Chapter 255 Part 1

【 Keith’s Summoned Monsters 】

Volf Wolf – Gray Wolf Lv 11.

DEX status value 13

AGI status value 33

INT status value 13

STR status value 22

VIT status value 25

SPI status value 13


Biting, Sprint, Ripping, Revelation, Pursuit, Night vision

Hide presence

A wolf that was randomly acquired at the beginning of the game.

Volff means wolf in German.

Currently, it has the body of a large wolf with gray fur.

It was a type that demonstrates the true value in exploration than battles.

Even so, it still could take advantage of its speed in ground battles.

It has a body that is comfortable to be touched from every direction.

Looking at it, I think it was almost the next class change for this one.

This summoned monster personality was quiet and friendly to other players.

Zangetsu Horse, White Horse Lv 8.

DEX status value 8 points.

AGI status value 28 points.

INT status value: 8 points.

STR status value 28 points.

VIT status value 28 points.

SPI status value 8 points.


Trample, Sprint, Endurance run, Galloping horse, Overrun, Kickback

Rider recovery [Fine], Magic resistance [Fine], Light Attribute

The second summoned monsters.

Zangetsu was the moon that remained until dawn.

It was a white horse with a dignified body.

This one was very active when moving and hunting on the ground, especially on plains.

The appearance on the battlefield has been increasing since battles while riding a horse started to appear.

As for personality, this one tends to be quiet and passive.

Helix Hawk, Fighting Falcon Lv 8.

DEX status value 14 points

AGI status value 30 points

INT status value 23 points.

STR status value 15 points.

VIT status value 15 points.

SPI status value 15 points.


Beak attack, flying farsighted, wide area exploration, surprise attack, danger detection, aerial maneuver.

Wind attribute, Soil attribute

Third, summon.

The meaning of Helix is a spiral form.

A fearless hawk

It was active on the battlefield when it comes to exploration and hunting on the ground, especially on the plains.

It has also managed to obtain a soil attribute, making it more aggressive.

This one personality was a proud one, and it was comfortable with noises around it.

Kokuyo (Obsidian) Mystic Eye Lv 8.

DEX status value 15 points.

AGI status value 24 points.

INT status value 22 points.

STR status value 15 points

VIT status value 15 points.

SPI status value 22 points.


Beak attack, silent flying, farsighted night-vision, surprise attack, danger detection, heavenly ear,

Wind attribute. Water attribute

The fourth summoned monster.

Named after Obsidian stone 『Kokuyo』 because of this one’s jet black eyes.

Having an appearance of an ordinary Crow.

A searcher who could play an active role regardless of location, day, or night.

Due to its wind attribute, the range of attack of this one has increased.

This one’s personality was interested in anything it saw.

Has a close relationship with the master.

Jericho Wood Golem – Mad Golem Lv 8.

DEX status value 6 points.

AGI status value 9 points.

INT status value 6 points

STR status value 39 points.

VIT status value 39 points.

SPI status value 6 points.


Blow, Kick, Magic resistance [small], Self-recovery [small] Defense.


The sixth summoned monster.

Jericho’s name comes from the biblical origin, it was derived from the wall of Jericho.

It has the appearance of a mud doll, this one body was huge, making it look heavy.

Although it has low maneuverability, it has a great defense, it was good for a wall role.

Liquefaction has shown to be a troublesome skill since it has started to appear more.

Mobility has improved modestly due to the influence of status swing.

Despite this one being silent, this one presence was huge.

Goki, Demon – Demon Lv 8.

DEX status value 21 points.

AGI status value 17 points.

INT status value 17 points.

STR status value 21 points

VIT status value 21 points

SPI status value 17 points.


Bow, Hatched, Sword, Club, Small Shield, Defense, Evade, Concealment,

Darkness Attribute.

The seventh summoned monsters.

Goki’s name was from the name of an Oni.

It was a demon with a solid body.

It can manipulate multiple weapons dexterously, and handle both vanguard and rearguard very well.

Since weapon enchantment, this one chance to be rearguard had been reduced.

This one personality was straightforward.

Senki Beast Ape – Lesser Orge Lv8.

DEX status value 14 points.

AGI status value 23 points.

INT status value 6 points.

STR status value 31 points.

VIT status value 31 points.

SPI status value 6 points.


Blow, Kick, Throwing, Defense, Evade, Climb, Throw technique

Joint lock, Self-recovery [Fine]

The eight summoned monsters.

Senki’s name was from the name of a demon who served Ozunu Enno.

It can be called a Zenki.

It has a huge body and mass of muscle, equal to that of Jericho.

This one fighting style was similar to that of the main character.

With new equipment, the presence of a vanguard has been increasing.

In a match, this one was the opponent of the main character.

This one has a dynamic personality, has a muscle brain that speaks only using physical language.

Rig Slime – Yellow Pudding Lv 6

DEX status value 19 points.

AGI status value 12 points.

INT status value: 8 points.

STR status value 8 points.

VIT status value 12 points.

SPI status value 8 points.


Liquifying ShapeTransformation, Viscosity Transformation, Surface Tension Change, Physical attack immunity.

Lighting attribute Fire resistance

The ninth summoned monsters

Rig was a set of equipment as ship sails and rope.

Its shape was irregular, rounded and a little yellow, and semi-transparent.

Recently there were more opportunities for Nias to ride it rather than being a living armor.

The status was low, but it has a remarkable special ability.

It could do a lot of damage using melting.

This one personality was unknown.

Bunraku Wood Puppet Metal Skin Lv5.

DEX status value 30 points

AGI status value 12 points.

INT status value 22 points

STR status value 14 points.

VIT status value 14 points.

SPI status value 14 points.


Two-handed spear Bow Cooking Magic resistance [Fine] Self-recovery [small]

The tenth summoned monsters

Bunraku was from the theater name of puppet drama.

Its appearance was reminiscent of a flat mannequin.

The surface has a slightly metal luster.

A heavyweight that supports the stomach.

This one takes advantage of DEX in doing chores and blocking.

Although it has the specialized ability as a rearguard in battle, it has more opportunity as a vanguard instead.

Personality Unknown.

Ninetails – Silverfox Lv 6

DEX status value 10 points.

AGI status value 26 points

INT status value 26 points.

STR status value 10 points.

VIT status value 10 points.

SPI status value 26 points.


Biting, Evade, Sprint, Danger Prediction, Increase MP recovery [Small]

Light Attribute, Darkness Attribute

The twelve summoned monsters.

Ninetails’ name come from the nine tail fox.

It has silver-gray fur.

Although this one was a rearguard, this one sometimes appeared as a vanguard that bites the enemies.

When moving, it often piggybacks on others such as the main characters or Zangetsu.

Friendly with other players.

Have no eyes for delicious food.

Has a very shrewd personality.

Heather Fairy – Silky Lv 5.

DEX status value 9 points.

AGI status value 23 points.

INT status value 24 points.

STR status value 7 points.

VIT status value 7 points.

SPI status value 26 points.


Flying, Levitation, Magic resistance [Medium], Increase MP recovery [Medium], Wind attribute

Soil attribute, Lighting attribute

The thirteen summoned monsters.

Heather’s name was from flowers.

It has feathers like a bird.

It has grown as big as a small child.

Gender unconfirmed.

Completely rearguard type.

It was treated as a mascot by the other players.

Evade ability was very high.

Have no eyes for delicious food number 2.

Personality is good, easily being elated.

Tigris Tiger Strumtiger Lv6.

DEX status value 11 points

AGI status value 24 points

INT status value 11 points.

STR status value 25 points.

VIT status value 25 points.

SPI status value 11 points.


Biting, Intimidation, Danger Detection, Night vision, Hide presence, Wind attribute

The fourteen summoned monsters

Tigris’ name comes from the word of Greek for Tiger.

A slightly large and fearless tiger.

It often acted as a complete vanguard, but can also handle exploration.

It was aggressive as a beast, a ruthless hunter.

Personality was calm.

Nias Mermaid- Merrow Lv 5

DEX status value 19 points.

AGI status value 19 points.

INT status value 25 points.

STR status value 9 points.

VIT status value 9 points.

SPI status value 18 points.


Two-handed spear, Aquatic Transformation, Night vision, Curse (song)

Water attribute

The eighteen summoned monsters.

Nias was a general term for rivers.

A beautiful woman with a slightly courageous impression.

The owner of an appearance that would captivate anyone.

Also active on land using equipment.

Can also use a spear, but mainly working as a rearguard.

Especially its curse song was very powerful

When riding Zangetsu, this one often transforms using a spear as the main weapon.

Bride candidate?

This one has a personality that doesn’t suit its appearance, and it is quiet.

Gokame Ogame – Forest Toth Lv 1

DEX status value 4 points.

AGI status value 10 points.

INT status value 20 points.

STR status value 16 points.

VIT status value 29 points.

SPI status value 23 points.


Biting, Magic resistance [small] , Increase MP recovery [Small]

Soil attribute, Water attribute, Wood Attribute

The nineteen summoned monsters.

The name Gokame means strength turtle.

It has become very huge due to class change, and its weight approaches Jericho.

The movement was a little slow, but it’s strong as a wall.

In the water, the movement became even slower, but solid.

Special ability was a primary concern.

Has a laid-back personality.

Taylor Big Club – Calkinos Lv 1.

DEX status value 10 points.

AGI status value 10 points.

INT status value 6 points.

STR status value 34 points.

VIT status value 28 points.

SPI status value 6 points.


Scissors Aquatic Water attributes Soil resistance.

The 20th summoned monsters.

Taylor was the name of men’s clothing.

It has class change and becomes huge, its weight approaching Jericho.

A battle style that silently catches monsters with scissors and causes continuous damage.

This one personality was at its own pace.


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