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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 28 Part 1


 Early in the morning, two days after I spoke to Astor, I am set to depart the mansion in a carriage.

It seems that not a single person sees off my departure. I have not seen Lily, Alma, or Mion since the day I came of age, not even once. Will this end up becoming our final farewell?

I am alone in the carriage. There is one coachman, but he seems to be a knight. In addition to us, there are only four escort knights, who are mounted on horses. I think they, who most likely have received an assassination mission, have been chosen more for the tightness of their lips and the degree of their loyalty than for their ability. Will I be able to outwit them and escape successfully?

When I take a look at the entrance to the mansion for the last time, I see that despite

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