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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 19



Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

Spirit Crystal

When we arrived at the guild, we were immediately greeted by Milia.
「Touya-san, he’s already waiting for you. Follow me」
We trailed Milia to the private room where she knocked once and a voice came from the inside giving permission to enter, and she opened the door.
Inside, Efland was alone and sitting in a chair. We took our seats across from him.
「Sorry to call you out in this manner」
「No, no. It’s not a problem」
「I’ll cut to the chase. Yesterday, I told them about that armour. And they have been pressuring me to hand over someone from the Lunette Empire even if they are not the royal family. If they are not delivered—forceful measures will be taken…… So those two are the ones?」
The girls tensed up at Efland’s inquiry.
「As I said yesterday. I will not hand them over」
Efland smiled a little.
「…… Not like I’m surprised that you’d say that.— Just a heads up though, the lord and our guild master are planning on sending out troops to capture the two of them」
「Are you sure it’s fine for you to be telling us this?」
「This is a nice city but the lord and the guild master are an unredeemable pair and they would gladly sell you out if there is pressure from another country. You have been fun to have around and honestly I wouldn’t like us to turn against each other, also I would like to keep the other adventurers safe if possible」
「…… Is that so?」
「Well, you can take it as you will. The messenger from the Generate Kingdom should still be in town. Stay out of sight. That’s all I’m saying.」
I nodded and held out my right hand to Efland.
「Thanks for everything. I appreciate it 」
Efland smiles at me and shakes my hand firmly.
We left the guild and returned to the mansion.
「That man is very fond of you, isn’t he ……? 」
「Yeah, I’m indebted to him. I wasn’t expecting him to go so far for us」
「We’d better get ready to leave the city」
We had this discussion on our way back to the mansion, where when we got there, I took some time to myself to think of what to do about this situation.
I don’t mind leaving this city. However…….
I look at Ferris, who is standing in the corner of the room.
Ferris as a House Spirit cannot leave the house she has settled in.
— Does that mean I will have to leave her here?
This is not something I can decide right away.
The sun can be seen through the window, setting, as I meditate on my problems, which I am unable or should I say, don’t want to answer.
「I’m home!」
Natalie’s voice echoes in the hall, confirming that she is back from her shop.
Why are you still staying here?
I ask myself this as I look at her entering the living room.
「Natalie, I have a question. Is there a way for House Spirits to leave the house?」
She frowns at me as she tilts her head. Perhaps I have asked a silly question.
「Of course it’s possible. But under one condition…… Everyone knows that」
「Really? How is it done?」
I stand up, grabbing Natalie’s shoulders as I see a glimmer of hope.
「Touya, you’re hurting me! Char knows more about it than I. Char explain it to him」
Char nods.
「Touya-sama, to move House Spirits, something called a Spirit Crystal is used. However they are rarely mined. Only two are kept in the Lunette Empire and treated as National Treasures. We used them to loan House Spirits to nobles, and are strictly guarded」
「—National Treasure huh. Do you know where I can get any……?」
They all shake their heads apologetically.
「……I see…..」
Natalie, seeing me depressed, as if remembering, asks me.
「Touya, you have a lot of items in your storage. Isn’t this the perfect time to pull another surprise from it?」
「…… Yeah? Spirit? Maybe I do?」
I search for an item in Dimensional Storage in my mind.
「I found something……」
I take out a necklace from Dimensional Storage.
The name of this necklace is 「Spirit Crystal Necklace」. It’s an item needed to enter the dungeon in the Spirit Forest in the game. It was only an item that could grant access to the dungeon.
It has a mithril chain with a blue glowing stone wrapped in mithril as well.
「Ferris. Can you stay in this necklace?」
Ferris looks closely at it.
「If it’s you wearing it, it might be okay……」
I quickly hung the Spirit Crystal Necklace around my neck and Ferris approached the stone, and touched it and got sucked into it.
And just like that, she reappeared.
「Yes, it’s okay. I can feel Touya’s magical power in the stone and it’s comfortable」
Hearing that, I couldn’t help myself and lifted Natalie up in a hug.
「Natalie, you’re a genius!」
「What are you doing!?」
Natalie’s voice echoed through the living room, her face red as a tomato.



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