The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 15



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One Special Training

Few hours ago.

I sat at the table facing Char and Al, who have recently started to live in the mansion with me and are newly registered adventurers.
Natalie had already left in the morning in order to open her shop early.
「Touya-sama, I would like to go with Natalie-sama to save our country」
「I get it, but how are you going to save your country when you fled to this city for your life? Counting Al, Natalie and you, that’s only three people. That’s not enough to save a country. Also, Char can you actually fight? 」

I confront Char, who looks determined about her plan, with the brutal reality of her situation.

「Yeah, that’s …… 」
「I will protect you! 」

Al stood up exasperatedly, but that does not solve the problem I want to make clear to them.

「How many soldiers can you take on by yourself, Al? Ten? In the event of war, you’ll be facing off a thousand soldiers, whom you can’t solely rely on normal tactics 」

Al looked defeated as she sat back down with nothing but a 「But….. 」 from her lips.

「So I have a suggestion. Before that though, what are your levels? 」
「I’m 37, thanks to my knight training 」
「…… I’m 5…… 」

Al responds proudly and Char apologetically. Even if Natalie is strong enough to be called a Sage, I don’t think the three of them are anywhere near being able to defeat a whole country.
Moreover, the Generate Kingdom has a Hero in their arsenal.

「I don’t intend to be part of the war, but if it’s okay with you two, I can train you. There are a lot of things I can offer…… 」

Their eyes light up at my words.

「Touya-sama, thank you, thank you, that would be incredible. I want to save my country and my parents 」
「Me too, please. Though, my mother and brother perhaps are safe…… 」
「All right, all right. I’ll help you guys raise your levels. I want you to prepare for a retreat in the forest tomorrow 」
「Yes! 」
The two of them get ready for the forest retreat while I go out to the market to get the ingredients for our meals in the forest.
My habit of buying foodstuffs in bulk is now known to the shopkeepers and they have given up trying to accommodate them for me.
That’s why I take a large bag with me every time and pour the items in there and head in the alleyway to store it in Dimensional Storage.
With the large amount of food that I bought, I made several variations of soups and other dishes when I got home and stored them as well.

Natalie arrived later after that, and I told her we would be holed up in the forest for a while to level up.

「…… Well, you’re both going to have to work hard. I’m going to stay in the shop for the time being. Pity I won’t be able to eat any of Touya’s food though 」

……It’s all about food with her! I nodded with a chuckle.

The following day, early in the morning, the three of us along with Kokuyou made our way out of the city to the forest where monsters roamed.
A little further from the city, I took out the carriage out of Dimensional Storage, they climbed inside, I got on the coachman seat, and Kokuyou pulled us, and we arrived at the entrance of the forest in about two hours.
The Northern Forest has been forbidden to enter by the guild, probably due to the effects of the war and my report of the Generate Kingdom crossing the border. It was convenient for us though, because it means there will not be any other adventurers near.
I took the lead into the trees, followed by Char and Al, towards the inner parts of the forest.
I didn’t put away Kokuyou for now, it might be prudent that I leave him out. I told him to walk in the back and protect the girls.
Kokuyou gave a single 「Bururu「 and got behind Al.
They were both a little confused by this, I think it’s because they are reminded of the time they were encircled by orcs.

「You are going to save your country, aren’t you? Can you save it by shrinking down like that? 」

I called out to them, and they gritted their teeth and nodded vigorously.
On the way, we stopped in an open area in the forest.

「—This is…… 」
「Yeah, this where the orc colony used to be. We’ll be using this place as a base for your training. First let me do this…… 」

Walking to a flat ground, I took out a house from Dimensional Storage.
It’s a typical Japanese two-story house.
「This is our base of operations, right? This where you’ll both— 」

Their jaws dropped to the ground, this is not the normal way to be surprised, I was also taken aback by it.

「…… Al, have you ever seen anybody put a house in Dimensional Storage……? 」
「…… Never…… I have never seen that before 」
「I see…… What the Natalie-sama teaching him…… 」

I called out to the two perplexed girls, who were amazed by the house materializing in front of them.

「Both of you, get inside for now. We’ll talk inside 」

「Ah, yes…… 」

They followed me into the house.

「Oh, leave your shoes at the door over there, no shoes allowed inside 」
「Okay…… 」

They took off their boots and stepped into the house barefooted.
On the first floor, there is a kitchen, a water closet, a dining room, and a living room, and up the stairs to the second floor, there are four western style rooms of about six tatami mats.
I let out a sigh as I walked into the living room, a Japanese house that was completely untouched by the otherworldly elements.
The two following behind me seem out of their element though.
There was no particular decoration, the wallpaper is plain white, and there are no artefacts in the house.
The dining room and living room are about twenty tatami mats in size.
I motioned for them to sit on the chairs that were already set.
I sat down in the chair, opposite to Char and Al’s, who sat side-by-side.

「…… First, as before, don’t mention anything about this house to anybody either 」
「…… Yes, of course…… 」
「I won’t say anything 」

They nod, and I continue to speak.

「Now what we have to get your equipment ready. I will lend you mine. But you’ll have to return it once we get back to town. I just want you to understand that 」
「Okay 」
「For equipment, Char since you’re a …… Spirit Mage? That’s the same as a regular Mage right? 」
When they registered as adventurers, they had received their job titles as well. Spirit mages are rare, and I recall Milia was surprised as well.
In the game, there was no such job, but I can understand the idea of what it is.
I know that there are spirits in this world, and I have a grasp on that subject by having a house spirit Ferris.

「Yes, there is not much difference, in my case I ask the spirits to help me bring out the same effect as normal magic 」

If that is so…… Then this will do.
From Dimensional Storage, I pull out a robe and place it on the table.

「This is a piece of equipment that will reduce your magic consumption. It also has plenty of defence 」

These are the robe and wand that I got after the event in the game. The robe halves the amount of magic consumptions and the wand has the effect of power enhancement.
The white robe is decorated with a golden thread, and it’s an abject that can be recognized as high-class item by anyone who sees it. However I got it when I was less that level 100, it was not useful to me, so I kept in the storage avatar, me.

However, when she heard of the effect of the equipment, Char’s jaw hit the floor.
It goes without saying that Al, sitting next to her, was the same.



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