The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 7



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Volume 4 Chapter 7

The following day arrived and we were gathered at the guild to discuss our plan in regards to the dungeon flooding.

The members of the meeting are the guild master, Blythe, along with his assistant, Maia, and the adventurers, Liese and the four members of her party, and of course myself.

「Let’s start this meeting right away. Yesterday, I sent a letter to the guild in the Imperial Capital with the fastest horse around. I also have a meeting soon with the lord」

It will take the letter to arrive in the Capital several days. Now, including the preparations that will need to be made, it will take at least ten days for them to reach this city.

But the city is barely holding it together, and it could flood at any moment.

「We can’t do anything but wait huh…… 」

Gilt, who took his strength into consideration, stated in a defeated tone.

I don’t know what words of encouragement I can say to them. The strength of this city’s adventurer is not what I can promise will be enough to handle those level of monsters, so I kept silent. No one else seemed to know what to say either.

「I guess we’ll just have to hope that the flooding doesn’t happen until backup arrives…… 」

「We should get the people to evacuate…… 」

「I can’t tell you what to tell people. Only the lord has the authority to do that. If the guild were to give notice……. I’m afraid the first would be the adventurers who have no connection to the city, right? Only those adventurers based here would be willing to lend me their ear, but I can’t force the adventurers who are visiting this city as escorts. If the lord issues a compulsory request only then would they stay and help…… 」

It does make sense that the adventurers who grew up here and have families here would find the compulsion to stay and protect the city. Although, if they are just adventurers with no attachment here except lodging they would choose to leave.. After all, adventurers value their lives more than anything.

The same goes for me, but I can’t desert them because…… Blythe knows who I am.

「We will hold another meeting tomorrow. I’ll be able to tell you what the lord’s reply is at that time 」

Everyone agreed, and the meeting ended. Liese, who was raised in this city, looked rugged from the beginning to the end of the gathering.


The following day we were gathered in the same way, except Blythe had a grim expression this time.

「Snotty brat. I’ll never forgive him for this! What the hell does he mean by, 「He’s going to the Imperial Capital to call for support 」!? It’s obvious he’s fleeing this city! 」

According to Blythe, he had planned to meet with the lord this afternoon to explain the current state of things and ask him to write a letter to the Imperial Capital for military support, but the lord himself insisted on going to the Capital to ask for support in person. He left the city early in the morning accompanied by a few people in an unhurried carriage.

I was stunned when I heard this……

Even if he has just been appointed this is outrageous. I have no attachment to this city either but I am here choosing to protect it. The most important person, a lord, doing this, is just……

「So what is the guild going to do……? 」

To my question, Blythe glanced a little at Liese before he responded.

「We have no choice but to handle everything as we are. I’ll have the lord’s sister take control for him, to direct the guards. And Touya-dono and I will take the overall command 」

…… Is the lord’s sister still around ……? Wouldn’t her brother have let her escape first?

「But can the sister lead? 」

I’ve never heard of a noblewoman taking command.

「About that…… I’ll be going to their mansion to talk about it later. Touya-dono, I want you to accompany me 」

「Of course, I’ll go with you 」

Gilt and Jill left the reception room with Liese and Myra, obviously unhappy about the news,

I hung around in the guild master’s office to kill some time until we went to the lord’s mansion. When the time came, Blythe and I took a carriage to their mansion.

The lord’s mansion, the Count’s mansion, still had some damages from the war, but it was still livable without any problems.

However the mansion was deserted, most of the attendants must have left with the lord to Imperial Capital.

The remaining attendant, who had come out to greet us, ushered us to the reception room, where Blythe and I were offered a seat on the sofa.

While we waited, Blythe turned to me,

「—– There’s something I must tell you. Don’t be too surprised, alright? 」

I looked at him curiously waiting to hear what he had to say. We were interrupted by the knock at the door and an attendant entered the room.

The lord’s sister —-⁉

Liese came in, followed by Myra.

They were not in their normal adventurer’s attire. Liese wore a dress typical of a noblewoman while Myra was adorned in a white robe, a formal garb no doubt.

Liese had light makeup, and combined with her dress, she looked beautiful and dignified.

This is what…… Blythe was going to tell me……

I think due to my mouth hanging wide open, when Liese looked at me, she laughed.

「You seem surprised. Yes, I am the sister of the city’s lord, Lieselotte von Litthardt 」

「I am Myra, Lieselotte-sama’s attendant 」

「You’re being too playful, Lieselotte-jousama. We are here today on behalf of the adventurers……. 」

「Yes, you’re right. I’m not Liese the B-rank adventurer today, but Lieselotte the acting lord 」

「…… Does Gilt and Jill know about this? That you’re a noble and that Myra is your attendant? 」

Lise shook her head.

「They both don’t know. Also Myra is my friend 」

After I had come to terms with the new revelation before me, Blythe began to discuss the measures to be taken in regards to the dungeon flooding. Liese and I listened in and added our opinions on the plan and a decision was reached.

The Adventurer’s Guild will appoint a few adventurers to monitor the forest. If there is any movement, we will respond as soon as possible, the real intention being to thin out the monsters as much as possible.

The idea is to prevent any monsters, especially high-ranked ones, from pouring out of the forest. There is no way of fighting them, if they manage to come outside of the forest, with the current city forces.

「I wish there was a better way to weed out the monsters, even if just a little……. It won’t be enough to have just Lieselotte-jousama’s party to thwart them. More importantly, the city needs you to act as lord in this crisis 」

「That said, there are no parties stronger than ours —- 」

Suddenly eyes turned to me. Hardly surprising……

「Touya-dono……. We need your help. Please help us save this city……. 」

Blythe bowed to me in earnest, making both Liese and Myra raise their eyebrows quizzically at this unusual attitude.

「The guild master is bowing to you…… Who are you Touya……? 」

Myra also questioned me.

「Touya, I’d like to ask you to do the same. I have witnessed your strength, and I know it better than anyone. I am well aware that I’m pushing it, but as the acting lord and a noble, I have a duty to protect this city. If you think of refusing, be aware that I have the power to order you to do so. But please don’t make do that 」

Liese, being aware of my capability, pleaded with me. But I prefer not to be ordered around, even if it’s by the Emperor.

「Lieselotte-jousama, even as a noble—- you can’t give orders to Touya-dono 」

Blythe interrupted her gently.

「……. As a noble, I have the authority to give orders to the adventurers through the Guild when the city is in danger, isn’t part of the accord? 」

She is correct, except for man-made wars, the lord can order the Adventurers Guild to intervene in times of natural disasters and monster attacks.

However, this only applies for “ordinary “adventurers.

Blythe understood this. It’s no use staying silent about this. They’ll find out sooner or later…….

I sighed a bit, eyeing Liese.

「—– I will offer my assistance for the sake of this city, of course, as a noble’s duty. But there is— one condition 」

Blythe’s eyes showed a sign that he understood the intention behind my words and bowed deeply again.

「I thank you for your cooperation —- Your Lordship Marquis ・・・・…… 」

「「…………⁉ 」」

Liese and Myra’s gasped at the same time, taken aback by Blythe’s shocking unveil.

I took out the Marquis Certificate that His Majesty had given me from the Dimensional Storage and placed it on the table.

「Marquis Touya von Kisaragi. That’s my official name. 」

Liese and Myra’s eyes shot wide open at the mention of my name. Their mouths were quivering.

「………..You are the …… hero that saved the country…….? 」

Blythe nods unhesitatingly to Liese’s choked words.

It’s an embarrassing title…… That’s why I hid my identity coming here.

Suddenly Liese, who was sitting across from me, leapt forward and wrapped her hands around mine.

「I, I can’t…… believe it! You’re the one who saved our country, Marquis Kisaragi! You’re really him!? 」

「I can’t take credit for saving the country, but I am certainly Marquis Kisaragi 」

The look on Liese’f face was total awe. Unlike her usual behavior, her eyes were brimming and her excitement was clear to see as she grasped my hand tightly. I tried to gently pull it away, but Liese was determined to hold onto it firmly.

「Oh, um……. Touya-sama……. Please lend us a hand to save our city 」

I chuckled a bit at the way Liese’s way of referring to me had changed.

「Lieselotte is a big fan of Marquis Kisaragi,……. 」

「Myra!! 」

Liese turned around to Myra and glared at her for her statement.

「Are you going to, by chance, let go of his hand now? 」

In response to Myra’s inquiry, Liese dropped her gaze to my hand in hers, and upon noticing, she released it with vigor and her cheeks quickly dyed red.

「It’s not like that! I was just so surprised that I forgot I was holding his hand! 」

Liese was blushing intensely and struggling to explain herself, which made her look cute. Blythe and I couldn’t help but laugh.

「Liese, no, should I perhaps call you Lieselotte-jousama? There are conditions, but I will hunt down the monsters on my own」

Her face suddenly became serious and her mouth was clamped up.

「You can call me Liese if you want. No, by all means, please call me Liese 」

「All right. The conditions I have are that the monster’s materials I hunt will be purchased by the guild, but if the guild is unable to buy them, then I want you as the lord to purchase them from me. I’m planning on hunting a good number of them, and there’s a chance the guild might run out of funds 」

The amount of monsters that I have hunted so far, that are in Dimensional Storage, is already considerable. I hardly think the guild has enough funds to buy them all. If they run out of money, they may not be able to issue any more requests to other adventurers. I want to avoid that.

「I understand. I can guarantee you that. I’m sure the damage will be much less than the damage to the city 」

Now my hunting will not affect the city poorly. All that’s left is to…….

「I’ll be in the forest for the next ten days or so, so don’t worry about me 」

「……. That’s too dangerous. You can’t spend the night in the woods!! 」

「That’s right. Lieselotte-sama will not help but worry 」

「I disagree. It’s too dangerous. It’s too dangerous and I can’t accept it as a guild master 」

They all have dissenting opinions. But I’d say sleeping in the guild house in the forest is just as safe as being in the mansion.

Should I tell them that…..?

「You know how big my Dimensional Storage is, right? I also have a sleeping aid that has the ability to repel monsters. So don’t worry about it…… 」

I can safely leave the guild house out in the forest where it can’t be seen, and have Ferris out as well. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to let her out, so this will be my chance to.

「Are you certain the monster repellent will keep the monsters away!? If that’s the case, I’ll go with you, Touya-sama! 」

「If Lieselotte-sama is going, I’m going too 」

No! Why!? I restrained myself from freaking out. However, Liese needs to stay here and direct the soldiers.

「……. I don’t think that’s possible…… Liese, you have some work to do as acting lord of this city…… 」

「Bu, but…….」

She seemed to be considering my words and saw how sensible they are, nonetheless she did not seem willing to accept them.

I just have to convince them that I will be fine. I can’t have them worrying about me while I’m in the forest.

「…… Okay. How about you accompany me for one night, Liese, and if you are satisfied with my stay in the forest, you can come back and give an update to Blythe of my living arrangements 」

For some reason what I said made her happy. She smiled broadly.

「I understand! I’ll get it ready right away! 」

「……. I’m sorry, Touya-sama. Lieselotte-sama can be stubborn sometimes. I’ll go get ready as well 」

Myra bowed her head and then left the room.

「Since it’s just the two of us, let me be forward; are you really okay with this……? 」

Blythe seemed uneasy. He probably thinks we’ll be staying in a tent or something.

「It’s fine really. I have proof. Princess Charlotte, herself, has stayed in it before. She has never had any complaints about the facilities. You can rest assured about that「

If the Princess has stayed in it and she did not complain, then surely it must be okay.

「……. Okay. Please take care of Lieselotte-jousama 」

I nodded at his request.



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