Chapter 295

Chapter 295: Some stories can’t be told without tears, or rather, true sadness prevents words from coming out.

Day 71 – Nighttime, New Murimuri Castle.

Soaking in the bath I enjoy the feeling of soft and tender jiggliness that I was missing for a while, rubbing and petting it I get my fill. Naturally, I’m speaking about Slime-san.

(Jiggle Jiggle)

Slime-san is also enjoying the bath. There, Slime-san and I are having a deep discussion on the future treatment of that charming sexy amber-skinned lady. Since she isn’t under 『Taming』 her level didn’t reset, so she is still Lv100. But with Slime-san back, there shouldn’t be a risk of defeat with both Armored Pres-san and Slime-san around. Even if they are losing in levels, Armored Pres-san has incredibly overpowered gear and Slime-san also returned stronger than it was before. Well, after eating so much it was bound to pick up a ton of new skills.

She is dangerous, but I don’t want to kill her.

She wanted to die, but I ended up taking her with me. It would be wrong to end it like this after being ordered by others with her free will and everything else stolen away, constantly suffering without a single good thing happening to her. In life there is no pleasure without pain, so after the pain, she has to have pleasures. Especially considering her pain and suffering so far, she must have Sukhavati-level [1] of bliss and delights, which I’d also like to partake in, but putting that aside, she should be able to freely enjoy and savor pleasures in her own way.

After all, she was just like Armored Pres-san. Completely engulfed in magic power she was suppressing it, desperately struggling against it. Wearing the worst kind of a collar, capable of controlling even her mind, she still was fighting against it. Being restricted with such a vast amount of mana should have been insanely painful, and yet she was resisting it, perhaps in hopes that it would destroy her body. And while being constantly surrounded in such amounts of mana, no one would be able to approach her, much less touch. But she continued to endure that eternal solitude while keeping her sense of self (ego) intact and resisting. Just like Armored Pres-san. That’s why I didn’t want to kill her.

But she is free now, although she is so crazy strong that it raises the question if it’s really fine to set free such a power. Well, I think it’s fine to just take it easy and release her after calmly confirming her disposition, but it seems like Slime-san is of the opposite opinion?

「Is it alright to use 『Taming』 on your comrades? Jiggle jiggle? I don’t think 『Taming』 should be used so willy-nilly and if for example Slime-san wishes for it, I will release the effect, and we can stay together even without 『Taming』? It’s a skill that robs others of their freedom, and if possible, better left unused? Bounce-bounce? No, that’s an extreme argument, in general universal common logic it’s not good. After all, everyone is getting along even without Taming, so that’s Jiggle~Jiggle there. Well, it’s not like she is in a hurry to leave, so it’s not the time to rush yet, or rather, seeing that enthralling body line triggers a rush of highschool boy-like spirit (passion) in me, or rather yearning, in any case, that’s dangerous! Kind of?」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

It seems like Slime-san took a great liking to her. Well, she is a good girl, and the way she ate must’ve scored quite a few points with Slime-san. Eventually, she might start eating from a bucket too.

And after exchanging constructive and multi-layered arguments, and arguing for the compromise, we had to grope in the dark for the conclusion? Alright, I’ve warmed up enough, time to get out?

The sense of liberation from finally being liberated had come to an end. It still wasn’t over?! Or rather, it’s definitely over, I mean the necessity is nil, or rather, their very existence is nil?

「「Finally found you! What do you mean bra making has ended at one round! This is a discrimination! This is a discrimination and abuse towards the girls of more modest disposition! 」」

Vice Pres A and C snapped? They seem extremely infuriated and super-duper enraged.

「Don’t just make it a round with us!」

「No, I mean… Do you even need it?」

「We do! Very much so!」

I think it’s safe to say that they never had any bra-related issues during combat? They don’t have anything to cause them after all. Rather, having less surface value in profile, it can even be said that they are safer from projectiles coming from flanks… No? I didn’t say anything? Oh, you borrowed morning stars? Aah, those are your own. Just how many morning stars have the girls acquired? The Capital is a dreadful place!

「No, look, 『Wrap that what doesn’t exist』, or 『Push up that what has no weight』, is not in realm of physics anymore, so how about asking a philosopher?」

「Don’t say they don’t exist! We have them too! We do! They exist!」

「For the sake of the argument, suppose we assume it’s true, but supporting a flat surface with a curve is… Buuuabaaakuaaah 」

「「Don’t say flat surface! It’s a gentle slope! Gentle and modest!」」

Gentle and modest people don’t hit people with morning stars, you know? However, wearing full battle gear even right after leaving the bath, I have no openings to exploit, but it still hurts. I might not be able to take the next combo!

「We know that you were enduring the embarrassment, making them for safety’s sake, but we too… But we too wanted to wear pretty bras like everyone. We know that it’s not what the original intention was, but we were looking forward to our turn too… Although we were put the very last!」

Aah, so in the end, it’s my fault again? I should’ve known this from seeing Armored Pres-san, no one likes being left out, she wants to wear cute clothes and show off, all of the clothes of this world belong to me, the Lord of Avarice~! Is what I’m well familiar with, but somehow, I didn’t realize this.

It’s not surprising they will get angry and jump at me. At the very least they aren’t biting like the Bitches.

「Aaah, I got it? No, actually, the humanity doesn’t quite get nothingness yet, and I don’t really understand nothingness too, but I understood your feelings, not really, but I understand that if I don’t understand them, the rotation of morning stars is going to get even faster, so I’ll just make it like I understand, and will work on bras, so let’s put away those morning stars, alright? Don’t try to hide them in your chests though? I hate fake enlargements, but the main issue is that those steel balls have spikes on them, so it will hurt?」

「「Yaaay! But stop saying nothingness!!」」

I hurriedly began the work, but since it was so urgent and unexpected, Blindfold Pres is absent. I wonder why I have more confidence in the blindfolding when she is not around though? But lately, Blindfold-san has gotten into some radical brute force moves like physically forcing the eyes open, going beyond just having no intentions of hiding anything into making sure that I’ll see everything! There is not a single shred of trust to be had there, but for some reason none of the girls are raising objection against this mysterious Blindfold Pres-san, even though with the long history of abuse of her position there shouldn’t be merely claims but wide-spread movement to have her recalled from the position, but since she is not around today I feel very at peace.

And the handmade blindfold… Still had holes opened in it by Armored Pres-san. I say holes, but those are giant openings almost exceeding the cloth surface, this blindfold gives such a clear vision that it makes one wonder if it was supposed to be glasses. Looks like Blindfold Pres is on bad terms with Real Blindfold-san?

So I tried asking Slime-san. As expected of a being with undefined form it instantly wrapped around me and covered my eyes, but…

「Slime-san? You were black just a second ago, no? What are you raising your transparency ratio for? Or rather, it’s so high that you are fully transparent! An SF-like blindfold that resembles goggles from fiction about the near future is covering my eyes, but it’s not blocking my vision at all? Or rather, it’s sort of like a VR headset, but even if it’s made 3D with virtual reality, it’s still a 2D surface, virtually non-existent flatness……(*Thud!*)」

I got hit. No, this actually was Slime-san’s doing, and I was merely drawing attention to it, and by no means was drawing delight from… Nevermind. I’m just going to empty my mind and focus on bra making? Yeah, mind and body (chests) being filled with nothingness together ……(*BANG*)

「Eerm, the overall shape is finished, or rather, pasted together, or rather, isn’t this… A pectoralis major correction supporter? Muscle muscle?」

(*Thud!*) (*Smack!*) (*Whack!*) (*Booom*) (*Snap*)…and further beating.

「「We need BRAAAAAAAAAAS! Not a pectoralis major supporter! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!」」

Looks like this isn’t it?

「But training pectoralis major muscle should give bust up effects and also increase the measurement too?」

「「Guuuhhh… Please add pectoralis major correction function too!」」

Looks like they need it after all?

They are squeezing them together with quite desperation. Looks like not having one is a problem both when they are trying cute clothes or want to be fashionable. However, it seems like a certain portion of the girls has an overwhelmingly greater demand for this, but I’ll be hit if I said that. After all, they are already giving me a very intense flat gaze, holding morning stars in their hands!

「Eeehm? Then trying to push them together… them? Together?…Pushing up… Maybe from above… How about we add some air cushion for safety? (Crying)」

「「…Thanks (Tears of gratitude)」」

Certainly, in breast armor kind of sense, the safety efficiency was extremely low, with almost zero shock absorption ability, but since it’s still related to safety it’s fine, I guess? They must want to dress up too, so if it’s just a bit then even high school boys from the original world will look the other way with warm gazes. Well, they seem to be extremely happy, so it’s fine, I guess.

Then, we move to the bottoms.

However, in the case of Shrimp Tanuki Girl, maybe it would’ve been more appropriate to go with a correction cast for small animals to prevent the belly from poking out? Or maybe a training belt with a lead? While wondering if it’s alright to let her roam free like that, I continue to work, but in any case, there were no issues with the top for both of them.

But doing the bottoms turned out to be very tough. The reason being, Vice Pres A-san has the most outrageous bottom in the class! While her chest is modest and humble, her figure itself is no different than that of a supermodel. With her beautiful long legs and great thighs she has an outstanding figure (except for the chest area)!

That was a close call, but I somehow managed to resist the Frenzied Temptation Attack of those beautiful legs. It could be said that Magic Hands were rubbing them more relentlessly than usual, but I managed to get through. I managed to get though, but two people kept expressing their admiration to the precise and delicate technique of Magic Hands in 『Uhyaaah!』 or 『Hyarahehyaheee!』 or 『Kyauuuh!』 until they collapsed.

Armored Pres-san also returned, but after taking a look inside the room, she made a sly grin and saying 『Enjoy yourselves』 tried to leave? Could you please not? Or rather, weren’t you Blindfold Pres-san, even if only just for show? Can’t say that I see any necessity to it though, I mean, nothing was being hidden?

I’m actually going to carry them, so help me here? Yup, it’s another group that went unconscious stark naked? I do want to enjoy myself, you know? But that would be a crime, plain and simple, with an immediate guilty sentence and possible decapitation, so there is no way I’m going there. But what was that? Ah~ that’s what it was! My level went up! This explains why Magic Hands feel enhanced, in more ways than one? It seems they were amazing.


[TL Notes:
[1] Already mentioned but since I don’t remember when I’ll mention it again
Sukhavati is a pure land of Amitābha in Mahayana Buddhism. It is also called the Land of Bliss or Western Pure Land, and is the most well-known of Buddhist pure lands, due to the popularity of Pure Land Buddhism in East Asia.

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