Chapter 271: Meanwhile, there is a Shut-In who can’t go back to his home to return to. Part One




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Day 66 – Beastmen Country, Woodland

Set ablaze the beasts’ filthy village, burning it down, then capture the beasts as they are running around from the flames. These are the simple basics of hunting.

And if one manages to capture even one little shit or a female, berserking males will jump into any trap and die on their own. Even if they try to imitate humans, in the end they are still beasts, rushing into a trap they just die by themselves like fools.

Adult males can’t be sold for much anyway, so they can just drop dead.

「Drop your weapons. If you try to run away we will kill the brats one by one. Put the collars over there on yourself. We ain’t gonna kill those with collars, but everyone else is dead meat. Faster!」

Shit, first raccoon tribe and then boar tribe, nothing but cheap crap. Damn it, going into such an beast-stinking forest to hunt them isn’t worth it if we ain’t getting even one good merch.

「Hey, you know where other villages are, right? Spill it, I’ll let one of you go for every rabbit, wolf, or fox tribe’s village that you reveal.」

Silence, huh. And that’s why even though they are calling themselves beastMEN, they are nothing more than beasts incapable of simple loss and gain calculations.

「I’ll also let one of you go for revealing three villages of any other tribe. The one to speak up first gets to escape, you know?」

Fucking useless. Well, I just have to make sure they won’t kick the bucket before I can sell them.

Torture them a bit, making sure to avoid leaving scars which might ruin their value, and they will eventually give a few locations, such stupid animals. Well, what I said about letting them go is also a lie, so they are getting sold in any case.

「Hey, ain’t there too few people? Don’t tell me they got themselves done in by beasts?」

「Aah? Ah, they must’ve pulled some bitch aside to play. You know how they like it~.」

「So they just went to have fun without us, huh. Shit, and all we have here are dirty brats.」

Well, the beastmen hunting corps are taking care of the dangerous wolf or bear tribes, but even so, getting nothing but crap won’t earn me any money. I can make a quick fortune if I find rabbits or foxes, allowing me to have fun for a while, but suppose raccoons aside, boars ain’t even worth killing. Damn it, so unlucky.

「Why aren’t the scouts back yet? Don’t tell me they are also fucking some sow? We ain’t making any gold at this rate.」

「No choice but to make it up with quantity, just make sure to cull some to prevent the price from dropping. But yeah, with boars it’s sorta~.」

So I won’t have any gold left after paying back the debts. Damn it.

「Round up the beasts and lock ’em up. We will pick them up on the way back so don’t screw around too much on lookout.」

Well, no choice but to split up and search the area by ourselves, but there is something creepy about this, isn’t the forest too silent?

Well, to make up for that the beasts are too noisy, wailing, crying, and all that shit. They finally shut up after I blasted them with Fire Magic. Damn it, their price will go down if they get burns, so keep silent for the fuck’s sake. Such stupid animals.

「Don’t scatter too much. And don’t separate from the guys with 『Messaging Bells』」

It would’ve been easier if we had more decent magic tools, but bastards from the Church keep them all to themselves, so we, merchants, are having it tough.

Ain’t it too silent though?

A kid? No, an adult, huh. It seems young, but male ain’t going to sell for much, which tribe is it though? Can’t see ears over the hood.

「Don’t move, I’ll kill you if you try to run.」

「I’m not going to run away. I didn’t come all the way here to run away. This is what I came to this world for. I finally reached this place. That’s why I’m not going to run away anymore.」

A nutjob? Doesn’t seem to understand human speech. Yeah, this ain’t gonna sell, let’s kill it.

「Hey, where are your friends? Or your village? If you tell me I’ll spare you and let you run away.」

「My friends are scattered throughout the forest, I can’t let you go to the villages, nor will you be able to? There is nowhere left for you to go, you know?」

Yup, that’s a nutjob, it doesn’t understand words at all. Damn it, I’m so unlucky~, let’s kill it and move on asap.

Despite me approaching it in a combat stance with sword in hand, it doesn’t move at all. Too scared to move, huh.

I thrust the sword at its throat. Thrust… it? Eh?

「Those beastmen were fighting. They knew it’s a trap, and even so, they wanted to protect them and came to the rescue. 」



A monster.

We were having a bit of fun during the hunt, then suddenly, a few comrades got killed. All of a sudden something invisible tore them to shreds.

They are being torn to pieces as if something was shoved inside them, tearing them apart from inside.

Crap, it’s all because that bitch kept struggling and making so much noise. Should’ve killed her right away.

「Guuauahh, GAAH, AAAG, My leg, AAaaH!」

The entire beastmen hunting corps are equipped with magic items, and yet we are being killed one after another.

Even escorts who are former A-rank adventurers were torn to pieces. That is a monster for which fighting techniques don’t mean squat.

「What the hell is this? Just what did I do? Why do we have to get killed, you MURDEREE—」

Damn, I only came all this way out here because the stock of beastmen slaves has gotten so low that obtaining them this way is cheaper, plus the fun-on-the-side.

「Don’t screw with me. You are a human, why are you siding with beasts? I’m a human, why do I have to be killed, don’t fuck with me!」

「I’m a human, but everyone I hated also were humans, you know? I have no grudge for beastmen, but I have tons of it for humans, so, die.」

Aaggh, why, why do I, my body… Something is getting inside…

「You had lots of fun with torturing, tormenting, and killing didn’t you? Go ahead, enjoy it, I’ll kill you with plenty of torture and torment.」



It’s a human, the Kingdom is currently in the middle of civil war, don’t tell me the Theocracy’s dogs have already gotten here?

「We are from the Merchant Confederation, there are other units following us, and the main force is coming too. If you touch us it will be viewed as an act of hostility, are you trying to pick a fight with a country? AaAAAh.」

「Huuuh. There aren’t any units following you anymore, and the main force is probably no more as well. I actually never was in a fight. So I thought, maybe I should try picking one?」

Where the hell did he come from? I didn’t sense his presence at all, and there are beastmen hunting corps spread all throughout the area. How did he show up in such a place?!

He vanished.

「Waitwaitwait, I got it, I’ll hand you half of the beastmen. Deal. In exchange, don’t interfere with us until the end of the hunt.」

He vanishes and then materializes again. And every time one of the comrades is killed. Even if I try to run away, which way are the allies?

I unsheathe an enchanted blade. It’s a sure hit weapon that never misses the target.

「Group up, don’t scatter.」

No answer?

「I told you, there is no one left. Farewell.」

The moment the voice came from behind I lunged at it. It’s my trump card with「Surehit」effect. …He’s not there? Ah.


Gathering, we share information. We aren’t invincible, we can’t join the ranks of the strongest. So grasping the information we review the situation.

「Killed from A-2 to C-5, no one escaped, the two villages were empty.」

「I cleared up till D-3, four villages over there were fine, but I didn’t make it in time for A-6, everyone was dead and the village burned down.」

「I just rescued and released some raccoon tribe at E-7, but it was too late for the boarkin’s village too. Also, the three villages at E row are fine.」

「I set everyone free up to G, but going further there is a mercenary force. That unit must be targeting defenses of Beastmen Country.」

We freed all of the targets. Rescued all of the villages we reached in time, killed all of the enemies there were to kill. We all, together, killed humans. Well, all of us took it better than expected, or rather completely fine. The ones we hate are humans after all. I’m sure killing beastmen would be a lot more traumatic.

But Haruka-kun is different. Haruka-kun alone is different. Haruka-kun kept killing for our and everyone’s sake, and he was completely not fine.

That’s why I tried to kill as well, but I felt nothing. I simply obeyed the rage I felt from seeing them kicking corpses of beastmen, and killed until there was no one left.

Haruka-kun was saying that Kakizaki-kun and his group belong here, but it looks like the same goes for us. But the girls don’t belong here, they simply were unlucky enough to end up here. And Haruka-kun too, while there is nothing he can do aside from killing, he doesn’t belong to this side, and yet he kept killing. A mass murderer, who hates murder more than anyone.

「How about rejoining with Kakizaki-kun and others? Well, I doubt they need reinforcements, but we can hunt down those running away.」

Mercenary forces from the Confederation must have been wiped out by now. The distinguished veteran mercenaries of the Confederation were swallowed up by the massacre and were torn to shreds.

The true nature of the athletes famous not just in our school but nationwide, was that of battle-crazy berserkers, just as Haruka-kun said.

Even when fighting as pirates, the moment they boarded the enemy ship everything was over. Combat, lives, everything was crushed in an instant by them. While the Confederation’s fleet consists of what they call merchant vessels, they are still armed, supposedly for the sake of self defense, but in practice, they are attacking civilian vessels, in other words, they are not only merchants but also pirates of their own. And the mercenaries specializing in naval combat aboard those ships were getting obliterated in a flash. Striking swiftly and precisely, Kakizaki’s group did exactly what it took to destroy human bodies in the most effective and efficient manner.

If the enemies are humans, then it might be easier for just the five of them to fight alone. Group fighting is one thing, but when it comes to melee in a forest, then not only us, but even the pres wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. We will only get in their way.

And by now there are barely any presences left in the direction where the mercenaries were. All of them were hunted down and exterminated.

Berserkers, ones who find joy in the very act of fighting at full force with their lives on the line. They have no need for things like reason or meaning when it comes to fighting. They live for the battle. The berserkers that were merely smoldering in the world without battles are scorching through the forest of another world like a wildfire. That’s why there are no presences left anymore.

This leaves the main force only. The regular troops of the Merchant Confederation. The army.

「The biggest problem is the main force meant for killing the most troublesome beastmen warriors and regular beastmen troops. A murderous unit equipped with spells, skills, and magic tools designed solely for killing. They alone are an actual threat, but it should be alright to leave it to Slime-san, right?」

「「「That should be the least of our worries!」」」

That’s certainly true.

That cute jiggling Slime-san is just as much of a monster as Haruka-kun and Angelica-san. It’s very cute though.




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