The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 6

Magic Blacksmith Buckworth

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

It’s a wonderful morning. In the state of my brain still being half asleep, I stroke Mion’s hair as he sleeps peacefully next to me and recall the sex and pleasure of last night. I can feel my son rising and growing bigger. I’m assailed with the urge to assault Mion in her sleep. Don’t rush it, don’t rush it. I can embrace a woman anytime I want. I don’t want to push her too hard.

After stroking Mion’s hair and running my fingers along her cheeks for a while, she wakes up. She stares at me with a vacant gaze. I wonder if she doesn’t realize the state she is in. Maybe she thinks she wakes up in her own bed as usual. I kiss Mion on the cheek.

「Good morning. Mion.」

「… Good morning? Kars-sama?」

Saying so, she wakes up with a start. It seems that her understanding finally catches up with what’s going on.

「K, Kars-sama. Last night, I, u, umm, did I by some chance do some mistake?」

「You did a very great job, Mion. I’ll be in your care from now on, too. There’s also the matter of health, so properly discuss the date of the lovemaking with Alma. Also, we’re going shopping today, so make sure you come with us, too, Mion.」

「Yes, sir. Certainly.」

In an instant, Mion returns to her usual calm self. She swiftly changes her clothes and leaves the room.

「Well then. Please excuse me.」

As Mion totters away, she ends up stepping on the hem of her baggy negligee and falls to the floor with a mighty thud. I wonder if she is a clumsy assassin. Today I’m taking Mion and Alma shopping. I plan to buy a lot of underwear that suits my taste.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Kars-sama, after lunch today, the armor craftsman will come to measure your body size, so I would like to ask you to spare us some time.」

Astor, the chamberlain, calls out to me after breakfast. The old man has been making thorough preparations for the labyrinth exploration since yesterday. Good graciousness, he truly is a man who can do his job well.

「Hmm. What about my weapon?」

「After taking a look at the armory for once, if you don’t find anything to your liking, it would not be a bad idea to purchase one. If you have to, there is also the option of having it custom-made.」

Custom-made? I don’t know how many months it would take to make a sword from scratch.

「With my abilities, I don’t need such a thing as a custom-made item, right? I’ll just go to the armory and pick a suitable one. More importantly, I want to take Alma and Mion to the Zipangu and Hinomoto trading companies today for shopping. Please arrange the carriage and money.」

「Shopping, was it? What exactly are you looking for?」

「Well, I want to buy underwear for Alma and Mion. Last night, Mion came to me wearing rags, you know? And she said something about her having no particularity about clothes. If she’s going to serve as my lovemaking partner, she has to wear appropriate clothes. It’s just for two people anyway, so I don’t think it’ll be much of a shopping spree.」

「I see. I understand. In that case, I will have a carriage and escort knights arranged for you after taking measurements this afternoon. There is no need for money. Just show them the medallion of the House of Amberlius and it will be paid on a credit.」

Oh, that’s good to hear. With this, we can shop as much as we like without having to think about our budget.

「Got it. As for the escorts, get some female knights. We’ll be shopping for underwear, after all.」

「Yes, sir. I will arrange six knights. And I will tell them that only the female knights can go into the store.」

Ah, I’m looking forward to it. I wonder if afternoon can come sooner.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After washing off the sweat from my morning practice, I head to the armory. When I talk to the person in charge at the armory, he has already received a word beforehand, so he immediately shows me around. Good graciousness, the old man sure works fast.

It’s a spectacular sight. Swords, spears, shields, etc., are lined up in rows. Knights manage their own weapons and armor on their own, so this place is an inventory. It seems that we can go on a war at any time.

First of all, I guess I should look for a sword, and then a shield. When I pick up a sword, it’s profoundly heavy. As expected, it’s different from a wooden sword. Appraisal.

Steel sword.

This is all I can read. If it’s a skillful appraiser, they can read information such as attack power, durability, and even materials, apparently. For now, I choose a one-handed sword and a smallish steel shield. At the age of twelve, I’m over 160 centimeters tall, and boast a fair amount of strength.

I check out my maneuverability with the sword on the training ground. It’s heavy. I can’t swing the sword as quickly as I thought I could. Looks like from today on, I need to practice so that I can swing this one-handed sword at will. Also, I’d like a dagger for precaution. I don’t know what kind of place the labyrinth is, but I need to be prepared in case the enemies close in to me, no? At any rate, I guess this is all I can do at the moment.

◇ ◇ ◇

「So you’re the young master, huh. Calling me to such a place, I’m a busy guy, you know? Let’s get the measurements done at once.」

In the room at the mansion I visited after lunch to take my measurement, these are the words that greet me. He’s an old man about 120 centimeters tall with tons of beard. The so-called dwarf, huh.

「Wha, y, you scoundrel. How dare you talk in such a manner to Kars-sama….」

One of the escort knights takes hold of his sword.

「Stop, I don’t mind. What I need is a good craftsman, not a merchant that’s good at flattery. You’ve done well to come today, let’s get the measurement done at once.」

「So you do get it, young master. All right, I’m taking your measurements now.」

「It’s not young master, but Kars. Then, you are?」

「I’m, Buckworth. A dwarf, and a magic blacksmith.」

The dwarf, who introduces himself as Buckworth, begins taking my measurements. He’s short, so he’s using a pedestal brought by his apprentice.

「Magic blacksmith? Is it different from blacksmith?」

「Fundamentally, the two are the same. Human blacksmiths smith by lighting fire using coals and magic stones, but magic blacksmiths do it using smithing magic. And magic blacksmith is a job unique to the dwarven race.」

「Hoh, is that the only difference? I doubt having coals and magic stones will make the two exactly the same.」

「Yeah. I guess the biggest difference is in the processing of the monster materials. For example, when it comes to the processing of insect-type monster materials, you can’t process it just by putting it through fire, but if you use smithing magic, you can process and shape it at will. Other than that, the processing such as holy silver and divine iron can only be done with smithing magic, you see.」

I see, so it’s a total superior version of blacksmith, huh. From now on, if I want to ask for some smithing, let’s ask a dwarven magic blacksmith.

「Well then. So, what kind of armor do you want? If you’re aiming to be a knight, then a steel plate main?」

「No, it’s armor for going around the shallow stratums of the labyrinth. Rather than something focused on defensive capability, I want something that’s light and easy to move in. I’d like to ask for something that can be worn by one person, with an emphasis on protecting the vital points.」

「Hmm. I see, in that case, I just happen to have the perfect material for it. Let’s use the leather of the small fire dragon. It’s lighter than metal and has fairly good defense. If you’re just going to the shallow stratums of the labyrinth, there shouldn’t be any problem. If you imbue it with magical energy, its defensive capability will increase, you know?」

「I don’t have material enhancement skill yet, but it sounds good. That one please.」

「All right, got it. Make sure to show your gratitude, okay? After all, it’s a material brought to me by your mothers.」


Well, my mother, Sarkissia, is the little sister of the current king, and her job is mage. However, she’s always having tea parties and parties with other noble ladies, and when she has time, she goes back to the royal capital, so she totally doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would go into the labyrinth.

「Umm, Kars-sama. I believe he means Aliase-sama and Meurisse-sama.」

Alma, who is waiting on me by my side, tells me so. The two are my father’s concubines. They married into the Amberlius family from different count families and have given birth two children each. Their jobs are mage and magic knight. I see them almost every day at the mansion, but there were times when they were gone for long periods of time. I didn’t particularly pay it any mind, but they were going into the labyrinth, huh.

「It seems that they usually go wild in the middle stratums of the labyrinth, but this time, they seem to have gone to slightly deeper stratums. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on a small fire dragon leather, you know? Well, it’s full of scratches, so the place we can use it limited, though.」

Deep parts of the labyrinth, huh. Well, daughters of noble families are tools for political marriages, as well as machines for producing children. Speaking of the two concubines, saying that they have fulfilled their duties as daughters of noble families, it would not matter if they were to die in the labyrinth, huh. Rather, if they could die during their beloved labyrinth exploration, it could even be said to be their long-cherished ambition.

「I see. I guess I’ll ask them to tell me about the labyrinth next time we meet. By the way, when do you think the equipment will be ready?」

By the way, I don’t intend to meet the two concubines. That’s because Aliase has appraisal skill. I don’t think I’ll be able to repel the appraisal of a high-leveled mage. And I don’t want the fact that I have fast growth and appraisal skills to be known.

「Well, I’m in the middle of tanning the leather. And if I make it as my highest priority as a task from the lord, well, I’d say in ten days or so.」

「Git it. I’ll be counting on you.」

Ten days, huh. I’ll need to practice handling the sword and shield until then. And also increase the proficiency of my skills as much as possible. All right, well then, let’s go shopping.


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