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The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 16



Translator: Cryus

Editor: ryunakama

Volume 3 Chapter 16

The imperial gates lay in ruins.
Not only Gaulus, but Charlotte, Natalie, and Altria also flew into a rage.
What was once the gates of entry into the imperial capital had been beautifully decorated. Everyone would pass through while looking up at it in awe.
And not a single trace of it remained.
Gaulus and the others were not the only ones enraged. The soldiers, too, saw that the imperial gates that had symbolized their nation were destroyed, and similarly expressed their anger.
Among the crowd, only one person broke out in a cold sweat.

— It was Alice.

Although it was done to let the royalty escape, Touya did destroy the gates.
Even after taking a second look, all she could say was「No matter how you see it, he went too far……」

「To think……that our once beautiful gates were reduced to this…… Unforgivable.」
「This is just too much. I’ll never forgive Generate Kingdom!」
「These gates that held so many memories…… They will pay for this!」

Each person expressed their anger as they saw what remained of the gates.
Alice was the only one who knew the truth. Although she could just let them push the blame on Generate Kingdom, there were other members of royalty besides Char who knew about it, so it would come to light later anyway. Believing that it was best to tell the truth, she raised her hand timidly.

「Um…… I’m sorry…… This is hard for me to say…… But those gates………… Touya destroyed them!」

In response to her words, everyone’s gaze focused on her.
Alice felt perplexed as everyone glared at her intensely. Usually, she was full of jokes, but she couldn’t find it in herself to tell any jokes in the face of their stares.

「U-um…… He stood alone against 100 soldiers……to let the royalty escape. And to run away, he had no choice…… I’m sorry!」

Alice was not to blame, but she bowed her head profusely in her guilt for having accompanied Touya.

「Heheh, Touya, huh…… He would be capable of this……」
「That is the extent of Touya’s power? I knew I was right about him……」

Gaulus and Natalie smiled with glee and crossed their arms.

「Speaking of Touya, what is he doing now, Gaulus? It seems that you know what’s going on……」
「I don’t know the details, but he should already be inside the imperial capital. Probably going around for His Majesty’s requests, in his own way. He did insist on not participating in the war, after all.」
「Hmm, I see…… He is easily influenced, but he is also tenacious. That’s why he’ll become my son-in-law.」
「Natalie-sama, Touya-sama is my husband!」

「That’s right. And he’s also my husband!」

Charlotte and Altria raised their voices in protest of Natalie.

「That sounds great…… I want to be a part of it too……」
「「NO WAY!」」

Charlotte and Altria shot down Alice’s wish immediately.

「Isn’t it alright, Char? I’m already of age, and yet… I have confidence in my style too, you know……」

Alice proudly held up her breasts, to which Charlotte responded with a scowl.

「That’s exactly why you can’t! If Touya-sama becomes mesmerized by your charming body……」

Charlotte rebutted, feeling threatened by Alice’s adult charisma.

「That’s enough. We must now focus on the enemy before us.」

Gaulus sighed and chided them.
He was dumbfounded at how they were fighting over Touya when they were about to retake the capital, with the enemy present there.
Reminded of the situation, Charlotte and the others became silent.

With both sides forming up to threaten each other, the soldiers of the Lunette Empire prepared to charge into battle on command.
As they waited impatiently for Gaulus’s command, a young man made his way through the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom.
Even though this was a battlefield, the young man wore no helmet to cover his golden hair, wore elegant clothes, and did not even have a sword on him.
Despite that, he challenged the soldiers of the Lunette Empire with a relaxed expression.

「You have done well to come this far, remnants of the Lunette Empire! My name is Russet von Generate, Third Prince of the Generate Kingdom!」

The young man who commanded the army that occupied the imperial capital was the Third Prince.
Gaulus and the soldiers focused their attention on him alone.

If they captured him, the war would be over, they thought.

「My, such an intense look in your eyes. It’s true that if I were to be captured, the Generate Kingdom would be forced to retreat. However, I have no intention of being captured so easily, nor do I wish to at all. You there!」

Upon Russet’s words, the commander behind him nodded and gave his orders.
One by one, hostages were brought out through the crowd of soldiers, with their hands bound and their bodies tied to one another.
Each one of them wore tattered clothes. Their faces were covered in dirt, and their gazes were cast downwards.
There were about 50 of them. More than half of them were beastmen, but there were humans among the hostages as well.
Perhaps having been treated violently, many of them walked with staggering steps. There were even some who were violently brought to their knees and fell to the ground.
The hostages were lined up in front of the soldiers and made to kneel on the spot.
Gaulus bit his own lips as he stared at Russel, who was looking down upon the hostages with a satisfied expression.
He clenched his fist so hard that his nails dug into his own skin, causing it to bleed.
The same went for the soldiers of the Lunette Empire.
In the Lunette Empire, hostages were to be treated with some degree of care and respect, even if they belonged to the enemy. It was because such acts were not allowed, that their anger was boundless.

「See? These are the people who defied me and tried to cause a commotion in the imperial capital. The work of a failed conspiracy hatched by mere adventurers!」

Russet smiled wickedly. From behind him, a man walked out while rubbing his hands together.

「It is outrageous to go against the prince. All I have done is impart vital information as the Guildmaster Representative to Prince Russel, the governor of the imperial capital.」

The person over there with his head bowed deeply was the Sub-Guildmaster Grucia, who was now the Guildmaster Representative.

「Thanks to your vital information, I was able to erect this meat wall. Thus, I shall recommend you for the position of the next Guildmaster.」

「Ooh! I am most grateful, Prince Russet. If you have any further need of me, please give me your orders and I shall carry them out right away!」

Happy with Grucia’s words, Russet laughed out loud.
Watching the sight unfold before them, the soldiers of the Lunette Empire were so angry, it seemed as if they could explode in a rage at any time.
However, even though they were just adventurers, they were raised in the Lunette Empire, and they worked to contribute to their country.
The soldiers couldn’t just leave them to their fate, but they could do nothing but watch and wait as the adventurers suffered.

「Oh, what’s wrong, members of the Lunette Empire? Do you still intend to invade the imperial capital that I’m ruling over? It may only be adventurers this time, but how many citizens could we take hostage, I wonder?」

Russet meant to take all of the residents of the imperial capital hostage.
No matter how high the morale of the soldiers, there was no way they could attack the citizens of their own empire as hostages.
Russet became even more pleased as he watched the soldiers become frustrated.
And now, he meant to attack the hostages directly.

「– Now, who shall become the first sacrifice?」

Understanding Russet’s words, Grucia dragged a young man to the front.
His clothes were battered and bloodied, and his silver hair was disheveled and gloomy.
Russet went to this young man, who looked like he was yet to come of age, and took a sword from a soldier who was holding the young man down.

「Look closely, remnants of the Lunette Empire. This is what it means to be the victor — might is right!」

Russet swiftly raised the sword.
The soldiers of the Lunette Empire looked on, biting their lips and clenching their fists in helplessness.
Not only the soldiers, but Charlotte, Altria, Natalie, and Alice gritted their teeth in chagrin, in their inability to do anything.

— Russet swiftly swung the sword downwards.



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