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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 26 Part 1

Strong-armed Baboon

「Onii-sama~, my butt hurts~」

「I am a little tired too.」

「If we proceed a little further, we’ll find a rest area. Shall we have lunch there?」

Today, our plan is to go around the lake on horseback. It would take about four hours if we ride slowly around the lake.

The escort consists of 20 knights, 20 squires, and 10 knights of the Imperial Guards attached to Her Highness the Princess. The squires are on foot, but we are going at a slow pace, so there is no problem. Alma and Mion are in charge of house-sitting.

About halfway around the route, there is an area with a view at which we can take some rest, so we take a lunch break there.

「What a nice view. Let’s have lunch here.」

「Onii-sama, I am starving.」

We have sandwiches and fruit water for lunch. The squires seem to be busy watering the horses and feeding

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