The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 1



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Our Destination

「We should be able to see the city soon 」

I nodded at Al, and let go of the reins so Kokuyou could  run free, in anticipation.

When we got to the top of the hill, the scenery below was— a swarm of soldiers like ants, all heading to the city.

「!? Everyone! The city is under attack! 」

My words as they should, startled the three passengers in the carriage and they peeked out through the small window.

There were thousands of soldiers, perhaps even close to ten thousand. There was still some distance before they could reach the city gates but that was only in a matter of time. Within the city walls, citizens were lined up at the gate, ready to defend themselves.

The difference in their numbers was too great though and the Generate Kingdom soldiers will break the gate in less than half a day.

「Touya-sama! The city of Lian! 」

「Yes, I know! 」

Char shouted in a panic, as I tried to come up with what our move should be.

Can the four of us make it through this many soldiers……? It might be possible if we really put our minds to it but there’s also the possibility it will do more harm to us. It’s not like we have an endless supply of  magical power to deal with this many soldiers.

I looked down at the soldiers as they rushed towards Lian, troubled. 

A little further back, there were a group of about a hundred soldiers who had taken position to watch the battle.

…… That is it. It must be there.

「That’s where we will attack 」

I pointed at the group of soldiers that was in the back.

「But the gate will be…… 」

「We can’t take on that many at once. That’s why we will have to hit the commander over there「

「You mean take the head 」

「Yeah, that’s right 」

Al was a little unconvinced, but Natalie understood immediately.

I took out our gear.

We can’t afford to leave anything to chance so I took the best equipment I could think of from Dimensional Storage and told the three of them to equip themselves.

Natalie’s eyes widened as she noticed the equipment.

「This equipment……. Touya…… Who the hell are you really…….? 」

「Let’s not worry about that at the moment 」

I drove Kokuyou down to a hidden place from the soldiers and in five minutes we were prepared to attack.

「Natalie, you take the left side of the commander’s podium, Char, you take the right. Al, you hold the reins of Kokuyou. Don’t worry about Kokuyou, he’ll be fine. If you two are under attack take cover 」

「What about you Touya-san? 」

「I’ll be…… shooting my magic from right here 」

I pointed to the top of the carriage. Any other person might be knocked off by Kokuyou’s speed.

I said to Kokuyou as I patted his neck, 「I am counting on you bud 」.

Kokuyo looked excited, as if he could not wait to overrun the soldiers who spread out in the field down the hill.

「If you’re hurt, tell me right away! I’ll take care of your healing 」

「「Yes !」」

「All right, then. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a war. I’ll show them why I was called The Sage of Twilight 」

Everyone was ready and in position.

「Kokuyou,  you’re up! 」

With that signal, Kokuyou began to run. His speed increased with every step and he continued in a single direction towards his goal.

Down the hill he went.

The soldiers heading for Lian had not noticed us behind them.

…… Almost there.

I put magical power into my hands.  I’ll hit them with a big attack and let Kokuyou plunge into them in the confusion.

The commander in the rear had noticed our carriage running down the meadow hill, and his soldiers hurried into a formation.

They all had weapons and were busily preparing to attack us.

The distance between us and the soldiers began to close.

「I’ll attack first! Take care of the confusion! 」

「Yes! 」

「Leave it to us!  」

Although the soldiers had their weapons they did not seem to be coming for us, perhaps they were unsure whether we were friend or foe.

When the distance was no more than a hundred metres, I unleashed my magic.

『Flaming Tornado: Firestorm 』

A tornado of flames about 20 metres high enveloped the army of soldiers.

The soldiers went into a frenzy when they were suddenly engulfed in flames.

「Touya, you can already use that advanced spell!? You are indeed a Sage. I will not lose though! 」

『At my command, flames gather and burn the enemies before me. Flame Thrower 』

「My turn! 」

『Spirits of Fire. Lend me your strength and vanquish the enemy before me!  』

The two of them also shot out fire magic. Combined with their panic and now two more advanced attack spells, the soldiers had no chance of escaping.

They were wrapped in flames and they collapsed one by one.

「Kokuyou! Run them through! 」

Kokuyou followed my command and proceeded to step over the fallen soldiers.

And then I saw him.

The commander in an exceptional armour screaming his head off.

There were only a few guards around him.

I create about twenty fireballs and shoot them at the soldiers around him.

「Take care of the rest. I’ll go get the commander! 」

I jumped down from the carriage, took out my Buster Sword, and ran through the soldiers who were already doomed from my magic attack.

Only three of them had guarded themselves with their shields, but I easily cut them down with my sword.

Then the commander was left exposed.

「You people must be insane! I’m — 」

With a kick to his chest that sent him flying I cut his speech short.

He rolled over and tried to stand up, that is when I stomped on his back and put my sword to his neck.

「You’re the commander, aren’t you? If you keep quiet, I won’t take your life……. However, if you resist – 」

I put the tip of my sword to his neck and cut it lightly.

He was terrified, maybe because of the pain, he quickly nodded his head several times.

「Well, let’s get the soldiers out of here first, shall we? 」

The commander’s expression darkened as I smiled at him.



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