The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 11



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The Hardship of Being a Guild Staff

Efland stared at the armor after he sat down, and then turned to face me.
「Why did the engagement happen? Can you please explain it to me?」

The look on his face was extremely serious.

「That is because when I was fighting the orcsーーーーーー」

I continued to explain the events after I rescued the two young ladies who were about to be attacked by the orcs, about the soldiers showing up, and about them trying to kill me to hide the fact that they had crossed the border illegally.
I also explained that I currently have the soldiers’ bodies in my Dimensional Storage.
Of course I have no intention of telling him that they were here because of Char and Al.
Efland sighs and lays back in his chair.

「……I see, it can’t be helped then」
「But, sub master, what if……」
「Hm, it seems there is a need to let the lord and the guild master know about this. I can’t just play dumb and let this incident go unnoticed.」

Efland opened his mouth after a moment of silence.

「I’m sorry, please just hold on to the bodies of the soldiers for a bit longer. I will try to sort things out with the higher ups in this town. For now we will take the bodies of the adventurers. 」
「Ok. I can take them out immediately if you show me the place」

After the conversation ended, Efland left his seat and I was guided to the basement by Milia.

「Please put the remains here」

I nodded to Milia and took out both bodies. They were wrapped in with white sheets but the sheets were covered with red spots from their blood.

「Thank you very much, Touya-sama. Their body will be handed to their relatives if they still have their guild cards on them. If they do not have it, they will be buried in the public cemetery」
「Ok. So……how about the materials from the creatures? I have quite a lot on me……」
「Those will go to the warehouse……you might be yelled at again……」

Milia let out a bitter smile instinctively. Because I was stopped by them before for bringing too much material from the creatures I hunt.
When I followed Milia to the warehouse, the warehouse does not seem to have that much material in at the moment.
But Darok, who was at the warehouse, had a terrified look when he saw my face.
「Oi, Milia……Don’t tell me is he……」

Milia nodded to him after hearing that.

「Heyy! You guys! Stop whatever you are doing now and come here」

Three of his staff gathered here after hearing his words.

「Now, Touya, you can take it out now. There is no need to worry. The guild staffs here are able to keep things secret」

I nodded and took out the creature material from my storage one after another.

……Firstly the material from the last battle. While I am at it, why not also the ones from last time.
I was thinking about my storage management while lining up the creatures one by one, then I heard the voice of 「Oooo, amazing!」 by the staff when the materials were stacked up to a small hill.
But, Darok interrupted when I finished stacking up the third hill.

「Wait! Stop right there! No more!! How much do you even have」

The staff were also dumbfounded because it was much more than they expected.

「Milia, that is the limit for today. Hey, you bring some of the magic bags here! And you guys will be working overtime for awhile!」

I pretended that I could not hear any of the complaining voices by the staff at the time. One of the staff was running to get the magic bags.

「Ah I just remembered, I will just take out these last few」

After saying that, I took out the orc general and the orc king which was already sliced in half.

「That is all for now」

I felt satisfied, when I looked towards Darok and he had a few twitching nerves above his eyes.

「……This is a general and king……. Touya, di-did you fight these, all by yourself……?」

Darok sighed heavily after I nodded.

「Milia, the documents for the harvest are going to be after tomorrow. We have to deal with this first. Guys, we start the sorting now!」
「「Let’s do it」」

Milia guided me to a private room after seeing the staff had started their work.

「Touya-sama, please give us some time for payment. Because of that amount…….」
「I don’t mind. I am not in a situation where I need that money urgently」
「As for that incident, I will let you know when the response of the guild is decided, please come by again」
「Sure, I was planning to take a break but, I will come by the guild now and then」
「Understood, thank you」

I said my farewell and left the guild.
Since the residents in the mansion increased I should stock up on the food storage. With those thoughts on my mind, I detoured to the market before I returned to the mansion.

「I’m back」

Ferris was the first one to come out and meet me when I arrived at the mansion.

「……Welcome back, Touya」
「I’m back, Ferris. Are those two still in the dining room? Or are they in their rooms?」

Ferris pointed towards the dining room silently.

「Dining huh, thank you」

I entered the dining room after Ferris nodded as a response.

「I’m back」
「Welcome back, Touya-sama」
「Touya-sama, welcome back!」
「……You are late, Touya」

Natalie who left earlier was back at the dining room.

「Natalie you came back. I reported to the guild. Because all in all, that was still an investigation quest.」

I poured myself a cup of black tea and sat down because they were all having their black tea.

「Is that so, how did the guild react?」
「I reported to them anyway. Only the part of running into soldiers from Generate Kingdom who crossed the broader and got into a fight because they tried to leave no evidence behind」
「……If so, there shouldn’t be any problem. By the way, I decided to stay in this mansion too」

I spouted out the black tea from my mouth from the unexpected words from Natalie.



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