The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 20



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Natalie’s Level

I now feel ready to tell them about what I came up with.
「I think it’s better if you leave the city right away. You have raised your levels enough. I’ve also decided that I’ll be travelling with you back to your country」
They are naturally surprised.
「Do you mean it?」
「Yes, I’ll be coming with you」
They stood up and lowered their heads deeply.
「Thank you, Touya-sama ……」
「Thank you, Touya-san」
We will be leaving tomorrow but first we had to gather some supplies for the journey, on top of the other items I already have like tents.
As I was ready to turn in early, in preparation for tomorrow, Natalie called me.
「Touya, first of all I would like to thank you and also give this to you. This is something I have studied for years but still cannot decipher…… Maybe you can find a way……」
She said so as she took out a book and placed it on the table.
「……This is the book that was left behind by a Hero summoned hundreds of years ago. I don’t know what it contains though. I obtained it while I was a Court Mage in the Empire.」
I picked up the book and turned the cover.
The text—
It’s Japanese.
I turned more pages, blown away, but trying to keep my cool.
This is apparently a journal containing a wide range of information about events and magic recorded by the person since they arrived in this world.
Natalie speaks up while I continue to read it.
「…… Young priest, you can read it……?」
「…… Oh, yes, I can」
The three girls look at me astonishingly.
「Touya, are you a Hero……?」
I shook my head at Natalie, who asked in a strained voice.
「No, I’m not a Hero. The Hero is the man who was summoned by Generate Kingdom after me. I…… was summoned by mistake, and cast out because I am a Recovery Priest , no, I should say, “Sage”, now」
「What!?…… You are a Sage!?」
Char and Al looked puzzled by Natalie’s shock.
「Natalie-sama, what is a Sage……? You call yourself that don’t you?」
Natalie nodded at Char.
「I see the reason for your confusion. My actual job is『Mage』, but I call myself a『Sage』 because my years of experience have given me a higher level than any other Mage. But my job is not a Sage. Touya, are you really a Sage?」
I silently nod at her and she surprises me by suddenly jumping up on me, holding onto my robe.
「Touya! How did you do it? How did you become a Sage? The only thing I know about is what I read in the ancient book in my Elven homeland,『Sage is the peak of wisdom』. I have dedicated myself to achieving it for many years, and the people around me began to tell me that it was an impossible achievement…… That I won’t be able to become a Sage. Tell me …… how to do it …….」
She has her head buried in my chest with tears streaming down her face as she struggles to ask me the question. I gently stroke her head.
「Calm down a bit. I’ll explain it to you……」
I took a sip of tea to wet my throat, and then began to explain.
「You understand the level system of this world, don’t you? To be a Sage, there are conditions. You have to—」
I tell her about the requirement of reaching the maximum level of her current job, that when it is reached, a 「Job Change」 screen will appear, allowing her to change to a higher job..
In my case, I was able to switch to a Sage when I reached my maximum level as a Recovery Priest and a Mage.
I tell her that after her job change, her level will revert to 1, so she’ll need to level up from the beginning. But the physical abilities will stay the same.
Also the only jobs to change to are dependent on the type of job currently held.
「— That’s how far I know」
Natalie’s body was shaking as she listened closely to the explanation.
She had a glee on her face as she looked into my eyes.
「…… Touya, at your age, you’re incredible to have gone through such a daunting training……」
…… No, sorry to disappoint but I have been using a cheat item. An outrageous 100 times the experience ring.
「I have been battling monsters…… for over hundred years and now finally at level 72. It was a lot of hard work to get this far. I did not want to change jobs, only to start over at a lower level…… But thanks to you, I now know how it really works!」
Unlike Natalie, who smiles, both Char and Al have dark expressions on their faces. And I also feel bad for her.
Natalie immediately noticed the look on our faces.
「……. What’s wrong with the three of you ……? 」
She looks at us intently.
Yeah, I told her a lot but not everything.
Is it a good thing to tell her though?
Before I could react, Al had already spoken up.
「Natalie-sama is level 72? I’ve heard my father is level 55」
「Well, that little boy is the strongest in the whole Empire」
「Um…… Actually I am level 72 and Char is level 74, right?」
Natalie’s face paled and she turned to me slowly, with her neck cracking like rusted gears.
The glee from her eyes was no longer there, replaced instead by, envy.
She slammed the table with her hands and stood up, then leapt on me, again.
「Why the hell do they have such high levels!?」
Her voice shrieked into every room in the mansion, again.



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