The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 15 Part 2



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Volume 3 Chapter 15 Part 2

With the Emperor serving as their banner, the Lunette Empire soldiers quickly gathered at the base.
The resolve of the gathered soldiers to reclaim the Imperial Capital was now even stronger than ever, and the troops were quickly reorganized and prepared to advance to recapture the Capital as soon as they were ready.
「Hey, hey, Touya. How will you respond to His Majesty’s request……?」
As the preparations to recapture the Capital were put into motion, I had a more pressing matter to ponder.
And I came to the conclusion that I will not play a role in the war…… in a conventional capacity. I am an adventurer not a soldier after all.
That is my decision. I may have a foot in the door as it is but I have a deep hate for the notion of war.
Despite the fact that I was summoned here as a game character, Touya, I am still at heart a Japanese, born and raised in Japan, and thus I have my own set of principles.
I have lost count of the number of times I have taken a person’s life in a battle since I arrived in this world. But those were instigating circumstances and I hold no regrets as such……
However war is different.
That is why I will find my own way to accomplish the Emperor’s request.
「Before I give you an answer, Alice, I have to tell you that I won’t be able to go with you guys. I’ll be returning to the Imperial Capital first」
「How so, with the way you were tore through the Imperial Capital, I don’t think you can just waltz in there without causing a stir」
「You do not have to worry about that. I’ll find a way to break into the Imperial Capital」
With the way my status is right now, I should have it easy going through the outer wall.
As for the rest……
I had a moment to myself to formulate a plan and after gathering my thoughts I had a talk with Gaulus about my plan.
「Touya, to go that far……」
「Yeah, it’s easy to retake the Imperial Capital. But that alone in the long run is meaningless. What I want is—–」
After convincing Gaulus, I decided to disappear under the cover of the dark of the night alone.

The Lunette Empire soldiers with the Emperor as their source of strength were ready and began to make their way towards the Imperial Capital with much vigour.
But the information of their arrival in the Imperial Capital had reached the ears of the Third Prince who was in control of the Capital. He had the Generate Kingdom soldiers scout the surrounding area in anticipation.
Steadily advancing towards the Imperial Capital, the distance between the Lunette Empire soldiers and the Capital lessened and only a few kilometers remained.
「Where the hell did Touya-sama disappear to…….?」
Char asked in frustration in the tent.
Inside, Char, Altria , Natalie, and Alice slept and ate together as they were accompanying the troops to the Imperial Capital.
「Char, Touya is not the kind of man who would run away, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s up one of his scary who-knows-what things」
「I think so too. I am sure Touya-san is doing something in order to help」
Alice chose to remain quiet as she listened to the three girls.
She knew about Touya’s plan to infiltrate the Capital on her own. This plan was known by her and Gaulus only.
When Touya had explained his plan to Gaulus, Gaulus had frowned upon hearing it.
The risk of failure was high.
It is a high-risk, high-return kind of plan but it had next to zero chance of succeeding.
Even so, Gaulus could only shake his head in response to Touya’s enthusiasm.
Maybe he was betting on Touya’s Sage title.
(I hope you know what you’re doing…… Especially keeping this from the three of them)
Alice listened to the trio’s conversation while muttering to herself in her mind.
「I’ll just blow them all up with my magic and be done with it!」
「Natalie-sama, do you know how many soldiers there are? You don’t have enough magic power to fight them all!」
Char explained to Natalie who was puffing out her tiny chest.
Char was being realistic, the number of Generate Kingdom soldiers in the Imperial Capital were too many to take on with just an individual’s magic power.
It does not matter how high your level is, there is a limit to the amount of magic power a person can have.
This was a bit different for Touya due to his increased power and reduced magic power consumption by half thanks to his title as a Sage, as well as his impressive status because of his Job changes and being able to level up to 100.
「Mmmm. I can’t help it…….」
Natalie also seemed to come to grasp her limitations and did not continue with boastfulness.
The soldiers of the Generate Kingdom were not just occupying the Imperial Capital.
They had even set up a base a day away from the Capital, waiting for the soldiers of the Lunette Empire to show up.
「So, they’re waiting for us……」
Gaulus, put on the armour from when he was the leader of the Kingsguard, which he had stored away at his mansion. After putting it on he prepared himself to face off the Generate Kingdom’s army.
The distance between the two armies was about two kilometres, and once the battle started, there was no turning back.
The two sides were in their formations and were just waiting for their Commanders’ orders.
The soldiers of the Lunette Empire had been sent out in full force, only leaving a few to defend Lian.
Reinforcements came from the Elven District making their army’s size grow to two hundred.
However, Gaulus had been informed that the number of the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom was even greater.
He, however, was confident of victory. This was because he knew he was physically superior as a Beastman, since he had been to the front line during his active days and had fought the Generate Kingdom soldiers for many years.
Gaulus took the lead and shouted facing the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom.
「I am Gaulus von Milda. As the former Commander of the Kingsguard, I will cull the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom,.my sworn enemy! Begin attack!」
At Gaulus’s command, the two sides ran towards each other, the distance closing in between them. With only a few seconds left before they clashed, more of the Generate Kingdom soldiers rushed in.
「Now! Unleash your magic!」
In response to Gaulus’s order, the Elves amongst the Lunette Empire soldiers who were very skilled in magic, stood at the forefront and began chanting spells, unleashing attack magic one after another at the Generate Kingdom soldiers.
Wind and fire magic swept towards the Generate Kingdom soldiers like a tsunami.
Charlotte and Natalie were also at the forefront unleashing their own attack magic.
It seems that not many Generate Kingdom soldiers were skilled in magic as they stood dumbfounded in the face of the tidal wave of magic coming at them.
The power of the attack magic was impressively high, reflecting the two girls’ own level of skill. In succession, they shot out a great amount of attack magic.
「Alright, attack!」
This time around, on Gaulus’s signal, the magic troops, including Charlotte and the others, dropped back, and the infantry and the cavalry from behind rushed into the enemy soldiers swiftly.
War cries could be heard as the cavalry laid waste to the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom.
Gaulus is an excellent and fierce warrior and commander. That is why he had been the Commander of the Kingsgaurd of the Lunette Empire for many years.
In the previous battles, the Lunette Empire had an upper hand on the Generate Kingdom in terms of individual soldier strength, in addition, their commander was brilliant. But in the recent war, the Lunette Empire was defeated because of one person, the Hero.
The Hero had defeated Gaulus’s son, Garret, who had taken the lead of the Kingsguard Knights. And being on the front line, the Hero was the one clearing the path for the Generate Kingdom soldiers.
That is why the enemy soldiers without the Hero are a bunch of crows.
In less than a second, the results of the battle were obvious, and the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom were retreating to the Imperial Capital.
If that’s the case, that they are fleeing, Gaulus could likely catch up to them and invade the Imperial Capital. But that would be foolish as the Emperor, the flag bearer, was at the very back of the camp. Gaulus was a prudent man and would not leave him behind.
He steadily made his way towards victory by devising a plan.
In front of the pile of corpses of the Generate Kingdom soldiers, the soldiers of the Lunette Empire shouted in triumph.
The victory they had been seeking was finally within their grasp. The city had been taken, the demihumans were captured as slaves, and those who defied them had been killed.
Many of the soldiers who were fighting now had lost their families, relatives, friends and many others. That;s why their cheers were as loud as they were for this victory.
However, what Gaulus is looking forward to, is not just one victory. He wanted to reclaim the Imperial Capital and liberate the seized city.
He wants to reclaim the peace of the Lunette Empire that had been cultivated until now.
He is standing on the front line, whipping his old body, in order to regain the country which the humans and demihumans had worked hand in hand to build.
After the victory, the soldiers immediately tended to the wounded. But that’s not all.
They even tended to the wounded Generate Kingdom soldiers who were still breathing, they had them lay down their weapons, and took them in as prisoners of war. They also provided them with food.
Gaulus’s belief is:『War is the will of those at the top. Soldiers at the bottom are not to take blame』
This is the belief that had been passed to him when he took over from the previous commander of the Kingsguard.
It is a belief that has permeated from the commander to the soldiers of the Lunette Empire.
The march of Lunette Empire soldiers continued steadily, and the Imperial Capital was close.
In front of the gate, the soldiers of Generate Kingdom were forming ranks.
However, Gaulus’s focus and everyone else’s was on one thing, so much so that they did not even see the Generate Kingdom soldiers.
「Is that…… the gate?」
A pile of rubble of what was once the gate lay before them.



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