The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 59 Part 3

My concern is the prince’s entourage. Among the civil servants and knights of the Imperial Guards protecting His Highness, it won’t be surprising if there are some who know my face. I am a porter, so let’s keep as low a profile as possible.

「I understand. Am I right to assume that as before, my job is to carry Marianne-sama’s luggage?」

「Yes, exactly as you say. More or less, you will serve as Marianne-sama’s personal attendant, so I would like you to stay by her side. It will take four days one way to the fort at the border. For the first two days, we will arrange accommodations in the towns, so we will be camping out on the third day only. However, the two towns along the way are small in scale and are unable to provide enough accommodations, so I will have to ask you to spend the night in a tent, Sei-kun.」

「I understand.」

「Well then, come to this office at seven o’clock in the morning the day after tomorrow.」

Taking into account my future endeavors, maybe it would be a good idea to buy a tent for my own personal use. With the duckboard bed alone, I will get wet if it is raining, and as the weather grows hotter from here on, bugs will also start coming out, after all.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Huh, that’s amazing. You collected this much in just a single day?」

Getting home, I take the medicinal herbs I collected today out of my storage and ask Aiza to take a look at them.

「Yeah, I happened to find a place where a cluster of medicinal herbs were growing, you see. I’ve also bought all the tools I need, so after dinner teach me the way to make medicines.」

「I don’t mind, but since it consumes a lot of magical energy, it’s impossible to process it all today. I also use magical energy for my work, so I don’t have much left, after all.」

「Yeah, I still have quite a lot of magical energy left, so if you can teach me the way to do it, that’s good enough.」

「Let’s see, if you also have propagating magic moss, which you can in the lower stratum of the labyrinth, it would be perfect, but this amount should be enough for your first practice.」

「You can get propagating magic moss in the labyrinth?」

「Yes, although it is of low quality. Even so, whether or not you mix propagating magic moss in it, there is a significant difference in effect between the two.」

The lower stratum of the labyrinth, huh. Come to think of it, I also heard about it at the adventurer association. As expected, going there alone would be a challenge, I guess. Simply going there may be manageable, but I would have to look for the place where I can find the moss. Well, I have a guess as to where I can find it, though.

Then, after enjoying fox and rabbit meat for dinner, it is finally time to process the medicinal herbs.

「First of all, we need to make an extract of Iruna grass, which is needed for strength restoration medicines, and kaina grass, which is needed for magical energy restoration medicines. And it would be a good idea to store them in separate glass bottles. Now then, watch me.」

Aiza washes the Iruna grass, holds it in her hand, and uses magic.


As I focus my attention on Aiza, I can sense a flow of magical energy. The fluid contained in the Iruna grass in Aiza’s hand is extracted and a drop falls into the glass bottle. Having lost its moisture, the Iruna grass withers. This is similar to water magic Evaporate. I think I can do it, too.

「Alright, let me give it a try. Extract.」

What I have to do is not so different from when I use water magic Evaporate. I infuse magical energy into the Iruna grass in my hand, move the fluid to the root, and finally drop it into the glass bottle from the root. It seems like I managed to do it successfully, but it consumed quite a lot of concentration and magical energy.

「Huh, you succeed already? Is this really your first time?」

「Well, there’s this magic called Wash and Evaporate, which you can use to wash your body and clothes, and it’s kind of similar to that. I did succeed, but the efficiency was bad and I ended up spending quite a lot of magical energy. I think I can do better next time.」

For kaina grass and iruna grass, there is a need to extract the fluids as soon as possible after collecting them, so I do all the processing now. My efficiency is getting better and better. Not only has my level risen to 30, my magical energy capacity has also been enhanced by my cheat ability, so I manage to finish processing all of it somehow.

「For the roots of the Hakuwa flower and the roots of the Manpuku grass, you need to use Dry magic. And although the efficacy will decrease a little, it’s also fine to dry them naturally. Now then, watch me. Dry!」

In Aiza’s hands, warm air whirls and dries the roots of the medicinal herbs. I think this one is going to take some time. After a while, the roots shrink a little.

「Phew. This is the best I can do for now. In our company, in addition to leeches, we also hire magicians to do the processing. It’s safer than engaging in the dangerous labyrinth exploration, so it’s quite a popular job, you know?」

「I see. I now understand why there are so few magicians among the adventurers. Alright, let me try using Dry, too.」

I cast Dry magic on the roots of the medicinal herbs that Aiza has dried halfway. I add fire magic into wind magic to create warm air and circulate it in my hands. Thanks to my experience in filling the bathtub with hot water, I succeed in adding fire magic into wind magic.

Adding fire magic to wind magic was a success. When creating the warm air at the beginning, it does consume a lot of magic power, but just circulating it is not that difficult.

「Huff, huff, how’s that?」

「Yes, that’s good enough. What a surprise. What incredible magical energy capacity you’ve got there. Would you like to work for our company?」

「Hahaha, I’ll have to decline. I think I’ve used up almost every drop of my magical energy. Is all we have to do next grind the magic stone into powder and mix it in?」

「Yes, that’s right. The higher the grade of the magic stone, the greater the effect will be. It’s the magic stone that makes medicine taste bad, so there is a need to mix in some sweetener.」

I use a vise and mortar to grind the magic stone into a powder. As opposed to selling it, I have been saving the ninth-grade magic stones, so I should have enough for today’s medicine manufacturing.

First of all, I make strength restoration medicine. After mixing the extract liquid of Iruna grass with the dried and ground root of the Hakuwa flower, I put in the magic stone powder and then add a large amount of honey. Once I roll the mixture into a dumpling shape, it is done. With the magic stone powder, there seems to be no need to use any binding agent.

Next, I make magical energy restoration medicine. In the same way, I mix the extract liquid of Kaina grass with the dried and ground root of Manpuku grass, put in magic stone powder and honey, and then turn the mixture into a dumpling. And it is finished.

「It’s made well. Considering that this is your first time, you did well. Amazing. The strength restoration medicine has the efficacy of 5, while the magical energy restoration medicine has the efficacy of 4.」

「Is that amazing?」

「It is amazing. The efficacy of low-grade potion is 10. Since you have put that much honey into them, they will be sweet and easy to swallow, so you should be able to sell them for one small gold coin each.」

「One small gold coin? That much?」

「Yes, as expected, it looks like monster honey has a restorative effect all by itself. Talk about luxury medicines.」

「Well, I have plenty of honey, so I’ll let you have as much as you like later. If you make it into sweets, Remia will also be pleased, no?」

「Eh, are you sure, Sei-san?」

「Sei-kun, that’s a very precious item, you know? Are you really fine with it?」

「No problem. I have a barrel of honey, after all.」

Alright, after returning from the expedition, I guess I will alternate between exploring the labyrinth and collecting medicinal herbs for a while. If I have magical energy restoration medicine, I can fight without worrying about my remaining magical energy. And if I can use body enhancement, weapon enhancement, and armor enhancement all the time, I should be able to explore the lower stratum of the labyrinth, too.



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