The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 12

Gold Rank Adventurer Party – Immortal Wolf

 On the eighth day after the measurements were taken, the leather armor set is ready, so I try it on. It’s the first time I’ve ever worn a leather helmet, so I feel a little strange, but it suits me to a tee. That dwarven magic blacksmith who called himself Buckworth seems to have good skills. Next time, let’s go to see him myself. But going on labyrinth exploration in the state of having this on and being equipped with steel sword as well as shield would surely consume a considerable amount of stamina. I wonder if it’ll become less burdensome once I raise my level. My first labyrinth exploration is scheduled for three days later.


Kars Amberlius, Age 12, Level 8

Job: None

Skill: Fast Learning, Appraisal 2, Magical Energy Manipulation 3, Body Manipulation 2, Body Enhancement 2, Instant Step 2, Instant Movement 1, Throwing 2, Swordsmanship 4, Spearmanship 4, Fire Magic 1, Wind Magic 1, Earth Magic 1, Water Magic 1, Light Magic 1, Healing Magic 1

◇ ◇ ◇

「Kars-sama, I am Kardek Kiesenhamt, and I have been given the honor to serve as the leader of today’s labyrinth exploration. I look forward to working with you. Although you may find it inconvenient, for the duration we are in the peril-laden labyrinth, I humbly ask that you follow my instructions to the letter.」

There are six knights who will serve as my guards for this labyrinth exploration, and this Kardek is the leader. All six here are high-level knights and have a high degree of loyalty. All of them are probably half-brothers of my father, I guess.

「Got it. I look forward to working with you.」

We head for the labyrinth in two carriages. The first carriage is occupied by me and Kardek, and the second carriage is occupied by five other knights. Let’s have him tell me about a lot of things before we arrive at the labyrinth.

「Is the labyrinth located within the city walls?」

「Yes, it is located at the southeast end. The area around the labyrinth is covered by a thick wall in case of emergency, but problems such as dungeon monsters overflowing from the dungeon have never occurred. Everything that is necessary for dungeon exploration such as an adventurers’ association, weapon shops, armor shops, medicine shops, inns, and so on, is available in the vicinity of the dungeon. Kars-sama, as there are some among the adventurers who are ill-behaved, please leave the interaction with them to us. And it is an unspoken rule that even if you meet other adventurers in the labyrinth, you are to take your leave without even talking to them.」

「Got it. Also, I want to know your job and level. Just the rough idea is fine, so do tell me.」

「Yes, sir. I am a magic knight, level 28. The others are all knights, level 36 to 45, I believe.」

「Can a knight change job to a magic knight?」

「Yes, they can. There are even some among the knights who can, as long as they can satisfy the conditions. However, even now, we are not sure exactly what those conditions are. Whether it is a matter of one’s aptitude or if there is a need for certain skills. It is just that, it seems that in general, you can change jobs when you reach level 50, but changing job to a magic knight means reverting back to level 1, so those who choose to change jobs are few and far between.」

I see. By the time they have worked hard and piled up experiences to become a level 50 knight, they will probably be quite old. It would be a great pain to train up from scratch at that point.

While we’re talking about this and that, we arrive in front of the wall standing around the entrance to the labyrinth. It’s said that early morning is the busiest time of the day, so we came here after lunch.

We got off the carriage in front of the wall. The carriages will be on standby until we come back. The knights also regularly raise their level in the labyrinth, so it seems that there is a waiting area for the knights.

As we walk toward the wall, the knights around me stop moving. About ten adventurers appear from the wall. It seems that they have been diving into the labyrinth for some time, their bodies are dirty and they have a fatigued look on them. The adventurer in the lead looks towards our direction and moves towards us. The knights silently surround me and push me to the rear side. What in the world is going on?

「Well, well, well, o great knights. Are you exploring the labyrinth today?」

The adventurer, dressed in expensive-looking leather armor, calls out to us with superficial courtesy. He’s grinning, sporting an unpleasant condescending smile on his face. His fellow adventurers move toward us from further behind. What’s the deal with these guys? Knights are an object of awe for commoners. Knights are police officers, judges, as well as bailiffs. If commoners were to act in a disrespectful manner toward a knight in the street, they should have nothing to say even if they were to get cut down right then and there.

「Ah, Guster-dono, is that you? We had some free time, so we thought about diving into the labyrinth for the first time in a while. What about you, Guster-dono, are you guys on your way back now?」

「Yes, yes. We’ve been asked to get some monster materials, so we went all the way to the 32nd stratum for a bit, you see. Ah, I’ve not seen the sun for a while. I can’t wait to take a bath.」

「I see, good day to you, then. We are going to the labyrinth. Care to let us through?」


After remaining silent for a while, the adventurer named Guster gives way to us.

Surrounded by the knights, I quickly walk past him. My eyes meet with that guy’s for a moment, and my spine freezes due to a sudden chill. He is a man of a type I have never met before, and based on his words and actions, he must be a powerhouse whom even the knights cannot ignore. I can see a warrior-type man of about 180 centimeters and tall, gangly, sharp-eyed swordsman-type men. These guys, too, have a dangerous air about them.

The moment as we are about to pass by, a party of four who appear to be in their teens walk by, engaging in a lighthearted chat all the while, and lightly bump into the back of the warrior-type man.

「Ah, my bad, my bad….」

At the same time as the boy starts apologizing, the warrior-type man turns around and gives the boy a sharp uppercut to the chin.

*Splat* As a dull sound echoes in the air, the boy’s jaw, mouth, and nose are shattered, and one of his eyes flies off. The front half of his brain is also missing. Taken aback by the suddenness of the event, both the boy’s friends and us stare at the scene with a dumbfounded look on our faces. When what used to be the boy falls to the ground, I come to my senses.

「Noooooo, big brother? Big brother. Nooooooooo….」

The girl next to the boy, whose face is covered with blood and pieces of flesh, screams and ends up losing consciousness, and the other two rush to look after her.

As for me, the knight behind me is urging me to move forward, so I step inside the wall as I listen to the cries of various people.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Kardek, what in the world was that all about?」

In a slightly open area in front of the labyrinth entrance, I ask Kardek. Kardek begins talking with a bitter expression on his face.

「They are members of the Immortal Wolves, one of the three gold-rank adventuring parties based in Amberlius. Their leader is that man, Guster, who is notorious for his bad behavior.」

「Even though he shows brash attitude and murders in broad daylight in front of knights, he’s not going to be brought to justice?」

「Yes. If one becomes a gold-rank adventurer, they will receive the same treatments as that of nobles. Though, if I had to say, the reason they are not judged is because they are too powerful and difficult to deal with. Gold-rank adventurers are useful in subjugating powerful monsters, collecting materials, and deterring warfare, so even the knight order will not touch them as long as they do not do anything extreme.」

「Are all gold-rank adventurers like that?」

「I believe it depends on the person. I believe adventurers who are that aggressive are few in number, but it is also believed that there are many who hide their true nature. Laws have no meaning in the labyrinth. After all, no matter what you do, be it robbery, rape, or murder, there will no evidence of it. Normally, there are no fools who would touch the knights, but if all of us were in the state of being gravely injured, I bet there would be those who would come to kill and rob us without hesitation. The labyrinth is such a place.」

True enough, if they sell the equipment of the knights or mine, it would surely earn them a fortune. Even people who are usually good, it’s not impossible for them to end up going astray when they are in a desperate situation.

「But there is no guarantee that such people will not cause problems in the future, no? If we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having them, sooner or later, won’t there comes a day when they are deemed unnecessary?」

「Yes, them being allowed to do as they please is because of their strength. If they were to suffer injuries beyond repair in the labyrinth or retire as adventurers due to old age, they may be retaliated against. And at that moment, quietly, without anyone noticing it….」

I see, assassination, huh. Mion did say that it’s a job that could kill even higher-ranked enemies, after all. If you poison the food and water, you may be able to kill them easily.

「Now then, Kars-sama, let’s get going.」

We finally start walking into the labyrinth. It’s a fairly large cave-type labyrinth.

In my head, the scream of the little sister of the murdered boy is reverberating. That boy might have been me, and that girl might have been Lily.


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