The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 36 Part 2

「Wait, that’s a praying mantis, alright. Judging from the size of its body, I don’t think it’s a superior variant, but we’re going to retreat.」

The praying mantis, about 1.5 meters long, remains still, not moving its body at all. Sporting inorganic eyes and huge scythes, it looks strong. We back away. Then I sense a flow of magical energy from the side. There is a wind tanuki up in the tree.

「Keane, there’s a wind tanuki! It’s up in the tree over there!」

「What?! Damn it, ignore it! Run for your life!」

We start running downstream. We ignore the wind magic fired by the wind tanuki and keep running.

*Flap, flap, flap* From behind, I can hear the sound of something flapping its wings. Geh, the praying mantis, flying in low altitude with its wings outstretched, is closing the distance between us in one go.

「There’s no helping it, we’re confronting it! Ignore the wind tanuki and focus on taking down the praying mantis first!」

Swiftly turning around, Keane slides under the low-flying praying mantis and cuts its abdomen open with his short sword. A spray of bodily fluids shoots out from the tip of the cut.

「When you face a praying mantis, watch out for its scythes and fangs. Be sure to never cross swords with it head-on! If you’re in front of it, focus on defending yourself!」

Seemingly to have its target set on Keane, the praying mantis turns around. The rest of us five quickly come after the praying mantis, surrounding and attacking it. While skillfully backing away, Keane focuses on defending himself against the barrage of scythes.


「Take this!」

We attack the praying mantis one after another from the left, right, and rear with swords and spears. What incredible durability. Its body is slender, but we cannot cut off its limbs. Appraisal!

Scythe Cutter, Rank 18

At rank 18, it is crossing swords evenly against Keane, a hunter of over level 30. I wonder if the damage is accumulated gradually. We eventually managed to sever both legs of the praying mantis. Leaving the praying mantis, which is no longer able to move from its spot, alone for the moment, Keane shoots down the wind tanuki with an arrow, and Faye skewers it with his spear to finish it off. Then, as we take our time slashing at the praying mantis from behind, it eventually dies. We retrieve the magic stone and the scythes.

「Damn it, my short sword is chipped. This is why I hate praying mantis.」

「It sure is a formidable foe. How much can you sell collectible materials, the scythes, for?」

「I don’t know, but I doubt it will be much. If the scythe is processed, it can be made into a powerful blade that is easy to be infused with magical energy, but it is disposable. Only the most whimsical swordsmen would buy it, after all.」

「The magic stone is of the eighth grade, right? Which means it was rank 16 or above, huh.」

「Thank goodness it wasn’t a superior variant. Well, speaking of superior variants, they only appear in the deepest parts of the forest, after all.」

「I did hear that strong monsters only appear in the deepest part of the forest, but is there a reason for that?」

「I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it seems that strong monsters prefer places with a strong magical energy concentration. Which means places far away from the town.」

Magical energy concentration, huh? It is unknown whether or not it is true, but that is interesting information. If there is a way to confirm it, let’s check it out.

After that, we set the horned rabbits as our target and continue hunting in the area around downstream. Once the evening comes and we are on our way back, I can hear noisy voices.

「Looks like something is up. All hands, get ready. Never let your guard down.」

After a while, I see five adventurers running toward us.

「Run, it’s a cow!」



「Calm down! Run in a zigzag!」

Frantically hurling words toward each other, the adventurers are running about in an attempt to escape. In the distance, I can see a big, black cow. *Guooooo* Raising such a cry, it is chasing after the adventurers.

「Hey! Run for it! Run all the way to the city. And never look back.」

Along with Keane’s voice, we start running at once. I want to check how it is going behind us, but give up on the idea. That is the order, after all. Let’s ask for the details later.

After arriving at the Adventurers’ Association, we carry out the liquidations of materials and magic stones. Our respective share is five large silver coins. I guess that is pretty good for a day’s earnings. When we are done the materials, a new poster is posted on the bulletin board, and a crowd is formed.

Emergency Subjugation Request

Black-haired Large Mud Cow

Estimated rank: 35-40

Reward: 5 Large Gold Coins

Location: The vicinity of the stream in the eastern forest

「Hey, it says five large gold coins!」

「You idiot! That shows just how strong it is. Do you want to die?」

「But it’s a cow, right? Won’t we be able to manage somehow?」

「Gather the folks! We’ll take it down tomorrow!」

「First come, first served, no? Us too, let’s give it a shot.」

Each and every one of them is excitedly talking about that monster. But still, for it to go at least five large gold coins, that is a pretty hefty amount of money.

「Keane, what are we going to do?」

「You saw it too, didn’t you? As if we can ever beat such a monster. We might be able to win, but by then, some of us might end up dying. Sei and Faye are still young, after all. Maybe you’re inclined to try challenging it, but for this one alone, perish the thought. I have seen this monster when I was young, and at time, it was going around slaughtering adventurers, you know?」

「But like the way we fought the deer today, if we skillfully take advantage of the opponent’s traits, we might be able to beat it with unexpected ease, no?」

「That guy isn’t such a simple monster, you know? There is Mud in its name, no? That guy can use earth magic and water magic to turn the entire area around it into a muddy mire. If you step into it carelessly, you’ll cease to be able to use instant step, which will simply lead to a one-sided slaughter, you know? Even I, who is high leveled, would probably die instantly if I was hit by that guy’s charge.」

「I see. It’s that strong, huh. Then, what about our hunt? Are we going to move to another location?」

「I need to sharpen my short sword, after all. For the time being, I’ll give you three days off. Let’s gather again at seven o’clock in the early morning of the fourth day. If the cow has been killed by then, good. If not, we’ll go to the southern forest.」

If that is the case, let’s dive into the labyrinth for three days. If I have three days, I might be able to complete the map of the first stratum, after all.

I return to the inn and have dinner at the tavern. It is a little late, so the tavern is bustling with activities.

「Ah, Sei-nyan! So you’re safe today, too-nya.」

「Ah~, hearing your voice sure makes me at ease, Niinya. How is it, care to have dinner with me? You, too, Yuina.」

「Yay-nya, Yui-nyan, we’re eating together-nya.」

「Good evening, Sei-san. Are you sure it is okay, times and again….」

「I don’t mind. I’m earning a lot of money, after all. I prefer spending my money rather than saving it, you see. Can I ask you two to keep me company till morning?」


「But of course-nya.」

As expected, mealtime is fun only when you are with a lot of people. Yuina also has opened up herself to me considerably, and will now smile at me. Every day I go to the forest, defeat new monsters and dismantle them. In the labyrinth, I make maps, defeat monsters, and collect treasure chests. The proficiency level of my skills is also rising. I can keenly feel my daily growth, and at the end of the day, I have pleasant sex with the girls and go to sleep.


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