The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 66 Part 2

I take a steel shield out of my storage and hold it in my left hand. Given that I, a porter, am holding up a shield, they must think that I will be focusing on defense. And then, holding the mithril alloy iron ball in my right hand, which I am hiding, I infuse magical energy into it. Which guy should I aim at, I wonder?

「You want to rape me? It’s capital punishment for you all!」

Marianne’s magic energy erupts. I wonder if the memory of her being raped by the prince is awakened. Marianne charges at the nearby adventurer with instant step and swings her sword at him. Given how sudden the occurrence is, the adventurer who gets cut diagonally from the shoulder is unable to react to it, getting his armor crushed and bleeding profusely. In an instant, the four remaining adventurers move away to the rear, pull out their swords and get ready to fight. They must be pretty skilled. Their coordination is good, and they begin to surround Marianne. Outnumbered, even Marianne will probably not stand a chance against them, as expected.

「Ignore the porter and go for the woman. I don’t care even if you have to cut off her hands and feet. As long the holes are intact, we can still enjoy her, after all.」

I ready my shield and throw the iron ball with all my might at one of the adventurers surrounding Marianne from the side. I must have been regarded as a non-combatant, as they don’t pay any attention to me at all. So as to not miss my mark, I aim at his stomach,

「!? Gobaah!」

The iron ball sinks into the adventurer’s side, and with a bone-crunching sound, he is blown all the way to the entrance. It must have destroyed his internal organs too, making it a fatal wound. The adventurer coughs up blood and collapses. Something like a low-grade red potion will probably only amount to a first aid treatment. Without delay, I take out my mithril alloy sword, infuse some magical energy into it, and slash at the nearby adventurer. Let’s have Marianne deal with the other two.

「Y, you bastard, how dare you lowly porter… Gobuu.」

When I swing my sword down at one of the adventurers, he reacts immediately and takes a stance to block it with his sword, but just before the swords meet, I change my trajectory from a swing to a thrust, and then launch a thrust to his throat. This sensation, he has pretty good defense. However, the thrust shatters the bone and cuts the blood vessels in his throat. Now, this guy is probably incapable of fighting, too. One of the remaining adventurers jumps at me. Three of them are already on the verge of death, so with this, Marianne will be in a one-on-one fight and I doubt she will lose against him.

The man who slashes at me has fairly impressive strength and speed, but in terms of swordsmanship level, it seems that I am the superior one. Apparently, the proficiency level of swordsmanship of general adventurers is quite low. I have been crossing swords with knights and honing my swordsmanship since I was a child, after all. After exchanging blows for a while, using body and weapon enhancements, I cut halfway through his wrist, making him drop his sword.

「Uaaaaaah~, you bastard, you bastard, damn it!」

I slash at his thighs to render him immobile and take a look at Marianne’s side. The opposing man seems to have died, but Marianne is also totally exhausted. She must have used too much magical energy.

I try to swing my sword at the last remaining man.

「Wait a minute. A daughter, I have a daughter. Please. Without me….」

「What does you having a daughter have to do with the five of you raping a woman?」

「Ugh, that’s… My bad, as you can see….」

I swing my sword down and send the man’s head flying. After that, I take their weapons and belongings. I doubt Marianne will need them, after all. I get eight large silver coins for money and eleven potions in total. Five shields and five swords. Passable fruits of labor, I guess. My level seems to have gone up, too.

Marianne is breathing heavily. I get the feeling that her legs are shaking a little. The image I had of her was that she was the kind of person who would kill people with impunity, but maybe this is the first time she has ever killed someone. It is also possible that the memory of being raped by the prince has come back to her.

「Marianne-sama, shall we go back?」

「… Mmm. Let’s go back.」

Marianne is sporting an indifferent look on her face. Hmm, I wonder if she is just pretending to be tough. I cannot make it out. After arriving at the campground, we take a rest and it is time for dinner. I take some frog meat out of my storage and start grilling it. I end up eating more than three servings, but no one complains about it. We have plenty of meat, after all. Marianne is silent the whole time.

After dinner is over, I set up my duckboard bed. Haa, I wonder if there will be any service today. As expected, maybe the fear of being raped is not something that can be overcome so easily.

「Sei, come in.」

「Yes, ma’am!」

Getting called by Marianne, I help her bathe in the tent as usual. As expected, she seems to be in low spirits. Hmm, it is hard for me to watch. After getting out of the bath, contrary to my expectations, I get to serve her with my mouth as usual. As usual, Marianne reaches climax over and over again for more than an hour, muffling her voice as she clutches onto the sheets and jerks her hips about.

「Haa, haa, phew~, you’re doing great, Sei… You did well today, after all. Let me give you a reward. I’ll allow you to be on top.」

Apparently, she is letting me do it in the missionary position. Truthfully speaking, I would love to pound this shapely ass of hers with all my might from behind, but as expected, I doubt she will allow me to. I switch to the missionary position and put my meat rod into her.

「Aah~, Sei, come over here just like that.」

I stick my face and body close to Marianne’s. I wonder if she will get angry if I kiss her. No, I guess I would be killed. With our bodies glued to each other, I gently stimulate the deepest part of Marianne’s vagina over and over again. Marianne wraps her hands around my back and clings to me tightly. Truthfully speaking, it hurts, but without saying any complaints, I repeatedly move my meat rod in and out of her vagina.

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, haan, ahn, aaaaaaaah~」

Her vagina is overflowing with nectar, tightening up and clamping down on me. I am itching to ejaculate already, but I use body manipulation to hold back until I get permission to do so. When Marianne’s vagina twitches as she reaches climax, I stop moving, and when it subsides a moment later, I resume the paused pistoning again. After an hour or so, I finally get permission.

「Sei, you’re doing great, now give me your seed.」

「Yes, I am coming.」

With the tip stuck firmly against the deepest part of her vagina, I shoot out my semen one shot after another, dumping my sperm into the deepest part of her vagina. *splurt, splurt* The sperm shoots out vigorously, but it overflows from the vagina, which has tightened up and is squeezing on me, one after another. When the ejaculation is over, Marianne ends up going limp, so I take her into the bathtub in a princess carry and clean her body. After getting out of the bathtub and putting on a negligee, she ends up falling asleep soundly.

I get out of the tent and soak in the hot water. From beginning to end, Marianne said only a few words. Perhaps because the memory of being raped had come back to her, or perhaps because she had killed someone for the first time, she might have been seized by solitude. She doesn’t seem to have anyone she can talk to about the fact that she got raped either, after all. It is also possible that she was simply tired. Or maybe all of them. With these thoughts in mind, I go to bed and fall asleep.



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