The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 28 Part 3


Hagills, suffering a fatal wound on the shoulder, lets out a scream. Orban smirks and prepares for a follow-up attack. It is a one-sided slaughter now. I speak to the other knight on the other side of the carriage.

「Oi, did you hear that scream just now? Hagills suffered a fatal wound and will die in a few more clashes, you know? Are you fine with that? You fool! Even though if the two of you had faced him together from the beginning, you would have had a good chance of winning. Now, what will you do?」

「I, I…」

「Ike, come with me to fight alongside Hagills!」

Astor emerges from the mountain. He must have fought against the archer; he is breathing heavily and is totally exhausted. On top of that, he has several cuts on his body. He seems to be giving them a first aid treatment using healing magic.

「Astor! You made an error in your judgment. You may have intended to stop me from escaping, but Hagills is on the verge of death. Can the two of you beat that man now? If from the beginning….」

「I’ll express my words of remorse later. Ike, let’s go!」

「Y, yes, sir!」

Astor and the knights called Ike finally reach the place where Hagills is, but Hagills is on the verge of death. His arms are severed, his mouth is ripped wide open, and his eyes are crushed by the axe, reducing him into a state where living is actually more miserable than dying.

「Hahaha, the great knight sure is tough. Let me make you at ease with this guy.」

Orban swings his axe down on the crown of the head of Hagills, whose helmet has been taken off. Hagills is dead.

「Ooh, looks like my level rose for the first time in a long time. I wonder if I’ll be able to raise it by another one or two if I kill you two?」

「Ike, that guy is probably a mad warrior. Make sure to not take that axe head on. Evade it if at all possible. Also, make sure to always fight that guy from the front and back. If he comes at you from the front, put evading as your top most priority.」

「Yes, sir!

As both sides glare at each other, Astor makes the first move by taking Orban’s rear. His positioning is good. I am waiting for the moment when they pit their swords against each other.


To my surprise, Orban completely ignores Astor who is behind him and slashes at Ike. With one blow, Ike’s left arm dances through the air. Behind him, Astor repeatedly launches thrusts at his back, but Orban completely ignores him. After the second, third, and fourth blow, Orban sends Ike’s head flying. A mad warrior can afford such a bulldozing battle, huh. Using presence concealment, I escape from the carriage and hide myself in the bushes of the mountain. It seems that the two who are in the middle of battle are unaware of it.

「Hehehe. The only one left is you, old man. Have you prepared yourself?」

「Before we end this, there’s something I’d like to ask you. Why did you attack the carriage? There’s nothing valuable in it, so after losing your men, you’ll have nothing to gain. Are you taking orders from someone?」

「Stop playing dumb, old man! I know that the slush funds the guy called Astor or something has hoarded are stuffed in the carriage. Even if I stay in Amberlius, I can never beat the old gangs. All my men are dead, so I’m going to keep all the money for myself and live a fun life in another town.」

「I see, slush funds, is it? You fool. No, I guess all I could say is Kars-sama was brilliant.」

「Spouting such gibberish things, die!」

Orban’s axe sends Astor’s left hand flying, it must have shattered his ribs and reached his lungs. Astor falls to his knees. I doubt he will last long.

「Hehehe, now then, let’s take a look at the treasure.」

Orban opens the carriage door. Of course, there is nothing there.

「What’s the meaning of this?! Where are the sacks of large gold coins?! Hey, old man….」

When Orban turns around and is about to walk towards Astor, he falls to the ground. He is foaming at the mouth. Rather than blue, his face is closer to purple. He flaps his mouth open and close, but after a moment, he stops moving.

I stay alert to my surroundings. There may be those who are still alive. I erase my presence and hide for about five minutes, but no one moves. I go to Astor, the sole survivor. It seems that he is still barely breathing.

「Astor, the poison you used on Orban, that was the one you prepared for my assassination, right?」

In the state of falling to his knees, Astor has one of his lungs crushed, so it seems like he is unable to speak, either. Blood continues to flow out of his severed arm. His body is convulsing, his eyes are hazy, and he is completely unresponsive to my words. Let’s at least behead him so that he would not suffer any further than this.

「Astor. It was laborious of you to hold up your loyalty and filial piety to the Amberlius family over the years. You would surely find it good that at the very least, your last will serve as nourishment for my flesh and blood.」

I pick up Astor’s sword and cut his neck, as he is on the verge of death. My level rises in one go, and I feel a sense of discomfort in my body. No one should be coming to this place at this time of year, but I want to depart this place as quickly as possible to reduce the risk. Taking another look at the disastrous scene composed of mountains of corpses, I cannot hold back my nausea. My stomach is empty, so the gastric juices are rushing back up. They might be a group of criminals and knights who were here to kill me, but it was me who spurred this entire disastrous scene.

After quenching my thirst with water magic, I first retrieve the equipment that looks good. The knights as well as Astor’s swords, daggers and shields, the magic medium’s ring, and then Orban’s axe. The rest are poor quality items and I leave them alone. I also collect the gold. About four small gold coins in total from the knights, Astor, and Orban.

And then for the final touches. I look at the bodies of the slain Orban’s men. The sea of blood makes my nose curl. Feeling nauseous again, my stomach and gullet are burning with gastric juices. I carry the corpse of a man similar in stature to myself into the carriage. I then gather up fallen leaves and dead trees and set fire to the carriage with fire magic. Finally, I hang the medallion of the Amberlius family, which should have been possessed by me only, around the neck of the corpse. The majority of the interior is made of wood, so the carriage burns well.

Setting the horses free, I ride one of them back the way we came. Riding a fine horse would make me stand out, so after making it close to the crossroads by horse, I decided to move on foot from there on so that I would not stand out.

I have already decided my destination. With this, it is goodbye to Amberlius.



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