The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 36 Part 1

Monsters in the Forest

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle… In front of my eyes, large twin mounds are swaying in rhythm. It is truly a sight to behold. I have long since reached my limit, but I am delaying my ejaculation using body manipulation. I am savoring Soara’s body to the fullest, either simply by gazing at her humongous breasts, or by fondling them with my hands as she rocks her hips in the cowgirl position.

「Ugh, Soara, I’m at my limit already.」

「Haa, haa, don’t worry about me, go ahead and cum. Haa, haa, haa.」

「I told you before, didn’t I? I want us to feel good at the same time.」

「It can’t be helped, haa, haa, wait. Aah~, that’s it, that’s it, hnn, so good, so good, ahn, ahn, aaaaaaaaaaah~」

「Alright, here I come, take it!」

I use body manipulation to order all the sperm in my testicles to charge, aiming for Soara’s egg. Splurt, splurt, an unbelievable amount of semen begins to invade Soara’s vaginal canal. The pleasure is so great that my head ends up going partially blank as I grab Soara’s big breasts tightly.

「Aaaaaaaaaah~, amazing, this is, amazing, aaaaaaaaahn. Haa, haa, hey, what’s going on with your body? Every time you cum, I feel like the deepest part of my vagina is being pushed up. Besides, uwaah, what an unbelievable amount of baby seed, I bet it’ll take a lot of time to clean up.」

Saying so, Soara begins to wipe off the large amount of semen with a towel. When I ask her to wipe off my member gently and carefully, it ends up arching back again.

「Sheesh, you still haven’t had enough? My body has almost reached its limit, you know? I don’t mind getting you off with my mouth, though.」

「No, it’s just a physiological reaction. I have no more baby seed left, so if you can help me clean up, that’s enough.」

I leave the room with a refreshed and ecstatic look on my face. It seems that Soara is going to get some more sleep. Today I am going to hunt in the forest with Keane and the others. It doesn’t take much time to fill up a four barrel storage, so what should I do?

◇ ◇ ◇

「What, eight barrels, you say?! Is that true?」

「Yeah, I did storage practice all day long yesterday, and it looks like my capacity has increased. With this, we’ll be able to make more money from hunting than ever before, no?」

I decided to tell Keane and the others that my storage capacity is eight barrels. Actually, it is sixteen barrels, but that would be too unrealistic, and I would like to avoid arousing some strange suspicions.

「If it’s true, then that’s amazing. Let’s try going a little further up the river. There are other adventurers in the areas around the city, so it’s getting harder to make money, after all. Fortunately, you can handle battles too, and if it’s too dangerous, we can retreat immediately, so there should be no problem.」

We leave the city through the east gate, head toward the stream, and start walking upstream along the stream. Not only are there many monsters near the water, it is also convenient for dismantling. On top of that, to go back, you only have to go downstream, so you are less likely to get lost.

I activate my presence perception skill. We have engaged horned rabbits and the spider monsters a couple of times, but I cannot find the prey before Keane does. As expected, at proficiency level 1, I can hardly feel the effect of the skill, huh.

After walking for a while, Keane suddenly stops on his tracks. Following the direction of his gaze, I can see a herd of deer running off in the distance. There are probably at least 20 of them. I don’t know their rank, but if we fight that herd, I think it is doubtful whether we would be able to win or not. Numbers are strength. Fortunately, the deer run off across the river and go off somewhere. However, there are three deer left in the river, drinking water and seemingly oblivious to our presence.

Hunting in this world is fundamentally different from hunting on earth. That is, here the monsters will attack you aggressively. In other words, the same as how we see them as prey, they also see us as prey. It is literally eat or be eaten.

When Keane nocks an arrow, I can feel the flow of magical energy. Using material enhancement, he is infusing the arrow with magical energy to strengthen it. He fires the arrow. It pierces the head of one of the deer, but it is not dead. Immediately, all three deer turn in our direction at once and ascertain our presence. They charge at us. Keane fires a second arrow. It seems to be difficult to aim at the head of a running deer, so the second arrow pierces the chest of the deer in the lead.

The three warriors take up their shields and lower their center of gravities. They seem to be channeling body enhancement.

「Sei, their attack method is to charge at you with their antlers. Usually, they will jump over the vanguard’s shields. At that moment, aim at their weak point, their stomachs!」

Keeping some distance from the three warriors holding their shields as vanguards, Keane and Faye activate body enhancement. Suddenly a deer comes jumping over the shield wall. Before it lands, Faye stabs the deer in the belly with his spear.


Faye holds the deer monster, which cries in a high-pitched sound, to the ground with his spear. The deer boasts a large body and is rampaging like a ferocious beast. The deer are also desperate.

「Leave the remaining two to us! Sei, Faye, finish that one off!」

Activating body enhancement as well as weapon enhancement, I slash at the deer’s neck with my sword. What an amazing defensive power. A weapon imbued with my strength and magical energy should be able to cut off a small tree with a single blow, but it cannot cut off this deer’s head. While Faye is holding the deer down, I swing the sword down with all my might for the second and third times. A second deer comes jumping over the shield wall, but Keane deals with it with his short sword. At Keane’s signal, the warriors who have been holding up their shields charge. It seems that Keane alone will face the second deer, while the three warriors will face the third one together.

When I swing my sword down two more times, the deer breathes its last. Appraisal.

Hard-skinned Deer, Rank 13

The rank of the monster that Faye and I have bet our lives to defeat is 13, huh. As expected, it looks like we cannot easily compare it to humans’ level. It was so powerful that I could not help but think that Faye, someone with a combat-oriented job and is level 15, would probably be unable to defeat it alone. However, depending on how you fight it, it is also possible to defeat it unscathed. The same goes for the four warriors I killed in the labyrinth yesterday. Without question, they should have been able to quickly kill me should they feel like it, but due to negligence and arrogance, they lost their lives to me.

「Looks like we’ve taken care of all of them. Is anyone hurt? Alright, this place might be a little dangerous. As we drain the blood, let’s carry the deer downstream and then dismantle them there.」

We carry the deer downstream and dismantle them. As we chill the meat, we take a break. After a while, I put the meat in the storage and we then have an early lunch. For lunch, we have the horned rabbits.

「Let’s head upstream again. We’ll look for monsters around where we met the deer. It looks like not many other adventurers go to that area, after all. However, be sure to always be ready to retreat at a moment’s notice. If a bear or a cow shows up, retreat immediately and silently.」

We start walking along the river, heading upstream again. When we make it to the spot from earlier, we move away from the river and walk around the surrounding area.


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