The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 14 Part 1



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Volume 3 Chapter 14 Part 1


It was a spell meant solely for destruction.

A single large, burning red meteor fell from the sky, heading straight towards the gates.

It would be inappropriate to unleash it on a city due to its sheer size, but it was perfect for destroying large gates.

Everyone looked up at the red meteor shining in the dark night sky.

By the time the meteor came crashing down with a thundering sound, the soldiers had all run away.

As they ran, they threw their weapons while screaming.

The meteor landed straight on the gates, which had been evacuated. The sound and tremors of the destruction resounded around the entire capital.

Dust rose high into the sky and covered my vision. The overwhelmingly hot winds stung my skin.

I couldn’t proceed in a state like that where I couldn’t see. I signalled for Kokuyou to stop the carriage for a while.

「…………Touya…… What……who are you?」

Perhaps it was a straightforward question. I had said that I was the only one who could break through them directly, but in fact the spell I had cast was something that was beyond the realm of an ordinary mage.

It’s because I’m a Sage that I could bear that much magical energy and withstand the might of such a spell. I had hidden much of my true potential, but I just couldn’t stand to fail my task and regret it because of that.

They say that cats often hide their claws, but I believe that there’s no point in losing a game by continuing to hide my own abilities. One should use ample force depending on the situation.

I preferred to finish the request as soon as possible and take things easy after that.

We couldn’t move on if things went on as they were. I used a water spell to lower the temperature and force the dust away. The flow of the water was so strong that it also carried some of the debris away.

What I finally saw was……

「– Touya, don’t you think you overdid it……?」


Not only the gates, but even the outer walls were destroyed as well. The doors themselves were probably shattered to bits, as I saw no trace of them remaining.

All I saw was a mountain of debris.

「How are we going to get through……」

Don’t rub it in. Even I think that I might have overdone it, just a little.

「A-anyway, let’s hurry up and get out of the capital.」

I focused my thoughts on our escape, blocking out Alice’s words from my mind.

Fortunately, some of the debris had been moved by my water spell. It seemed like there was enough space for a single carriage to get through.

I took over the driving from Alice, and made Kokuyou run. The soldiers in front of the gates had already gone, and we were able to pass through immediately.

「Alright, we’ve escaped from the Imperial Capital. Now we just have to head for Lian–」

After making through the gates, what greeted our sight was —

— A garrison of Generate Kingdom soldiers. There were still many soldiers surrounding the gates from the outside, staying on alert around their tents.

The soldiers wielded weapons and stood at attention. Even though it was late at night, anyone would wake up from the sound of that impact.

There were less than a hundred soldiers. They had gathered and many of them were at the ready.

「Touya…… What should we do?」

I nodded to Alice, who was looking at me fearfully.

I made Kokuyou run while preparing to fire spells consecutively.

Fortunately, there weren’t any spellcasters among the soldiers. Those wielding swords were helpless against Kokuyou.

They had come charging against my B-Rank Obsidian Battlehorse, but soon all of them ran away in fear. The crowd had scattered, and we took the opportunity and went through quickly.

My Battlehorse was able to pull the carriage with him.

We made it through the soldiers without being pursued.

「We’re heading straight for Lian!」

We left the soldiers behind us, and made our way to Lian on the carriage.


We had safely escaped the Imperial Capital, riding the carriage attached to Kokuyou towards Lian at full speed.

I’m sure the Emperor would forgive me for the destruction I’d left behind.

Kokuyou is on a totally different level compared to normal horses. As if he knew what I’d expected from him, he kept running without pause, closing in a whole day a distance that would normally take a few days.

And then, we saw a few thousand troops who had set up camp.

「Touya! What’s that!?」

We could see the soldiers from afar. The flags at their tents were not of the Generate Kingdom, but of the Lunette Empire.

「That’s…our allies.」

With my enhanced vision, I recognized the flags as those of the Lunette Empire without a doubt.

That’s good. I’m glad that I had asked Gaulus to march the Empire’s soldiers here.

However, what the soldiers saw was a Battlehorse pulling a carriage.

It was definitely suspicious to them. They seemed to be on guard against us, shuffling towards us cautiously.

However, the Emperor was in this carriage. I couldn’t slow down.

After about three hundred meters, I slowed Kokuyou down and headed to where the soldiers had gathered.

The Lunette Empire soldiers remained on alert, with their swords and spears ready.

There was a simple fence surrounding the camp, and there were about a hundred men who came before us.

「Where did you people come from!?」

One of the soldiers called out to us loudly.

「I’m Touya. I accepted a request from Gaulus, and I’ve successfully completed it! The Imperial Family is inside.」

The soldiers cheered in response.

The crowd slowly made way for the carriage as if welcoming us, and led us into the middle.

We proceeded further and stopped at the biggest tent.

Gaulus, Char, Al, and Natalie were all waiting outside the tent.

「Master Touya!」

Char jumped at me with joy.

「W-wait a second!」

I caught Char who embraced me with her arms wrapped around me and her face pressed against my chest.

「I knew you’d come back safely. You’re the best.」

She moved her head back and looked up at me.

My heart skipped a beat.

「– You’re hugging another girl while I’ve been next to you this whole time?」

Alice looked at me coldly.

With Char still embracing me, I stepped off the coach seat and opened the carriage doors.

The Imperial Family alighted from the carriage slowly and gracefully.

Everyone knelt down and bowed their heads.

「Your Majesty…… We’re glad you’re safe.」

The Emperor smiled in response to Gaulus.

「Gaulus, you have my gratitude for your efforts. I was able to safely escape from the capital thanks to you, Alice, and Master Touya especially…… How long are you going to embrace my daughter, Master Touya?」

Char seemed to come back to reality, and let go of me.

「– I’m so glad you’re safe, Father. And you too, Mother, Eulin……」

「You have done well too, Char. However, you seemed more worried about Master Touya than us……」

The Emperor said with a smile. Char’s face turned red.

「Oh my. I wonder when that started……」

Even the Empress was teasing us.

……Please stop that. And what’s with that look……? It’s just as if she was looking at me like prey.

And Alice seems quiet……



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