The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 2



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Volume 4 Chapter 2

Five days after leaving the Imperial Capital of the Lunette Empire, the city of Eerland came into view.

Eerland is a city which had been the first to be invaded in the war, as it has its territory adjacent to the Generate Kingdom.

It has a forest which houses a dungeon, with the road set up for trade by the Commerce Guild, and a customs post at its border with Generate Kingdom.

It is a city of medium-size with about three thousand inhabitants, and its main blessings are trade, a dungeon, and agriculture.

All these, I was taught by Alice…….

I gently exhaled at the thought of ending my ride straddled on Kokuyou. Though the ride was not as exhausting since the road he had been running on is properly kept.

「We’re finally here…… Now I can relax for a while 」

I got off Kokuyou in a secluded spot off the road and asked him to go back into Dimensional Storage. There are a handful of adventurers who are known to ride an Obsidian Battlehorse, and word could quickly spread if I am seen with one.

It is now common knowledge in the Lunette Empire that after the Generate Kingdom had invaded the Imperial Capital, the guildmaster and I had managed to capture the prince of Generate Kingdom freeing the Imperial Capital and the rest of the Lunette Empire. There were bards singing about me being a Hero, who despite being an adventurer had been knighted a Marquis. When the squire at the mansion told me this, I was embarrassed beyond words.

「Marquis Kisaragi, the Hero of Salvation who rides the Obsidian Battlehorse」

This title, at an unbelievable speed, spread all over the Empire. The whole Lunette Empire was quick to adopt it and now there are rumours about me everywhere.

If I come riding Kokuyou, I will be immediately surrounded by everyone.

I will return to the Imperial Capital after my rest, I do not want that kind of stress right now.

Dressed as a common adventurer I walked on the road towards the gate of the city.

The entrance wasted no time; I showed my guild card and was let through.

I did ask the soldiers at the gate where the guild was and some of the recommended inns, before walking into the city.

There are still some scars of the war but the reconstruction work has removed much of the rubble.

「They said it was down this road…… Is that it?」

There was a sign of the Adventurer’s Guild near the town square, and although the building was smaller than the one in the Imperial Capital, it was the same size as the one in Fendi.

When I opened the door and walked in, the place was lively…… or rather, it was noisy.

「Is there anyone here who can use Recovery Magic?」

The guild girl at the reception desk called out loudly to the adventurers who were in the hall.

Some of them seemed to be Recovery Priests, but all of them were limp and lying on the tables.

「What’s going on…….?」

I inquired at the reception.

「I’ve just arrived in the city. What’s going on……? Recovery Priest recruitment?」

Placing the guild card on the counter, the receptionist checked the card and her eyes widened.

「Recovery Priest! Please come with me to the training grounds in the back immediately!」

Upon hearing what the other receptionist said, another receptionist jumped out from behind the counter and grabbed me by the arms.

Her eyes were bloodshot, and no matter how much I tried to free myself, she held on tight.

「What the hell!?」

「It’s okay, just come with me quick!」

The receptionist using her devilish momentum and both her arms dragged me and led me into the back.

The place she brought me was through the corridor and a single door which opened to the training ground. There, there were sheets spread on the ground with injured adventurers lying on them. At least thirty of them.

An adventurer wearing a robe, who was probably a Recovery Priest, sluggishly dragged his body to the wall and sat down, leaning against it. Must be because he is out of magic.

「…….. What is this…….?」

「No questions please, please just heal them! The reward will be paid by the guild」

「Okay. I will use range magic. Gather seriously injured people first!」

The adventurers who were caring for the injured moved in order to preferentially gather the patients with the most serious of injuries.

『Area High Heal: Range Advanced Recovery Magic 』

It will take a lot of time healing them individually. I moved around casting range recovery magic and I was able to heal everyone with five range recovery magic.

「Phew, that’s everyone…….」

I noticed that the adventurers and guild staff looked stunned.

「…… What’s wrong…….?」

Everyone’s eyes were on me. Some of them in awe, others in envy. I suddenly remembered seeing the same faces when I had healed the adventurers who had serious injuries at the guild in the Imperial Capital.

「…….Are you okay after using such an advanced recovery magic…….?」

One of the receptionists asked me out of concern.

I still have enough magical power, so it is nothing to be concerned about.

「It’s not a problem. Are we done? I just came here to check out the guild here, so I’ll be going to the inn to—」

「Please wait for your reward!」

The recently injured adventurers uttered words of thanks as I and the receptionist left the training ground.

I was once reminded in the hall to not leave, so I sat down in an empty chair and observed everyone in the hall.

I still do not know why that many people were in that bad state. It is an odd circumstance as such I decided to focus my attention on the conversation of the adventurers nearby to gather information.

I’m not sure what to make of this. That’s all we got this time. ……

「…… And now it looks like that dungeon is about to flood. That’s what I heard……」

「You might be right. If we stay in this city, we will be forced to participate when a full-scale flood comes. It might be a good idea to escape to another city for a while……」

「Yeah, sounds like a plan. We’ll wait for the information in the next city」

From the conversation between the two adventurers, it seems that the dungeon in the forest had flooded. Flooding was an event in the game as well.

In the game when the monsters overflowed from the dungeons they would scatter across the map, and if left to roam, they would kill the NPCs and stores would then be closed.

The event ended with online players teaming up to defeat the monsters and conquer the dungeon that was overflowing with monsters.

This situation sounds exactly like that event.

I thought if I came here…… I’d be able to take some time-off…… But this good timing…… Is too convenient.….

I feel like I can’t escape. When I return to the Imperial Capital there’ll be a talk of arranged marriages……

As I was trying to sort out my thoughts, I was tapped on the shoulder.

I turned around and there was the receptionist who I had first approached, she was standing there with a smile plastered on her face.

「Touya-sama. Thank you for your help earlier. So, the…… reward will be given to you in the private room, so please follow me」

Normally, adventurers are handed their rewards over at the counter unless the amount is substantial.

However, the fact that I am being taken to a private room means that I am most likely to be questioned on how I managed…… to do that. They might even about the amount of magical power I have.

This was not the kind of discussion to be held in the open like this, so I nodded obediently, stood up, and followed the receptionist.

I walked up the stairs and the farthest room, the receptions knocked on the door.

「It’s Maia. I’ve brought Touya-sama with me」

The receptionist opened the door and stood aside to let me enter.

「Touya-sama, please come in」

As I walked in, I was greeted by a human man at the desk at the end of the room. He was still looking through a pile of papers.

He must be in his late thirties, he has a physique that is well-built that I could see his muscles bulging through his clothes.

「I’m sorry but could you let me finish this bit of work here. You can sit over there. Maia, get him a cup of tea」

「Yes, Guildmaster」

—The Guildmaster…….

I do not have a good history with guild masters. No, that includes the sub-guildmasters. Yes, they have been good to me at times but the sub-guildmaster Efland in Fendi forced me into taking escort duties in return for using the archives which turned out that the fee to use it was a measly one copper. He did give me a heads up so we could escape from Fendi though.

During the liberation of the Imperial Capital, we did come up with a skit with the Guildmaster to capture the prince. But he also had his own couple of quirks, which are the reasons I cannot help but be wary of him.

Even though I was still on my guard, I sat on the designated sofa and took a sip of the tea that Maia had offered me.

It was a different blend from the one I had in Imperial Capital.

「I’m sorry to keep you waiting…… I am Brittle, the Guildmaster in this city. I heard from Maia about what you did on the training ground. I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the guild」

「I just happened to show up at the right moment…… I’m glad I could help」

I said to the Guildmaster, who had his head bowed to me.

「Maia, please excuse yourself for a bit. I’d like to talk to him alone」

Maia gave a nod and left the room.

After she had left, Blythe’s gaze focused intently at me.

「I’d like to thank you again. I don’t really know what more I could say to you. No, I should correct myself—- His Excellency the Marquis Kisaragi」

—-He knew……

When I was knighted after the recapture of the Imperial Capital, my surname was officially turned into a nobleman’s name.

—- Touya von Kisaragi, Marquis of Kisaragi. The von in the name was a sign of nobility, which I felt was unnecessary but could not avoid.

「You know about me……?」

「Of course I do. I wouldn’t be much of a guildmaster if I didn’t know about Lord Kisaragi, the Hero of Salvation」

Laughing as he said this, Blythe proceeded to drink his tea.

I came here to escape the nobility. I only want to take some simple requests and relax.

「Is there anyone else here who knows of my identity? It might mean I have to leave this city」

「It’s okay. The only reason I know who you are is because of the letter I received from the guildmaster in the Capital. You know him, don’t you? It’s because of him」

「In that case, can I be treated like a normal adventurer? I came to this city to have some rest」

After he seemed to take into consideration what I had told him, he smiled at me and nodded.

「I understand. I’ll call you Kisaragi, or do you prefer Touya-dono?」

「Well, that’s fine. No need to use the honorifics though」

「That’s great. I’m not very good at dealing with nobles. The new lord here is also……」

Blythe stopped talking with a chuckle.

It might be another troublesome lord. Alice did inform me that there was a younger lord here who had taken over.

Best to steer clear of him and focus on adventuring. That will save me from dealing with him.

「Oh, by the way, your reward. Here it is」

Once back at his desk, Braitor brought out a small bag and placed it on the table. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one.

Blythe went through his desk and pulled out a small bag and placed it on the table. Checking inside, I found twenty silver coins.

It’s an incredible amount of money for a Recovery Spell that cast in less than ten minutes, but I’ll take it gratefully.

「I’ve heard from Maia that you’re a very skilled Recovery Priest and that you can cast a lot of advanced magic without running out of magic power」

「I am at a level where that is possible」

The level specified on the guild card is 47, but this number is not the level for the higher job I have. Even though I still have a magic job, the status of the secondary job is much higher than that of the primary job.

「That’s amazing. I think you might have picked up on what’s going on down in the hall. A nearby dungeon had flooded, albeit on a small scale. Thanks to everyone’s help we managed to stop it this time, but it’s in a state…… that a full-scale flooding will occur. It would be great if you could help us if you can」

If a small-scale flood was the one to leave them in a state like that, I can’t just abandon them even if I did come here for some peace and quiet.

It can’t be helped. I sighed a bit.

「I understand. I’ll help out as much as I can」

「Great. With that our business here is complete. I’ll make some arrangements for you to stay at the inn. Just wait for me in the hall and I’ll send for someone to show you」

I shook hands with Blythe and left the room.



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