Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Just when Rajingan became the Eye of Naked Body?

Day 74 – Nighttime, the Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

Partly as an experiment, I’m making new anklets. Anklets with many charms that can be used for belly dance.

And with three effects applied to them, 『Acceleration』 『Evasion』 『Flash Step』 they make for an extraordinary piece of equipment. I mean, previously, with an ordinary-tier magic stone only one effect could’ve been applied? Getting two with a high-tier magic stone was a good outcome, you know? And now, with what is most likely E or D tier magic stone, it’s three. With improvement in technical skill the quality of resulting items have also greatly increased.

「As I thought, it improved, or rather, the difference is so clear that it’s more like, there is a gap by an order of magnitude?」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

With 『Wisdom』 revolutionizing crafting techniques, and boosting 『Magic Hands』 efficiency, accuracy, precision, and speed had entered a new dimension. But more importantly, the control is easy. It was hiding because of this superb performance, so if this went out of control there is a good chance it can be life threatening. Well, it’s always life threatening, so there is no point in worrying about such a thing.

I’ll have to fully renew the equipment of the classmates. The difference in performance with new items is so remarkable, that updating equipment can be considered essential. This is going to protect their lives, and increase the probability of survival.

「In other words, I’ll have to make everything again, huh. With basic performance being this different, I probably should redo things from the measurement and drafting stage. But considering Magic Hands’ current impact, it seems too dangerous to do bottom, most likely, bras are the limit. Even gather belts are too risky.」

At the moment, nothing beats good dungeon items after they are mitrilified, however, the dresses I’m making right now will end up an equipment of higher rank than ordinary dungeon items after mithrilification. There is a need to revise everything in regards to equipment, and I also now can make certain items from 『Let’s Go Magic Tools!』 which I previously couldn’t touch due to the excessive degree of difficulty.

「Casual clothes are going to become unbeatable, no? Well, I also have 『On Alchemy and Smithing』, so perhaps I may be able to make weapons too. Even though the speed of manufacturing has increased, since it also comes with an increase in complexity of work, I still end up with overtime on side job. Side Job-san’s turn just never ends, huh?」

(Jiggle Jiggle)

But first, rings. I want to boost Abnormal Status Resistance as much as possible.But a diamond on prongs isn’t suited for everyday use?

Well, I can just consider it as practice. I feel like it’s a waste of high-grade magic stones, but the girls really wanted this, so might as well do it. I have more than enough magic stones anyway. But considering that they can be turned into mana batteries, it’s certainly a waste. Dungeon exploration brings more benefit than war. Magic stones and equipment are more valuable than gold, you know?

「Making the ring out of a magic stone, then turning platinum color… What do I do about the stone? I do have diamonds, but it’s peaky performance-wise. Although it can provide a high instantaneous resistance, it would last only for several tens of seconds.Well, if you use good magic stones, basic performance alone should be enough. But it kind of feels like a waste~?」

(Bounce Bounce)

So diamonds after all. I have more than a hundred, so using 22 is not a big deal, but using high grade magic stones hurts a bit. I have like a mountain of them stockpiled, but a waste still feels like a waste. If we were diving into dungeons daily I probably wouldn’t have thought this way, since I was even troubled by how fast they were accumulating, but when the reserves only keep depleting it does feel like a waste?

I’m currently holding a colossal fortune, actually being a hyper magnate, but turns out, there is unexpectedly no way of spending this money? No, there is, but actual goods have more value.

I already bought up everything of note that the Capital had. Diamonds were part of that. I thought that I could exploit their instantaneous explosive ability increase to create long range shooting staffs (sniper rifle), but looks like they are going to become rings? I bought a whole lot of various stuff, but everyone is demanding diamonds. I wonder why the girls want burst buffs for Abnormal Status Resistances?

The crown part of the ring is going to be large, but I guess it’s better not to bury the stone in. Well, they are going to wear gloves with the dresses, so if they are going to put rings on top of the gloves, then I guess a bit excessive design would be better?

For the dresses, I made 3 samples each of mermaid, princess, and frills, with temporary sewing, as they seemed to be in highest demand, but if they get stuck on this, they might never make up their minds, going through infinite variations? They must be still wracking their heads and groaning over this at Girls-only Gathering. Which reminds me, they often come for healing mushrooms lately, is there a fever going around? Let’s give them some bigger ones next time.

Along the way, I also made various samples of lace gloves, frilled garters, low heel pumps and lace veils. It goes without saying that the size of torsos was adjusted for Armored Pres-san and Dancing Girl-san. Since it’s made with Multicolor, I set everything to red or blue, but for some reason, everyone is really insistent on white, just why is it? Something to do with the Kingdom’s fashion trends?

However, those two have such great figures that they look sexy even as just torsos. It’s a secret that I unintentionally tried to gently caress them. And it’s an absolute secret that I groped them a bit too.

As I focused on the work, the originals of those erotic torsos came back. They must’ve had fun at the Girls-only Gathering today too, both of them are smiling widely.

「We… are back.」「Back home. Back to the room. Together.」

「Welcome back, did you have fun? I’m slightly busy right now, if you want something from the finished items, let me know? I can adjust them immediately, and I also accept orders for custom-made stuff~? The dresses over there are for you, so you can show them off to everyone tomorrow?」

The two immediately had their eyes fixed on the newly made dresses. Their gazes entranced and even intoxicated? Well, I guess dresses are special for girls. They also have high stats.

And as I’m working towards a good point to pause for today, the two sat down on the bed, looking my way. I very much want to join them, but it’s a delightful boundary from which there is no return, crossing that there is no coming back, and the moment you look back, you are gone again, a direct one-way ticket for galaxy express leading past the threshold into the Shangri-la of infinite pleasures!

Forcing myself to persevere, I focus on the side job. Naturally, Rajingan is super staring at them. After all, two beautiful girls in tight mini dresses are sitting there constantly changing poses, crossing their legs, W-Sitting, continuously making long-range flashing attack, which are accomplishing far more than just setting my highschool boy’s heart on fire, counting instead as a large-scale arson, creating a small Honnō-ji [1] in the room. T-They set me up?

However,the strain from 『Wisdom』-san is huge. If I focus too much, I get this weird feeling as if my brain is getting stirred. Even so, I want to raise the safety of the gear. If this can save their lives, then I don’t care about some strain or pain. I don’t care, but I keep catching glimpses of something nice…

Kuh, it’s a trap!

To think the two would sit grasping their knees while wearing super tight mini ones-pieces! Moreover, they are opening their legs bit-by-bit, flashing from M-pose which looks more like W(elcome) from here, inviting a highschool boy into the danger zone with its dangerous temptation, a Charm Trap that ignores resists! Is this the effect of Temptation?

Armored Pres-san is wearing a black off-shoulder dress on pure white skin, with snow-white thighs visible in Absolute Territory between the tight mini skirt and black kneesocks, from which she is casting Temptation on me!

Dancing Girl-san beside her is wearing a white high-neck sleeveless tight mini dress, exposing her amber skin, while her soft thighs are jiggling, following the winding of her long legs in transparent black stockings, bewitching me with Aphrodisiac effect!

This is a monochrome Temptation magic! I-I can’t resist this spell! What an outrageous design, no, I actually was the one who made those? Yeah, I did?

Eye of Naked Body already began automatically recording, as expected of 『Wisdom』-san, it knows what’s up. Wait, just when Rajingan was renamed to Eye of Naked Body? It’s Rajingan, okay! I kind of feel like it’s not exactly wrong too, since both are used for the same purpose, it’s fine, I guess.

Then, casually moving her hand to Mysterious triangle zone she is nonchalantly moving it there, casting Berserk. T-The monochrome attack from under there tooooooo!!!

「New item. Anklet. Put it on?」

「Put it… On me too… Please…」

Saying that the two stretched their long and beautiful legs towards me… Putting anklets on tho-tho-those legs, oooooHHH! (Highschool boy supernova!)

It goes without saying, but the level of 『Sex King』 has increased. Yeah, at this rate I might get the skill 『Limit Break』!


[TL Notes:
[1] Honnō-ji, most famous for the Honnō-ji incident – the assassination of Oda Nobunaga – that occurred there on 21 June 1582. Nobunaga lodged at the temple with little protection before his next invasion, but was betrayed by his general Akechi Mitsuhide, whose forces surrounded the temple and set it on fire.

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