Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Since the lost Geekness was the main part, the rest is just a waste, so it should be fine to incinerate it?

Day 74 – Evening, The Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

It was very, very troublesome, but I made tuxedos for the Geeks and Idiots… But when they tried them on it looked terrible. No, there is no issue with the size or the design. It’s a mass producible design made with pattern paper, but the pattern paper was made for the Geeks and Idiots, so there is no issue. The issue was with the models!

For starters, there are the Idiots, who should look presentable in the right clothes, tall, muscular, and well-toned, as much as it pisses me off, but they have good-looking faces too, justifying the fan letters they were getting from all over Japan. In other words, not only do they have no other issues aside from being idiots, but judging by appearances alone, they are actually pretty high level. And yet, how did it become like this? For some reason it’s so terrible that one can almost hear the music from Godfather in the background. Those are without a doubt mafia hitmen. And for some reason, the more formal the outfit gets the more dangerous they look. At this rate they might not even be allowed into the palace. Okay, let’s abandon them if they get stopped and arrested.

And then there are the Geeks, can’t say I didn’t expect this, but they still went into an unexpected direction. They have a medium build and got in shape coming here, so there should be no issue physique-wise, but why do they look so fishy and suspicious? Like professional crooks, or rather evil wizards? Their long unkempt hair also adds to the overall shadiness.

Well, I got them tuxedos, so the rest doesn’t matter? They probably will get arrested the moment they try to pass through the gates of the Royal Palace, but it doesn’t matter. In a way, arresting them is the correct decision.

Perhaps because the girls are still hesitating, no orders for dresses are coming. Everyone is still comparing five papers with different designs, so it’s still going to take a while.

Or maybe they are scared of Magic Hands. The way the Bitches broke down was abnormal. Even Vice A and Vice C before that were quite bad.

It’s only a guess, but Magic Hands are formed from mana, so perhaps they are clad in other skills in Magic Wrap fashion? So a delicate touch made with Wisdom-san’s control greatly increases attack power.

If that is correct, then there is a danger of it now being buffed with 『Sex King』 and 『Lewd Arts』 too. It doesn’t seem like this behavior can be disabled, so I’m not sure what to do about this, but the situation is clearly not okay.

However, I don’t think I’ll need to make more shorts, and even if a new order comes, it should be alright to make them with the previous measurements. Or rather, it would be a huge problem handling measurements with those uncontrollable lewd tentacles if not! Getting too immodest and improper can give a raise to certain highschool boy-like highschool boy issues, causing highschool boy much highschool boy-like suffering and frustration? Kind of?

However, while I think that dresses and garter belts should be alright, it’s also a fact that after seeing the way Armored Pres-san and Dancing Girl were excessively overreacting yesterday, I can’t help but feel uneasy. While I enjoyed being able to touch them all over countless hands, having a marvelous experience, for them the stimulation was apparently quite much? They show quite an extreme reaction to what seemed to be a relentless and fierce stimulation, so it seems it was tough. In the end, here I too have glass cannon build, I have to take them down before they get me! No, like, those moves from the peak of sexual techniques are a parade of dangerous undefendable techniques whose advance bears temptation and pleasure too great for a highschool boy to resist?

Armored Pres-san kept scolding me every morning that she thought she was going to die, but this really has a risk of sending one on a one-way trip to heaven. Yesterday, I ended up at their mercy after running out of mana, being subjected to this and that from both sides I felt like I’m about to ascend from this mortal coil from their service, assaulting my entire body in waves, while keeping me pincered from two fronts in heaven and hell-like RE:like Loop.

Well, the Geeks and Idiots.

「Or rather, those unkempt heads of yours are gloomy and annoying, that’s why I’m always offering to burn them, but you keep being all modest and refusing, letting such a mess grow on your heads? Alright, let’s burn it!」

「「「Don’t! Just cut it normally, or rather, Haruka-kun, your hair hasn’t grown at all, but the hairstyle subtly changed?」」」

「I’m cutting my hair, obviously?」

Yeah, since going to a hairdresser is a bother I was doing it myself for a long while already, so I’m used to it. I’m good with both scissors and razor, you know? I prefer shaggy hair by the way.

「「「Just cut it, no need to burn it! Or rather, you had scissors, huh.」」」

「Ah, alright, I’ll cut it~, Sword Flash!」

The summit which I should pursue is Armored Pres-san’s 『Sword Flash』 after all. Well, pursuing only, it can’t be realistically replicated, but it should be enough to cut the Geeks’ heads…

「「「Wait a moment!」」」

Kuh! They deployed a barrier in a split second?! Looks like they improved, or rather, they are cheapskates, they taught me how to use Seal, but refuse to let me use it on them? Yeah, I couldn’t seal Barrier skill.

「That’s the wrong 『Cut』!」

「What do you mean 『Sword Flash!』?! Don’t use Angelica-san’s ultimate move to cut hair!」

「And what was that low stance for? From such posture you’d cut our heads, not hair!」

「Eerm, please leave sideburns?」

「Eeeh, but cutting your hair one by one is such a bother? Cutting heads will take only one slash for all four…」

Since cutting men’s hair is not enjoyable, I thought I’d at least enjoy cutting off their heads, but even such a modest wish was rejected?

「「「We’ll pay you double, so please just cut it normally!」」」

「Double! Thank you for patronage?」

If I’m getting money for it, then it’s work, if so, then sadly, I’ll have to diligently cut their hair. If it’s double, then it can’t be helped. I wonder if mohawks will suit them? Hyaahaa?

Slapping a water ball on their heads, I endure with just cutting their hair with razors into shaggy, arrange it a bit, and using well-balanced scissors add finishing touches. Magic Hands played an active part, combing their hair with 12 combs, cutting with 16 razors, and adjusting with 8 scissors.

「Well, you are just the geeks, so this will do, wait… Hm? Your Geekness is gone!」

「「「What do you mean Geekness! Ah, but you are right, it’s kind of embarrassing.」」」

They are barbershop regulars. Barbers use their professional techniques to cut the hair in the proper length according to the shape of the head, the actual looks often come second. Beauticians, on the other hand, make appearance the priority. That’s why they might be cut in irregular or even shapes. And it’s the beauticians’ era, so they ended up looking more modern-like and lost their geekness!

「「「Ah, they are cutting hair on their own, that’s soooo unfair!」」」

「Oda-kun and others got such fashionable cuts!」

「「「Don’t call it fashionable! It’s pretty embarrassing.」」」

「Oh~, it suits you~」 「Yeah, you look cooler this way」 「That unkempt impression is gone!」 「You even appear more attractive」 「Hunkness 50% UP?」 「Ah, he even did a bit of gradation cut! Such attention to details」 「Cutting with razor gave it a natural look」 「Nice, you look more refreshing, you know?」 「If you also dye it you can make your debut as playboys?」 「Aaaah! It might actually suit them!」 「Are they going to become playgeeks?」 「That overlaps with someone.」 「They look better this way, like serious and nice guys.」 「Yeah, this is definitely better.」

Being surrounded and complemented by the girls, the Geeks are acting bashful with bright red faces. With this they might become more conscious about their appearance? I might even be able to rip them off on clothes!

The Geeks have a very strong rejection towards our original world. Their hearts were probably closed even to their classmates. That’s why they were living in dreams of another world.

But they really came there. If it’s in another world, then they might even be able to find love with someone from this world. …Should I report them?

For how embarrassed they were about being praised by the girls, they sure look happy, so it’s not like they are twisted, they simply were embarrassed since they aren’t used to getting compliments.

Ah, the Idiot’s noticed them! Just arrange your long hair yourself, is what I’d like to say, but might as well rip them off too, maybe that will weaken that mafia-like impression a bit. I mean, if they put long coats on top of tuxedos and took shotguns in their hands they’d look super authentic!

Finishing cutting and styling the Idiots’ hair I also trim the orphans’ hair. Many people in this world have naturally curly hair, so it’s a bit difficult. The orphan girls especially have many demands. Apparently, they want to become princess-like? Do they want to sell hamburgers? Alright, let’s teach them the princess-like way of stomping on the floor next time.

「You look cute.」 「「「Really?」」」 「Yeah, very cute.」 「「「Yaaay!」」」 「Everyone is cute like angels.」 「「「Yaay.」」」

I’m happy that they are happy, but I’m uncertified both as a beautician or barber? Totally self-taught back-street hairdresser? Or rather, why do the girls even have illustrations with hairstyles prepared? Aaah, I’m going to do this too? Yeah, I kind of expected this, but their demands are so detailed! Also, don’t even ask for perm! Let’s sell the hot curlers next time.

Preparing dinner, for some reason in viking-like scenery again, I’m also operating a beauty salon at the same time. I don’t think anyone would ever give a permit to a hair cutting buffet, but since Magic Hands wouldn’t let even a single hair drop, there are no sanitation issues at all. Aah~, let’s get the bath ready too.

With the souvenir store’s business hours now over everyone has gathered, making a huge ruckus.

「Eeh, am I supposed to do braids too?」

「Big brother, do braids for me too.」 「Me too.」 「Big brother, manju」 「Big brother, how about three dresses per person?」 「I want long hair」 「Me – a princess!」 「Dear brother, I would like a kimono?」 「Haruka-kun is being called big brother by little girls! How envious!」 「We are out of karaage~」 「I can wash dishes」 「Me too」 「Me? Me?」 「Cut mine short?」 「Big brother, what about chestnut manju?」 「Haruka, I’m hungry」 「I, I, I’d like the hair like that sister」 「Then~, I too~ will have braids~」 「Hurry, hurry!」………… (And further chaos)

For some reason I’m beginning to feel more like a trimmer than a beautician? I wonder why? The next one… poodle cut for the little tanuki? Kind of?

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