The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 4



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The situation turned into some sort of hearing, but with the help of the receptionist, Milia, who explained my circumstance, I had an early release.
It was then I had the freedom to eat one of the two skewers the stall owner gave me. Its sauce soaked into my tastebuds and the taste of the meat sizzled and spread through my whole mouth, the sensation made me grin like a toddler.
「Old man, this tastes fantastic! 」
「Of course! This is where my stall is every day, come around. I’ll charge you next time though! 」

The stall owner replied with a laugh while looking at me engrossed in eating the roasted skewer.
Kokuyou out of the blue took a huge bite of the other skewer I was holding.
「Hey! Not so fast! 」

Half of the skewer was already in his mouth.
I had no choice but to bring the rest of the skewer closer to him, and he happily chewed on it.

「I thought horses were… herbivores… 」

I ate the rest of my skewer leisurely next to Kokuyou.
The guild staff had explained to me that the situation earlier happened because Kokuyou did not have the proof of a familiar, as such I decided to put the necklace I was given on him.
「Kokuyou, this is something like an evidence of a contract with me. Can I put it around your neck? 」

To prove he understood what I was saying Kokuyou lowered his head so that the necklace would be easy to put on.
I placed the necklace around his neck and the necklace automatically adjusted its length. I brought the bangle on my left hand to the top of the pendant on the necklace; the pendant glowed a little and with that the familiar registration was completed.
「Okay, that should be all. It’s almost evening, let’s go to the inn I was told about 」

I lightly stroked Kokuyou’s neck and walked with him trotting behind me.
The inn Milia told me about was on the same side of the city as the guild and faced the gate.
The inn is called『 Fox’s Tail Pavilion 』and has a sign with an image of a fox’s tail hanging above its door.

When I opened the door and stepped inside, there was a dining room and a reception, and an elderly fox beastman.
(There are even beastmen here…. This might be the most exciting thing about this world)
「Come in. Are you dining? Or staying the night? 」
「Staying the night please. And I’ve got a familiar with me 」
「Familiar huh? There’s a beast house in the back- Oh, Ramey, show him the way」

The voice of the beastwoman at the reception desk made a beastwoman waitress of the same kind, who is in her teens, in the hall to look up.
「Yes, mom. Ah, mister, I’ll show you around 」

I walked out with Ramey, who is in her mid-teens, and she is astonished to see Kokuyou.
「Oh! It’s an Obsidian Battlehorse, are you a high-ranked adventurer mister? 」
「No…. I just finished registering as an adventurer earlier… 」

I replied with a chuckle, Ramey smiled at my words, as she stroked Kokuyou. Kokuyou did not seem to mind the pleasant rub.
「I’ll give you a place to sleep over here and I’ll make you a nice dinner later 」

Ramey led off and Kokuyou followed her obediently, perhaps understanding her words.
I was walking with him behind her, and we came to a beast house for about four animals, and no one else seemed to be around.
「There are no other familiars today, so you can relax, okay? Some familiars when they get here feel intimidated by the other beasts 」

I nodded in affirmation to Ramey, who explained with a smile. I honestly didn’t understand…..
The two of us returned back to the inn and Ramey notified her mother.
「Well then, please check in. With a familiar, it’ll cost you one silver coin and fifty coppers per night 」
「…I’ll be staying for ten nights for now, please 」

I placed the fifteen silver coins I had taken out of Dimensional Storage, inconspicuously, on the counter and she handed me a key and a notebook in exchange.
「I am going to need you to book me every day. Your room is at the far end of the hall. Dinner will be ready soon. Drop your stuff and come downstairs 」

I wrote down Touya in the ledger, and when I received the key, I replied lightly before heading upstairs, to the room number depicted on the key.

The room wasn’t that big, but the bed was covered with clean sheets and a closet was provided.

I got back from my room quickly because all of my stuff was already stored in Dimensional Storage. I went down to the dining room.

A few people were already there, eating and having drinks.

I sat down and Ramey, who was waitressing, came over with a tray.
「Touya-san, today’s special is orc stew. Basically, meals are served in the morning and at night. But the drinks are not included! Do you want some alcohol? 」

I received the menu list from Ramey, but I did not understand the food items on it, so I asked for a pluck to go with the ale which was listed at the top.

An ale and a small plate were placed on the table soon after and I took a sip of the ale right away.
「Lukewarm…… I guess this is how they make it in this world… But anyway, what’s my next move….. 」

I was still anxious about living alone in this world where I had no one to turn to and no acquaintance.

Tomorrow’s expenses will not be a problem since the money from Dimensional Storage can be used as it is. I’ll have to take a request at the Adventurer’s Guild…. If I don’t earn money for provisions, I’ll eventually run out.

As I was thinking about all this while sipping a bit of ale in my lonesome, a plate of food and a loaf of bread was placed in front of me.
「Oh! This is delicious! Very tasty 」
「That’s right~ It’s our pride and joy. I’ve already served your familiar a meal as well 」

Ramey smiled after I praised the food, and walked with a skip in her step to the kitchen. I enjoyed the meal and before I knew it, the plate was empty.
After gulping down the last of my remaining ale and paying for it, I returned to my room.

When I got back to my room, I took off my boots and dove into bed and further thought about what I was going to do.
「I’d like to take a bath but they say only the nobles can use baths… I’ll have to do a little market research, too. Currently I don’t know how much money I have is worth…. Also I need to figure out what to do with the stuff I have in Dimensional Storage. If it comes down to it, I’ll have to sell it, in case I need money… I don’t want to stand out too much though, but I guess it’s just the way of life 」

While looking at the contents of the Dimensional Storage, and thinking about the materials I had collected in the game so far, my consciousness faded.

The next morning, after eating, I went to the guild right away. I asked Kokuyou to stay behind and I headed out on my own. I couldn’t help but stand out if I had an Obsidian Battlehorse that was several times larger than a normal horse with me as I looked around the shops and checked the market prices.

I entered the Adventurer’s Guild and looked at the request form posted on the bulletin board for the E and F ranks, which I could take, and I was suddenly called out from behind.

When I turned around, I found Krada and his companions who had come with me to the city.
「Hey Touya! Looks like you made it through the adventurer registration process without a hitch. Are you looking for an early request? Did you already get those goblin ears cashed in? 」

I shook my head, realizing at Krada’s words that I had not submitted them yet.
「What? You haven’t turned them in yet? The goblins are supposed to be on the request all the time, so you can take them straight to the counter. Look, it’s free right now, go ahead 」

Krada took me to the counter where there was a different receptionist from Milia who had helped me yesterday.
「Help this guy redeem the reward for the goblins he defeated please 」

Krada told the receptionist and quickly went to the bulletin board, I was left alone and I put the bag of goblin ears on the counter.
「I will also need your guild card 」

As I was told I took out my guild card and put it through the reader, while the receptionist was checking the quantity of the materials.
「You must be Touya-sama. I see thirty goblin ears. This will promote you to E-rank. There are five goblins and fifty coppers in a regular request so the total amount is three silver coins 」

…Eh? Isn’t that too much?

The receptionist explained to my dumbfounded self.

「Touya-sama, you were F-rank so the request to subjugate goblins, which is an E-rank request, gets you double points. That’s an amazing achievement for your first subjugation! But since you don’t have a party at the moment, please don’t do anything rash, also from now on, you can take requests for D-rank 」

I felt bad as the receptionist flashed a smile at me, since I did not do anything, Kokuyou was the one who trampled all of them…….

I was given three silver coins and the card, and when I held the card, letters floated onto it, it was now indeed changed to E-rank. However, thanks to Kokuyou kicking the life out the monsters, my level was still at 1.

I then returned to the bulletin board to see about a new request.



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