The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 53 Part 1

Information Gathering

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

I am having breakfast with Aiza and Remia. Both of them are in a good mood from start to finish, so I can’t ask for anything better. I had wanted to work up some sweat with Aiza since early in the morning, but since I slept soundly last night and ended up waking up late, I didn’t have much time, so I put the idea on hold.

「You look kind of glowy today, Mom.」

「Oh my, is that so? Ufufu.」

Aiza’s face is glistening and glossy. On top of that, it looks as if she is radiating more mature sexiness. In what way should I make the next opportunity to meet with Aiza?

「Ah, that’s right. You see, it’s been decided that Sei-kun is going to be staying at your house from now on.」

「Huh, really? Yay!」

No, this is the first time I have heard of this, though. Well, with this, I will be able to enjoy Aiza’s body to my heart’s content.

「Yeah, please take care of me. Remia.」

「Yes, please take care of me, Sei-san.」

After breakfast, Aiisa drops Remia off at school and goes to work.

First of all, I drop by the porter’s union. Since it is early in the morning, there are a number of porters going through the formalities, so I take a look at the posters on the bulletin board until things settle down for a while. The most popular merchant’s requests are gone in the blink of an eye. The rest are requests to go with adventurers to the labyrinth or forest, but the fact that there are still some left probably means that they are not very popular.

There is a poster that catches my attention. It reads, ‘’Exclusive Porter Wanted for Mahra Warrior Order’’. The paper has turned yellow, indicating that it has been posted here for a long time. The pay is a guaranteed minimum of ten large silver coins per week for eight barrels-worth of storage, with a further increase depending on the capacity of your storage. It should be a pretty good deal, but no one shows any signs of scrambling for it. Well, this is the warrior order in which that commander belongs, after all.

After a while, the flow of people seems to have calmed down, so I head to the reception desk. The person in charge is an elderly woman, different from when I came here two days ago.

「I’m Sei, a porter who has come to this town for the first time. I used to work in Magt before, but is there some sorts of formalities that I need to do to work in this town?」

「Just in case, I’ll have you fill out the required fields in the registration form. After that, you only have to do the formalities at the receptionist desk here whenever you accept a request after taking a look at the posters or make a contract with adventurers. Easy, isn’t it? If you want to take a request from a merchant, I think it’s going to be difficult unless you have garnered a lot of trust. After all, there is no guarantee that there won’t be people who will run away after putting the goods in their storage.」

I see. I am a newcomer, so I don’t think it will be possible for me to take a merchant’s request. Well, I don’t think there will be any merits in taking one either, though. Now then, what should I do with the storage field in the registration form? Currently, my proficiency level in storage is 6. In other words, I have 32 barrels-worth of storage capacity. I am clearly over-spec compared to the other porters around, but let’s fill the field honestly. That is because since my ability is convenient, I doubt there would be those who would come for my life, moreover, this town has a good public order, so I judge that it is unlikely that I will get dragged into trouble because of it.

「Please check the form.」

「Right on it. Well then, that’s all for the formalities… Huh, 32 barrels?! Hey, boy, lying is not good. It’ll be exposed right away anyway. Once you lose credibility, you will no longer be able to take a good job again, and if the client is the warrior order, you might get your head sent flying, after all.」

「What’s the point of telling a lie that will soon be discovered? In that case, get me some barrels. If I show it to you, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell whether it’s a lie or not.」

「… Got it. Follow me then.」

I am led to a warehouse in the back of the building. It seems to be not usually used.

「Try putting these 20 empty barrels into your storage. If you can do it, I’ll believe you. Well, there is no way you can, though. It would be very remarkable if you could. To have the same storage capacity as the best porter in town at that age… Huh?!」

I put the empty barrels into my storage one after another. In no time at all, the twenty barrels are stored in my storage, and after that, I take them out of my storage and put them as they were before.

「No way, it can’t be… You must be joking, right?!」

Huh? Did I screw up? That means my capacity is too little, right? … There is no way I can say that.

「What do you mean by joking? You just saw it right in front of you, didn’t you? Shall I do it one more time?」

「… No, I get it. Looks like your claim is true. But still, most porters’ capacities don’t reach 32 barrels, and even if they do, they would be over 40 or 50 years old, after all. You look young, but are you actually pretty advanced in age?」

「Hahaha, I guess so.」

「I see, it must be the rejuvenating purple potions, right? It must be either you spent a fortune to buy up the purple potions, or you collected them efficiently in the labyrinth. Do you mind sharing some with me, too? Well, never mind. Either way, you’ve proven your capabilities, after all.」

After registering at the porter union, I drop by the Adventurers’ Association. There are three receptionists. Two young women and an elderly man with glasses. I walk up to the man, take out a small gold coin, and talk to him. That is because I judge that if it is a man of his age, he should have befitting knowledge and experience. I feel the two women’s eyes on me, but I ignore them.

「I’m Sei, an iron-class adventurer who has come to this town for the first time. I’ll pay you, so I hope you can give me some information.」

「Hoh, what kind of information do you want?」

「About this town. The distribution of monsters in the labyrinth or the surrounding area, places where I can find medicinal herbs, and so on, I want all kind of information about this town.」

「Very well. It will probably take some time, so let me take you to a private room. Follow me.」

I follow the man, feeling the woman’s gazes on me. These are probably gazes of curiosity. There are probably a lot of guys who make a pass at the receptionists of the Adventurers’ Association, so if I carelessly form a relationship with them, I might get into trouble with other adventurers, after all. Let’s ask this man to be my receptionist from now on, too.

After being shown to the room, I wait for a while, and then the man enters the room with documents in his hand.

「This is a rough map of the town and its surrounding area. I cannot show you a detailed map, and you are not allowed to take this map with you. However, you are allowed to make a copy of it.」

It is certainly a rough map, but it allows you to get an idea of the location of the highways and villages in the surrounding area, so it should be enough for adventurers.


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