The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 29 Part 2

Let’s see. A bastard son of a merchant family, a magician, and the name is Mike. Let’s go with that, shall we?

「Yes, that’s right. I’m tired and completely exhausted at the moment, though.」

「But still, what amazing muscles you’ve got there. Are you really a magician?」

Ugh, crap. I am quite muscular due to my training since childhood. I am a little less than 180 centimeters in height, which makes me a little large for a person from this world. I guess claiming to be a magician is pushing it a bit, huh.

「Yeah, I admire the knights, so I have been training to become one since I was a child, you see. I never thought I would be given the job of magician, though.」

「I see, so that’s why you can easily eat three portions of food, huh. It sure is nice to be young, isn’t it?」

「You’re pretty young yourself, aren’t you, Innkeeper-san? You’re so lively and charming.」

「T, there’s no way that’s true. What are you talking about in front of such an old lady?」

Since a while ago, Innkeeper-san has been stealing glances at my breast plate and abs. Her husband passed away two years ago, so she probably yearns for some bodily warmth. Hmm, let’s try inviting her, shall we?

When Innkeeper-san puts the food on the table, perhaps because her attention is on my upper body, she ends up tripping. Promptly, I take Innkeeper-san’s hand and support her body.

「Ahh, err, I’m sorry. I tripped a little. Age must be getting to me. Hahaha.」

I continue holding Innkeeper-san’s hand. Her face looks a little flushed.

「Will you come to my room tonight?」

「Wha, what are you talking about? You mustn’t say something like. I, I might take you seriously, you know?」

Innkeeper-san ends up turning her face away from me. Her face just happens to be right in front of mine, so I take her lips.

「Nmm, nmm, nmm~. W, we mustn’t, we mustn’t do such a thing.」

Innkeeper-san hastily removes her lips from mine and leaves the room.

「I’ll be waiting for you, okay?」

Innkeeper-san suddenly stops her body for a moment. Then she silently leaves the room. I haven’t embraced any woman since I came of age. I was assailed by intense stress upon seeing the sea of blood in the mortal combat at noon, but now that I am feeling relieved after being freed from it, my libido is raging.

I eat up the three portions of meal and put the dishes in front of the room. I then strip my remaining clothes off and wipe my whole body with a towel.

As I wait for the night to come while sorting out my belongings and checking my route for the next day, there is a knock at the door, and when I open it, I find Innkeeper-san standing there. I silently pull her hand and invite her into the room. Promptly exchanging kisses, I lay her down on the bed. As I kiss Innkeeper-san, I take off her clothes and put my hand on her secret place, which becomes wet in the blink of an eye. When I caress her neck and nipples, she reacts with a jerk. Her nipples in particular seem to be an erogenous zone, and she lets out moans every time I attack them. She is 31 years old with six children. When night comes, there is no available activity but sex, so her body is quite developed.

「Aahn! Aahn, aahn, haahn, so good, aahn.」

I insert my meat rod into her well moistened chasm. It may have been two years since she had sex, so I piston slowly so as not to cause her pain. Once she gets used to it, I step up the speed in one go.

The bed is shaking violently, making *creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak* sound.

「Hnn, aaaaaah~, so good, haahn, aahn, ahn, ahn.」

「It feels so good, Innkeeper-san.」

「Aaaah~, nghh, I’m sorry, dear, aaah~」

「Alright, I’m going to reach my limit, too.」

「No, please come outside, please, aahn, ahn.」

「Huff, huff, it’s okay, Innkeeper-san. I can use the art of lovemaking, after all. Huff, huff, so you won’t get pregnant. Be at ease and accept my seed, huff, huff.」

「Ahn, you’re not lying, right? Ahn, I’m going to believe you, alright? Ahn, aahn, I’m at my limit too, please, ahn, cum for me.」

「Alright, here I cum.」

I shoot out the semen that has accumulated in my reservoir all at once. Not only is it my first sex in a long time, it also comes with a vibe as if I am stealing someone else’s wife, so it feels even more thrilling than usual, and pleasure is running through my body, from my genitals all the way to my brain. For a while, I savor the pleasure as I leave my meat rod remaining inserted in the secret place. Innkeeper-san also has a look for rapture on her face. After a while, my meat rod, still inserted, begins to rise and get bigger. It is time for the second round.

「Huh? Huuh? No way….」

「Innkeeper-san, you’re very attractive, so there’s no way I can stand it after doing it just once. Here I come.」

I shake my hips furiously again. A large amount of semen is serving as lubricant, so I show no mercy from the beginning. I am so absorbed in it that I don’t even feel the fatigue from my journey. I continue enjoying Innkeeper-san’s body until late at night.

「Aahn, ahn, aaahn, aaaaaaah~, dear, dear, I’m sorry, dear, aaahn, aaaaaaaaah~」

◇ ◇ ◇

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

When I wake up, the sun is a little high up in the sky. Yesterday, I mingled intensely with Innkeeper-san until late at night, so I seem to have overslept a little. Last night, Innkeeper-san reached climaxes over and over again and ended up passing out while letting out a scream, so I guess she would not wake up until noon.

I get ready and leave the room. I would like to have breakfast at least. When I open the door, I find the eldest daughter, who is twelve years old, standing outside the room with a red face. It seems that she was at a loss if she should ask what it is like inside.

「Ah, Mike-san. G, good morning. Umm….」

「Good morning. Your mother seemed to be busy last night, so I think it’d be a good idea to let her sleep until noon. Is breakfast ready?」

「Y, yes, it is. There is a dining room on the first floor, so please help yourself. It is brown bread and salted vegetable soup.」

I finish my meal in the blink of an eye. It is not enough at all. Saying I would pay the extra fee, I go and eat three portions of meal. And finally, I say hello to the eldest daughter and depart.

「It was a nice inn. I will never come here again, but it was a good memory for me. This is just a small thank you. Please give my regards to Innkeeper-san.」

With that, I give her three large silver coins and depart the village.

I have no map that shows the exact distance, but I wonder if I will be able to get there by the end of the day. My goal is to reach Neurath in the morning and my destination, Magt, by sunset.

When I do a self-appraisal, I find that my automatic recovery has risen to 2. Storage is 4. I wonder if it is thanks to my fast learning skill. I try running for a while using body enhancement. I cannot feel the effect of automatic recovery, but I feel like my recovery is somewhat faster than usual.

Taking a few breaks along the way, I eat some dried meat, and drink some water. The influence of the Amberlius is strong in this area, so I never stop at any towns or villages along the way. And then, in the evening, I arrived at Magt, the capital of Count Magt’s territory.



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