The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 65 Part 2

I go into the tent, fill the bathtub with hot water, and wash Marianne’s body, who is sitting on a legless chair. First, I lather up the shampoo with a towel, carefully wash Marianne’s back, and then her firm, shapely buttocks and chasm. Damn, I cannot see her butthole. If I knew this would happen, I should have asked the craftsman to make me a lewd stool (a shower stool with a u-shaped hole in the middle). When I am done washing her back, I wash her front next. Wrapping my hands around Marianne from her back, I slowly and carefully wash her nipples from the area around the breasts.

「… Hnn… Nghh… Ahn….」

Keeping it to an extent that she will not find it too unnatural, I squeeze and pull her breasts upward from below as I wash them. Of course, when I also moderately rub her nipples, Marianne must be feeling a little pleasure, for she begins to moan softly. From my position, I cannot see what has become Marianne’s breasts, but as I compensate with my imagination while washing them, blood begins to gather into my lower body. If I attack her breasts too excessively, I might be ordered to stop. I move my hands to her belly and legs, washing Marianne’s entire body. Finally, I clean off the soap and massage Marianne’s scalp as she soaks in the bathtub.

「Aahn, haan, ahn, ahn, aaahn.」

As she gets scalp massage, Marianne plays with her own secret place and writhes in pleasure. The gap between this and her usual cool-headed Commander side is truly irresistible. Marianne’s body, which is writhing in the hot water, is truly wonderful. As she gets out of the bathtub, I wipe Marianne’s body with a bath towel. Marianne then puts on a negligee and lies down on the bed.

「Alright, Sei. Be a dog.」

「Yes, ma’am.」

「No, I told you to be a dog.」

「…W, woof, woof.」

「Hahaha, that’s right, now, be a dog and serve me.」

Even though I am being called a god, for some reason, it doesn’t bother me at all. In a bit, I will be able to be able to lick Marianne’s pink vertical stripes all over. I couldn’t care less about what she calls me.

「Please excuse me. Aam, nmm.」

I run my tongue over the pink vertical stripes, caressing them carefully. Leaving the sensitive part for later, for starters, I go for the area around the entrance of the chasm. I collect saliva and attack from the place far from the bud, gradually moving my tongue toward the sensitive part. Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick….

「Phew~, you’re doing good. That’s right, you total lowborn. Ahn, ahn, ahn, for a lowly person like you, ahn, ahn, this suits you best, aahn, hyaan, haan.」

Good graciousness, what a shameful, beautiful pussy it is. It is tasteless and odorless, but it is enveloped in female scents. I want to lick it all over as much as I can. I have plenty of time, so I am going to develop it thoroughly. How about the bung hole?

「Hnn?! Ahn, no, not there, ahn, hya, stop, aaah~」

*Twitch, twitch* Marianne writhes and jerks her hips about. Perhaps because of how shameful it is, the area around her anus seems to be her particular weak spot. Given that she just got out of the bath, it is not dirty at all, so let’s serve her well there.

「Nghh, aah~, kuh, aah~, aahn, not again, stop it, aaaaaah~」

As she muffles her voice, Marianne climaxes over and over again. But still, what great stamina she has got there. She has been coming over and over again for an hour now. Marianne sandwiches my face between her thighs and makes me roll around. It is the face cowgirl position.

「Oooh, this is nice, hahahaha, wonderful. I like it.」

She seems to like the face cowgirl position, and she continues to climax over and over again as she rubs her crotch against my face. She truly is a stamina monster, is she not? My face is covered with Marianne’s love juice, but *gulp, gulp* I am drinking it down. It is a little salty.

「Phew, satisfying, very satisfying. Huh, you mongrel, for you to let that dirty thing of yours stand up again. Are you that aroused? What a hopeless guy you are. Alright, to finish it, let’s do some training for the arts of lovemaking, shall we?」

Great, I have been waiting for this. With juices overflowing from the tip, I am in a state where I feel like I may end up ejaculating even if I don’t do anything to it.

「Alright, don’t move, okay?」

Marianne grabs my meat rod and starts to insert it into her vagina in a cowgirl position. Her vagina is filled with love juices, so I manage to reach the deepest part without any problem. Fwah~, what tightness. I am already on the verge of ejaculation.

Marianne starts shaking her hips. As she shakes her hips without regard for me, *twitch, twitch* she arches her body back and opens her mouth, immersing herself in orgasm. She repeats this several times.

「Haa, haa, Sei, give me your seed.」

「Yes, Marianne-sama, I am coming.」

Given that I am probably allowed to ejaculate only once, I give an order to all of the sperm in my testicles to charge toward Marianne’s ovum, sparing none of it. As I ejaculate like a fountain, each time the sperms simultaneously push up Marianne’s womb entrance, *squeeze* her vagina tightens up, which gives momentum to the next sperms, and my baby seeds shoot out one after another. Feeling too much pleasure, Marianne plops down on top of me. I shot out and exhausted all of my semen, but in order to wash off my bodily fluid, which came in too large of an amount, I have to wash Marianne’s body and help her take a hot bath again.

I get out of the tent and this time I soak in the bathtub myself. This is my first time releasing all the semen I have at once, so I end up feeling empty. After soaking in the hot water for about 30 minutes, I wash the bathtub and put it into my storage. I get ready and depart. It is to raise my own level and make a map of the labyrinth. I greet the night watchman and leave the room. The place I am headed for is the stratum one level above this one, the tenth stratum.

In this labyrinth, the places where you should be especially careful are the twelfth stratum, where monsters with powerful poison begin to appear, down to the fourteenth stratum, the lowest stratum. If it is the tenth stratum, even if I go alone, I have restoration medicines with me, so I should be able to manage somehow or another. Even when I arrive at the tenth level, there are almost no monsters in the rooms around the stairs. When I head to a room a little further back and look around, I see that there is an opposite shore at the back of this room. The adventurers probably don’t take the trouble to go to the other side at the risk of their lives, as there are a lot of frogs on the opposite shore, and they are shooting poisonous water bullets at me. With the resolve to get poisoned, I use body enhancement and cross over to the opposite shore along the wall. After getting hit by a number of poisonous water bullets, I land on the opposite shore as I drink the low-grade green potion I have kept in my mouth. With a force of consuming all of my magical energy, I slash at the swarm of monsters.

I get hit violently by water bullets at close range many times, but as I move around using instant step, I dodge as many attacks as possible. Poison is starting to circulate through my body, but killing the enemies takes precedence. A rat bites my leg and a giant scorpion attacks me with its tail. At any rate, using instant step and instant movement, I scatter the enemies to keep them from launching focus fire on me. Although I suffer injuries all over my body, I manage to exterminate the enemies. I immediately take a lower-grade green potion, followed by magical energy and strength restoration medicines. As I calm myself down and sit down, I notice that there are three treasure chests nearby and a passageway at the back of the room. I dismantle the monsters, take out the magic stones, and rest for a while. As expected, it was tough. The monsters’ rank was 12 at the highest. When I open the treasure chests, I find a low-grade green potion, a short sword and a shield inside. They are made of iron. I wonder if they belonged to an adventurer who came and died on this stratum.

After resting for a while, the recovery medicines and automatic recovery begin to gradually take effect, so I go to check out the passageway at the back of the room. As expected, there is a room at the end of it, and two treasure chests are standing there side by side. In addition, there are about fifteen monsters.

I steady my breath and slash at the swarm of monsters, defeating them while luring them into the passageway. I defeat and dismantle the monsters. From the treasure chests, I get mid-grade green and red potions. Mid-grade potions can be sold for a large sum of money, but I will keep them for my own use. Haa, I am pretty tired. Let’s quickly go back and go to sleep. When I make it back to the room in which we are staying the night, I quickly fall asleep on the duckboard bed.


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