Chapter 224: Jumping from a touchdown made from a jump is weird.

Day 59 – Daytime, White Weirdo Inn.

I’m currently in the middle of having the hell beaten out of me, but I have no complaints.

A simple wooden stick in my hands, 『Staff of the World Tree』hanging on my waist. And while I’m getting beaten clad in『Magic Wrap』, there is a meaning to it!

It doesn’t change the fact that I’m in an overwhelmingly unfavorable position, unable to move freely, but there is no need for me to go on offense.

Simply observing, reading, avoiding, and fending off is enough, there is a meaning to the very fact of being able to see and read what is coming.

Holding a wooden stick I evade and ward off attacks from Armored Pres-san in mini-skirt nurse uniform.

Thighs visible through the opening that is the absolute territory created by fishnet stockings held up by a garter are dazzling, that, I observe!

No matter how hard, painful, and tough the training (beating) is, I will overcome it! The bus guide-san in mini-skirt is awaiting meeee!

Thus, we are having a marvelous training in the backyard of the inn, this is the best order of priorities after all.

First I get beaten until I cannot move, and after I’m done with training, I can move equipment for the classmates. An order of priorities without useless elements. Kuh, I can almost see it, but I can’t!

My own speed is greatly amplified by skill synergy of『Staff of the World Tree』, making it impossible to control. It’s not just the SpE stat itself, but even the speed of reaction and thought are accelerated.

The world around me is decelerating with the time itself seemingly stretching, and in that slow motion I control my every movement, suppressing or putting each part into motion, trying to chain it into an optimal move.

The body is destroyed and regenerated, strengthened, and broken by the strength of the buffs. And I’m to adapt that as my own.

I observe everything of the miniskirt-nurse pres-san standing in this decelerated world. Her movements, stance, breath, reach, presence, mana, and absolute territory!『Thud!』, GuAh!

It would appear the thighs were a trap, if I’m focusing on seeing something that might be visible, but isn’t, it means I’m not actually looking.

If I don’t look I can’t grasp her movements, but if I don’t observe, I can’t read them either. Looking at everything in entirety, I’m observing the details.

I mustn’t fix my gaze upon the ultimate territory (thighs), I’ll end up entranced. It’s a trap capable of sucking in my very soul! Even though I was the one who made her wear that.

Can I manage somehow? Attack power, destructive power, speed, all grew a great deal. Meanwhile, technique and endurance are all in tatters. The complete opposite state of『Kyojitsu』which is supposed to cut off all unnecessary movements.

Being thrown off by the buffed abilities I can’t unify them into technique, although my stats are unable to keep up with this to begin with. That’s a regular occurrence by now, but I can’t keep up with adjusting, and since I can’t keep up, the body is taking damage, but if I can’t make it, I’ll end up lagging behind the classmates. I’d rather take on risk, than become a burden.

After that I also got beaten up by a sexy bus guide-san in a miniskirt until dusk, but I have no regrets. I burned that magnificent and spectacular sight into my eyes! Naturally, I recorded it with Rajingan! That curve from buttocks to thighs is the truth, and that absolute territory of pure white skin peeking from there, followed by legs wrapped in fishnet stockings is a divine mystery! Tonight, I’m going to thoroughly study the truth and dive into the depths of the mystery! I’m gonna do my best.

It’s getting dark already, the rest can be tested tomorrow in combat. I mean, most of the time real combat is safer. I can handle lower floors by now, and middle floors should be alright too. But continuing that dungeon from the 90th floor is still impossible. There is no meaning to taking such a gamble. Since we culled it that hard in one go there is no danger of overflow happening any time soon.

Let’s look for an appropriate dungeon somewhere. Everyone seems to be back, so let’s plunder their earnings from today with dinner.

And upon entering the dining hall I was met with numerous placards flooding the place?


A demonstration. But why in cheongsams? Well, it was I, who sold those to them.

But they found out way too fast! Scan with Rajingan… Got it! Stalker Girl is munching sweets over there, she noticed everything and sold information for sweets! A fearsome investigation ability, or rather, put it to use to investigate the capital! Why would you investigate brassiere production secrets?! Actually, I was the one who made those sweets, you know? I’ll pay for your silence, so come to me first? 38 eyes staring at me, in other words, I have to make 19 sets? So you’re telling me to 19 girls?… Eh? Among the demonstrants there are a few girls that totally wouldn’t be troubled without bras, and also a few for which sports bras are more than enough… No, it’s nothing. I didn’t think anything and I totally didn’t see anything? No, do they really need.. No, don’t mind me? It’s not a discrimination or anything? Eh? Sexual harassment? It’s more like the measurements are sexual harassment, or more like reverse sexual harassment… Really?! 100,000 ere for each set? Chemises are paid for separately? Wait, am I going to make chemises too? Well, I get that, but why do you even need negligee? Just what are you… Aah~, Armored Pres-san was going around showing off~, wait, so you are having girls-only gatherings in negligee?! Just what are you going for with those gatherings? Eeeh? Another maiden’s secret? [1]

(Negotiations in process)

Deciding on the order with rock, paper, scissors by each party, it was decided on custom-made for everyone. It seems I’m going to make them one by one. I ended up agreeing, surrounded by cheongsams.

As expected, taking measurements for 19 people is tough in more ways than one. I mean, even yesterday, I had a lot of risky and risque things to go through? Magic Hands had to have a tantalizing good feel, from which Apex Thinking had to painstakingly make calculations from! Repeat that process 19 more times……

And a terrifying bunch showed up, their name is『Hip-Up Shorts Alliance! Lift up!』! And receiving overwhelming support they rose up to become a prominent force of 20 people, well, in other words, literally everyone? And so… It seems I’m measuring the bottoms too, moreover, they are apparently supposed to wrap up and raise. In the end, it’s 20 people?

Well, thinking about it now will only make me hungry.

For dinner we are having a beef bowl. But is this beef? Well, by the taste it is, then was that animal at the butcher’s place a cow? Anyway, beef bowl it is.

「Extra large with extra meat and extra sauce!」 「A generously big serving?」 「「「Extra large bucket!」」」 「Put more onion too.」 「How many extra helping are allowed?」 「Anyway, just give me a large serving asap!」 「Another one!」 「And more rice please~」 「Make it a big one! A huge one!」 「And egg, another egg.」 「Pour extra sauce, like, all over it!」 「「「Another large bucket serving!」」」 「Another serving here too~」 「Meat! Meat, meat, meat!」 「Aaah, it’s mine~, that bowl is mine~」…………

I made a killing. I made a killing, but it became a scene, all because the line turned into a circle, 『Beef bowl→Move→Touchdown→Move→Beef bowl』, a perpetual cycle, an endless loop. Or rather, the touchdown is just them finishing eating the moment they sit down, so they immediately get up! That’s way too fast! What sort of skill is that? Four cauldrons were already emptied, with only 2 remaining! However, coming this far, all eggs were sold out, so the pace dropped a bit, but the idiots are standing there, waiting with buckets in their hands! The buckets suit them so well that I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped using chopsticks too. That’s like, 『my personal bucket』?

And after the queue finally ended, my portion just barely remained at the bottom of the cauldron. Slime-san is intently staring here, but it is mine, okay? Let me have at least one portion? I wish I could have an additional serving too, you know?

Girls, so stuffed that their bellies are poking out, are rolling around the dining hall, Slime-san is also rolling around with them. Seems fun.

But is it alright to eat so much before having underwear custom made for them? When asked, they said that a boot camp is about to start, is it something that can have such an immediate effect? That boot camp? ONE MORE SET?

Finishing here, I head to the bath. Even without boot camps, I’m having beat camps every day, successfully getting beaten every time. It even feels like my muscles have become more toned since coming to this world? I’ll probably get glared at if I say that aloud, so I’m not going to. I’m already getting glared at? By 40 eyes? It’s scary, you know?

Soaking in the bath, I checked the surroundings with Detect Presence, which revealed that they seem to be working very passionately at boot camp.

All of them were strengthened by going past level 100, on top of which, they now have more skills, some of which evolved into higher versions, so their current performance is quite a lot better. They are going hard on offense with the pres’ 『Chain Whip of Savage Lightning』while geek guardian is sticking to defense with『Great Sweeping Blade』.

Geek Guardian, who is relying on skill combos for attack can be easily duped by Armored Pres-san, that’s why they split responsibilities, with him doing nothing but defense, while the unpredictable and elusive whip is used to demolish her defenses.

They are probably trying to destroy her footing, feigning an attack targeting her legs, they are making repeated attacks at the ground in an attempt to hinder her movements, but she makes no attempts to avoid it at all, moving in a dance-like way she is fluttering around, confusing them with her graceful footwork and setting them up for a trap instead.

And so they went (X_X).

A total annihilation it seems. Well, Instructor Slime is on stand-by as well, so they are probably going to kiss the ground one more time before the bath.

And since Armored Pres-san is in a good mood, that must’ve been a passing mark. I’d also prefer going (X_X) instead of getting beaten up mercilessly. Alright, let’s practice for that… Hmm? It’s quite difficult!


[TL Note:
[1] For those who forgot the exchange rate, this seems to be around 500-1000 USD.

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