The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 10



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A New Spark

Natalie went ahead and explained her off-the-wall proposition.

「Look, there’s plenty of room in this house, don’t you think? Besides it’ll be impossible for the three of us to live in my house. And…… 」

Natalie and Char shared a look, and Char nodded silently.

「Char is a…… noble and Al is a knight assigned to protect her. It’s only a matter of guessing what might happen if that is discovered by other people. Also Ferris does not seem against them 」

That’s true, Ferris did give Char a nod earlier. That was a sign that she has no problem with them being in the mansion.
But …….

「Touya-sama, if possible, could you please let us live in this house for a while? I promise to do household chores in return 」

Char’s request accompanied by her determination to help out is hard to refute.
As such, a weak Japanese man in me came out at the sight of the beautiful pleading woman.

「—Okay. If you’ll be living here, can you both register as adventurers? It will make moving in and out of the city a lot easier 」
「Yes! 」
「I understand 」

They nodded without hesitation.

「I have work to do, you know. This would be the perfect time to go fetch…… “that” thing 」

…… The serious conversation concluded with that.
Sighing, I pulled out almond pudding from Dimensional Storage.
I did not just take out one of course, I took out three and placed them in front of each of them.

「This’ll be different from last time. You only get one serving today 」

In advance I warn Natalie because if I don’t she’ll definitely cry for a refill.

「What is this……? 」

Both Char and Al tilt their heads down at what they were suddenly offered, but Natalie’s eyes light up as she holds the pudding plate in her hands in anticipation.

「Sweetness, go ahead and try it. I can’t just serve it to Natalie alone 」

Cautiously, they pick up the spoons that I had provided and while still being wary, they scoop up a bit of the fresh cream of the pudding and bring it to their mouths.

At that moment, a wave of emotions showed on their faces: surprise and pleasure.

「Sweet…… I’ve never had anything this good in my life, not even in the Empire’s city…… 」
「It’s really good…… I can’t think of a time I’ve had anything this sweet」

Natalie nodded at the two surprised girls with crème de la crème of desserts in their mouths.

「You’re right. I lost my house to this sweetness 」
「Hey, don’t misrepresent what happened! 」

Sure, I won the bet, and got the mansion as a prize, but it’s more costly than rent in terms of tax and that is a bitter part of the whole thing.
I criticize mentally; even the tea I’m sipping is making no difference.

The neatly decorated sweets were gone at some point and all six eyes stared at the empty plates and then turned to me covetously.

「No! If you eat too much of it…… You’ll get fat, get it? 」

That managed to shut Char and Al’s greed down.
They placed their spoons on the plates with disappointed expressions.
Natalie also gave up and got up from her chair.

「Touya, please take care of the two of them. I will go prepare for what I must do. I’ll be going back home for a short while 」

She placed the spell book she promised me on the table and whispered something in Char’s ear before leaving the mansion.

With Natalie gone, I called out for Ferris.
Ferris instantly appeared.

「I’ll be around the house for a while Ferris, these two will also be living here. Is that fine with you? 」
「…… Yes…… 」

I confirmed with Ferris, who nodded and looked at them, they were both stunned.

「The house spirit spoke…… 」
「I know, how……? 」

Yes, Natalie had the same reaction. But I don’t really know how to explain it myself since this is also new to me.
The two of them crowd me, but I have questions of my own.
When I can’t give them an answer, they both sigh heavily.

「I understand that Touya-sama is substandard in some ways, it’ll be wise of you not to talk about this matter to anyone else. If word gets out that there is a house spirit here that can talk…… 」
「I’m sure there are nobles who will try to take the house away from you 」
「Yes, that’s right…… 」

It felt like something got stuck in my throat at their words. Who would have thought I have gotten attached to this mansion that much.

I led them to their rooms upstairs after our talk. I explained to them that the room on the far right of the hall was my room and told them they could use any of the other rooms.
Every room in the house is clean, thanks to Ferris’ presence.
It was decided that Char would use the large room at the far end facing mine and Al would use the one next to it.
Even the room Al was using is bigger than the apartment I had in Japan, I sighed remembering that.
We took a tour of the mansion afterwards.
They were impressed by the bath, which they could use at any time.

When we were done, I told them I’m going to the Adventurer’s Guild.
We put off registering the both of them until tomorrow considering the exhaustion of coming to this city.
I told them they were free to take the bath, and left the mansion.

When I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, I called out to Milia who was at the reception desk.

「Ah, Touya-san, welcome back. Have you finished your investigation? What is your report? 」
「About that, there’s something I need to talk to the sub-guildmaster about 」

Sensing the seriousness in my voice, 「Wait here 」, she said and went into the back room.
In a few minutes, she came out with Efland.
「Let’s go to a private room 」

I and Milia were led to a room where about six people could have a meeting and sat down.
「So how was the North Woods……? 」
「I found an orc colony which had an Orc King 」

Efland stood up at that statement.

「What the hell? There is an Orc King out there!? I’ll rally the adventurers as soon as I can 」
「No, I’ve already taken down the King, so it doesn’t matter. More importantly— 」

I took out the two adventurers’ cards and placed them on the table.

「These are the cards of the adventurers who were captured. Unfortunately, it was too late…… I brought back the bodies too 」
「Well, thank you for your help and your time 」

Sighing and sitting back down, Efland picked up the cards and after checking the names handed them to Milia.

「And there’s one more thing. Take a look at this 」

I placed an armour on the table.

「I engaged in battle with soldiers from the— Generate Kingdom 」

「What? 」
「What did you say? 」

They both stood up with more vigour than Efland did before, almost flipping the table over.



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