50% Up, ViT 30% Up, Slash Immunity, Spell Evasion, Physical Evasion, Skill: Clone』, a jackpot. Two evasions, one immunity, SpE 50% , and ViT 30%, even one of these would’ve made it an amazing item. A 『Clone』skill. Sounds cool, but there probably won’t be any chances to use it. That’s how it went until now, the cooler it sounds the less use it gets. Trying to raise a flag probably won’t help anyway. Seriously.

And there is a hidden room as well. And it is also sour as heck. With teary eyes, I step into the room, and inside it is also sour. The chest had 『Ring of Commander – Command, Leadership, Share Bonuses with the entire group』, this is going to the president for sure. Command and Leadership are great on their own, but 『Share Bonuses with the entire group』 must be a super rare effect. It gives the bonuses the leader has to everyone under their command, in other words, if she has 30 allies, then every one of them will get effects of Cheat Skills the president has. It will strengthen the whole party. However, it will also give everyone under her command『High Sexual Vigor』and 『Insatiable Libido』.

It’s a shame that it doesn’t work for Special skills. If everyone fought having the president’s 『Plunder』they could’ve learned monster skills. Like『High Sexual Vigor』or『Insatiable Libido』. Then we all would’ve been comrades.

Let’s leave before the items turn sour too. My eyes hurt.

As a result of the discussion, I got『Magic Beast Hide Armor. In return, each of the ten girls had the debt forgiven for 3 of the rings they bought by agreeing to pay in dungeon items. The debt of 30 rings is not small, but it’s cheap compared to such a great item. Getting two rare evasions is really nice, for real.

『Ring of Commander』unanimously went to the president. I mean, I can’t command anyone, and if they got the effects of my skills they’d probably be only troubled? Like『Body Control』, one has to merely think, and the body will move to execute the action on its own? And『Swift Foot』has to be practiced or you’ll end up tripping? I’m pretty sure suddenly getting something like that during combat will be a problem? Seriously.





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