Chapter 307

Chapter 307: If you want a slimmer waistline, then why not just stop eating sweets, said a certain M-san… She had no idea of the risks (Crying)

Day 74 – Nighttime, The Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch, Girls-only Gathering.

The bath is engulfed in a weird mood. We already had the children leave and started an adult Girls-only Gathering, entering the second educational session of heights of sexual technique course… Talk about the experiences! But since there is only one partner, it means…

「Caress, rub, stroke.」

Taking everyone by hand, the lecturer Nefertiri-sensei guides each girl through the differences individually. A lecture by the great Hero that managed to defeat that wicked Sex King.

「Aah, so when caressing, you’d slide along skin, and rubbing is that but a bit stronger? And when stroking you’d move the skin too… Stroking it, huh.」

「Back of tongue, plenty of saliva, lick?」


It was very practical! Everyone received a mushroom as a study material, which was deliciously consumed after the class?

The children were in high spirits, getting haircuts and care from Haruka-kun. They lived having no one to rely on but each other, so they were overjoyed, beaming with smiles, having someone who’d look after them and spoil them. They looked so happy that I could feel tears welling up just from seeing that.

Delicious food is a happiness. Pretty clothes are a happiness too, and clean and warm home is a happiness as well. But that’s merely it. A happy place, it’s not just a house, it’s a place where you can feel at ease and your heart is satisfied, a place where you belong. A place where it isn’t just fine to stay, but where you are welcome like it’s natural for you to be here. This is why That became the favorite spot of the children.

Oda-kun and others’ image change was surprising, but what’s up with Haruka-kun’s skillfulness and knowledge? He apparently was cutting his own hair himself all this time, but isn’t the variation way too great?

Kakizaki-kun and others also got their hair cut, but since they keep long hair, they only had it arranged and trimmed, transforming them from wild-type into clean and fashionable.

The girls were cutting each other’s hair, but the difference is clear as day. Haruka-kun has a different touch, his way of handling scissors is smooth and masterful. The result looks natural, pretty, and has a good sense of volume. It seems he is going to introduce hair iron next, so Shimazaki-san and co were overjoyed.

And today again, everyone was enjoying food to their heart’s content with all-you-can-eat buffet, then, after cleaning up together, bathing the children, doing ONE MORE SET and belly dance, it’s adult time.

However, while the legs got toned with DANCE REVO yesterday, belly dance puts a big strain on stomach and lower back! It requires muscles that usually aren’t put to much use, so it seemed highly effective. This should slim the stomach and lift up the buttocks! But tomorrow will be classroom on tango-like footwork.

Then, we entered the Bath’s Girls-only Gathering, but the contents of the class were too risky. Then even Angelica-san joined in, explaining the effects! Doing this led to that, and doing that to that resulted in that, and the differences in reaction when licking or tracking with lips, she carefully went into all of that in great detail. Ah, another one sunk!

「Take, down, first… Can’t be, on the receiving end… you’ll die? Go mad? Will go… un, con, sci, ous.」

「「「「Kyaaaa (*bubble bubble*)」」」」

Apparently, it’s offensive power that matters, and guarding is pointless. Failing to push through will result in receiving a counter, and taking such a stimulating attack that it would feel like you are about to die or go insane, which will make you faint! Sex King is terrifying!

「Mind. Memory. Blank」

 「「「「Nooooooooo (*blub blub*)」」」」

The girls are having blood rush to their heads and sink one after another. Time to pull up and retreat to the room.

The elven little sister, Erailia, joined Girls-only gathering after she got the children to sleep, but it seems that for her first participation the contents were too much, as she kept drowning with a bright red face, but after coming back to her senses, she earnestly listened to the continuation while clenching her fists with a bright red blush.

Everyone is hurrying, anxious to hear what’s next, but still taking their time to carefully comb their hair. It was Haruka-kun who cut it after all, and even this brush was made by Haruka-kun. It was expensive though.

Then, putting hair bands which went on sale along with leotards we moved to the room. From here on it’s a practical lecture with demonstration on top of the bed.

「The-the tongue from below even if pinned down!」

「E-eeeh, spotting the weakness he’d play bite there!?」

「Even with hands and legs restrained, the tentacles are still squirming around…」

「And-and he freely uses Vibration Magic too? A simple touch can come with a vibration?!」

Looks like obtaining skills in this world gave birth to a terrifying monster. He should’ve had nothing but junk skills, but what is this direction they are collectively taking? Well, he did manage to defeat the Dungeon Emperors duo?

「Even tracing with a finger is dangerous?… 『Lewd Arts』 are crazy!」

「The effects extend even to the tentacles… The Great Demon Lord of Tentacles and Sex King!」

「An offense has to be carried out while gluing to him, or he will get away and it will become completely one-sided, but sticking tight to him means those tentacles and vibration…」

「And with Regeneration Lv 7 he recovers immediately! Pawooo?!」

No, no one said pawoo? I don’t think that elephant-san can trumpet? But well, instant recovery is certainly terrifying. In a drawn-out battle it will leave one completely at his mercy. A monster with menacing fighting power, combat durability, and recovery strength, that is Sex King.

「But if we are talking about regeneration~, then we have the Pres here~. 」

 「「「Oh, right.」」」

「Then the Pres will be tanking attacks, the rest is on offense.」

「She is going to tank them… With her own body while regenerating.」

「Whoooa, taking those maddening attacks while infinitely regenerating?」

「She is going to take that tentacle hell with her own body? Won’t she melt?」

Why am I the tank? Why am I pushed alone into this like a sacrifice?! Or rather, I never said a thing about taking him on? And m-m-melting!…

「W-w-w-why am, am, am I supposed to be the one taking him on?! S-S-Such, tons of tentacles with Vibration and Lewd Arts crawling all over the body, n-n-n-no way! And, and, and Haruka-kun using his t-tongue to li-li-lick, to lick such ah! Ah, and p-play-biting…. (*phweeee*)」

 「「「「Medic~, the usual mushroom please~.」」」」


「Such a coward, it’s going to take a while.」


Perhaps because I was irritated about drama play, but looks like being teased by everyone hit me in the soft spot. I know this myself, but it’s still frustrating. And Haruka-kun who is trying to watch it without any care is also Haruka-kun! I mean, what he wants to see is definitely not the play, but the Warrior Maidens in bikinis!

Angelica-san and Nefertiri-san made up their resolve, and sharpening their minds dressed up and went to Haruka-kun’s room. Today there are body-conscious mini one-piece dresses.

And another battle is going to begin.

Both of them just want to please Haruka-kun and see him happy? Why does he fight against it? They are offering him their deepest gratitude and most intimate love, but he has to counterattack them, creating chaotic skirmishes every night, competing for the best pleasure (takedown) score. I’m sure that tonight too, sparks will scatter on the battlefield, and an endless battle will unfold, exhausting the limits of Lewd Arts. Heights of Sexual Technique is a form of expression of respect, loyalty, and courtesy to someone one respects and loves by devoting to them one’s body and self, so why does it become an endless hell of Sexual vs Lewd Arts? That’s kind of lewd?

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