Chapter 253: You can try to make it sound nice by looking for a good lonesome excuse, but that’s probably not what it’s about?

Day 62 – Nighttime, Murimuri Castle, Women Bath

A surprise guest. We got a guest on our girls-only gathering in the bath, Angelica-san came bringing the princess with her.

We are butt-naked though? But the princess also quickly undressed and entered, her highness stepped inside? She got in.

「I never properly introduced myself to you, Shariceres di Diorer, please treat me well?」

It’s a princess! A princess barged into the bath. Royalty-san has blessed us with her presence in a super sensual appearance? She seems to be super attached to Angelica-san, who apparently became 『Onee-sama』? For some reason the princess is in super high spirits while the Maid-san has an incredibly conflicted expression, what is going on?

「「「Kya~, the princess! A real princess! A celebrity intrusion-san!」」」

「Shari is fine. Right now I’m just Shariceres without any titles. And she is simply Ceres.」

「「「Woow, Shari-san is so friendly!」」」

The princess is very popular. She seems very delighted to be surrounded by everyone. And the maid-san was Ceres. Haruka-kun mentioned that she is pretty strong and stays in the princess’ shadow, but even her name was like a shadow. Shariceres-san’s shadow, Ceres-san, not sure if this is easy to remember or confusing?

With the princess’ platinum blonde hair, the maid-san’s dark blonde makes her look even more like a shadow, but naked in the bath they look more similar than twins, with everything from their physique, build, to muscles being indistinguishably the same. Aaah, she looks so glamorous, truly a sensual body!

「Everyone is so beautiful, with this fine black hair, and smooth silky skin, Aaah, so nice to the touch.」

The princess has joined in on washing each other too, going around, scrubbing one girl after another, looks like she is very impressed by the bubbly body soap? She keeps going through rubbing, stroking, and hugging with each girl. Such a blissful, overjoyed smile.

Having a princess wash our bodies feels impudent, but the maid, Ceres-san, isn’t saying anything, so it’s probably fine? She is royalty and a daughter of the king, so perhaps her stature prevented her from fooling around, getting overly-familiar or just playing with friends, much less washing each other in the bath.

That’s why she has such a delighted smile as if she can’t help herself as she is so happily messing around, hugging and washing everyone.

Surely, she couldn’t do something like this at the capital. In the first place, if the only young girls around her were nobles or retainers then the social position alone definitely would not have allowed this. That’s why she put aside her rank and barged in. She probably wanted to play with friends. It’s something that anyone can do, something that everyone is doing, and yet it wasn’t available for the princess.

23 Girls turned into one big mass of foam, scrubbing, washing and rubbing each other in basically a bodypile state. If Haruka-kun was here he’d be dead by now. This bodypile of foam covered naked schoolgirls has more than fatal destructive power. But I’m sure he’d die with a smile.

「Kyaa! It tickles! Wait, not there!」

「Hyaa~, isn’t it fine, isn’t it fine~.」

A huge uproar with excited shouts and coquettish voices filling the bath as everyone is squeezing and hugging each other covered in bubbly foam.

Wait, what? Coquettish voices? In a bath with nothing but girls?

「Hey! Kya, who was that, no touching there.」

「That’s off limits! No, I told you~!」

As I thought, pretty weird voices can be heard from time to time? Hmm? This is a girls-only gathering, isn’t it? Why are a few girls breathing so rough with a heavy blush on their faces?

While there was some suspicious activity along the way, everyone is now soaking in the bath, clean and sleek. Bath after dungeon feels particularly great after all.

「That soap is amazing, isn’t it~? Everyone’s skin is so soft, smooth, silky, and pretty.」

Looks like it has the princess’ seal of approval now. She is happily caressing everyone’s skin. She might be royalty, but that bubbly body soap is an extremely exquisite item, so there is no wonder she would be surprised. She seems to have taken a liking to body touch, so she is currently very busy with touching everyone. Hm? There are even more heavy-breathing blushing girls?

We tried to spar with the princess after that, but she was really strong, an orthodox high-road swordsmanship. She dominates the opponent in an exchange of blows and shuts them down. Knight Princess Shariceres, who mastered royal family self-protection swordsmanship and royal army military anti-human offensive fencing. The queen of the sword.

She was strong even in one on one, but in two vs two her combination with Ceres-san could be called perfect, leaving no opportunities to exploit for the other party.

And apparently, right now, Haruka-kun is working on their gear in his room. She might be a princess, but she is still a girl, who laughs and plays with such joy, and yet is trying to venture into the battlefield alone. Shouldering the kingdom and the royal family by herself, she is trying to oppose the war all on her own. Even age-wise, she is only two years older, and still very much a girl. Even though she is a girl whom a smile suits so much, she is heading into the jaws of death of her own volition, simply because she is a part of a royal family.

I’m sure Haruka-kun is also going to find one excuse or another to go with her. After all, the result of having such a girl on a battlefield all alone is obvious. Too obvious.

Ceres-san is coming too, but even then, it’s just two of them. Two girls facing a sea of enemies all on their own.

That’s why he is going along, and if Haruka-kun is going, then his two companions will follow without fail.

Which only means that some mere trio was added to that mere duo, but those three are definite Champions of Strongest and the Baddest Ever Grand Prix with certain hall of fame induction. If asked who would they prefer to fight, those three, 30,000 strong army, or 30,000 monsters, everyone will definitely take 30,000 of anything without hesitation. Or even a volume set of 60,000 both humans and monsters. I mean, from the perspective of these three, a 30,000 strong army or monster horde is just that, a mere 30,000.

However, the Second Prince might make a move too. If that were to happen, a need to split into two groups might arise. But if for some reason Haruka-kun can’t go with her, then we can go instead, after all, we are already friends. We even hung out naked in the bath, if we swept that under the rug and forsake her it would put shame on us as girls, but what’s even more important, we wouldn’t be able to face Haruka-kun.

But fighting a huge army or humans is both new for us. Not only are we inexperienced, but there is also a degree of unpredictability. We can’t afford to break up our group.

Let’s build up some strategies and tactics at our girls-only gatherings. The princess, Shari-san, is a military expert and also a general, so we can have her teach us. What war is all about, what humans murdering each other is all about.

And if I remember correctly, Shimazaki-san and Kenbishi-san’s tamed duo was supposed to face the ordeal of bra making today~… It will take a while for them to come back, and even when they do, they likely won’t have strength left to participate in the discussion. They are going to get measured so hard~.

Shimazaki-san’s group of tamed girls has an incredible loyalty to Haruka-kun. It can even be said that they are worshiping him. And thus, they have extra nervousness towards him, I wonder if this is going to be alright?

「Speaking of which~, since they are tamed~ by Haruka-kun, they won’t be able to refuse if he orders them, right~? And there~, they are going to get naked in front of him~? Won’t they get assaulted~? Given lewd orders~? Perhaps going『Master~』~? Forced by『Order』to do thi~s or tha~t, or even thaat~?」


Two girls sunk into the water with bright red faces. That’s why you shouldn’t be imagining that.

It’s risky even if you manage to purge worldly thoughts. The repeated attack of that gentle caress by wriggling Magic Hands (sizing), touch, and feel, and knead (fitting), and then rubbing and stroking (adjusting), has far too great a Maiden Destruction Ability! And then there is… the bottom too, the bottom, the bottom is… (Splash)

(Sinking in Progress)

Haruka-kun keeps calling them awful names like bitches, but they are super pure hearted maidens, so please spare them excessive stimulation? The responsible, honest and earnest girls, that still fret about the past, especially what happened with us and Oda-kun and the others. That’s why they saying that 『『Bitches』are enough for us』, so honest and earnest, that they started to call themselves the Bitches Group on their own. It’s far too pitiful, so please, remember their names already? And ours too?

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