Chapter 25 Part 2: Intricate memories of 108 lives and the truth. A flurry of tales in which Scarlet plays a role.



Translator: ranzan

Because of her arrogance, Alisa was ejected from the social circles. She soon apologized as well. Please send this girl into exile…if you don’t let me lock her in a house somewhere and keep her away from everyone else!

Strange such a weirdo of a girl was born to the Fontaines, loyal and courageous in their relations to my house, but I guess I was the naive one.

I wondered why she always clung to me, but then suddenly she became the “maiden of salvation” and started leading the anti-me forces…she hunted me down until I was murdered.

What the hell?

Why the hell would you hold such a grudge if I hardly did anything to you?!

It makes you feel like you’re dealing with an alien, having a girl lash out at you like that. So I just watched what she did from time to time and reacted to it.

Anyways there is no WAY, Alisa is my name. I never want to even see that girl again.

I guess I’ll be leaving you all now, this is my two week notice.

「Oh, mistress?」

I had shaken off Mary’s hold and climbed up her shoulder into the air, and I tried to fly away from them all, as if I was a butterfly.

From the next chapter, the orphan Scarlet will run away! Catch you next week, same Scarlet time, same Scarlet channel!

「Hah hah hah, she looks like a molting cicada!」

Bradd, dammit! I should turn into a bee and sting you with a killer stinger!


And hearing the unexpected words of my mother, we all stopped, with me not imagining a Bradd stung to death.

「Scarlet. Her name should be Scarlet.」

Mother repeats again so they all understood.

So mom, why did you give me that name?

「The color of Wendell’s hair shining in the sun…the name I decided to give a girl if it was born. It’s decided already.」

My mother answered with a smile.

It was like lightning had pierced my mind.

And the memories rushed in so quickly, I forgot to breathe.


The rising sun…the sunlight turned from dim shadows into an overwhelming glow.

「Scarlet…your name is…」

A younger father said to me gently. A dignified figure…like a white knight from fairy tales.

「The name your mother came up with when she saw my hair in the sun…she praised me for its color. When she had a daughter someday, she said she would name her that…I laughed at her back then…」

So he took my hand and kissed the back of it.

He looked up at me as he knelt and his eyes had that strange, fierce color of the morning sun. His hair shimmered in the light as well – it showed our connection through our scarlet blood.

「Your name is a gift from your mother, Cornelia. Her life is inherited in you. She lives in you.」

My father, who I loved and had all pride in, said.

Until I was forced to stand alone, I would pretend that I always walked with my three parents, in fact, I’d say so, out of habit.

He would stay by my bed on nights when I was struck by fever.

Once he thought I had lost consciousness because of the fever, and when I was healed he wore a strange expression. He wasn’t known to have a kind countenance, but…then…

He always thought of me, and though we never expressed feelings to one another, I was happy, happy to know I was loved, so much that I would cover my head with sheets as I laughed at his silly expressions.

He was strict as well, but it was never too much.

It just made me feel even deeper that he loved me.

And so my father and I started our three-legged race to the crown seat of Hydrangea in order to avenge the humiliation my mother went through. We had sworn so in that morning sun. So I never had time to fall in love.

But even a queen can marry later.

I also longed for a husband like my father someday.

I wanted someone to love me intensely and purely as my father loved my mother.

I was secretly longing for a love story like my parents had.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

And so my farewell to my father came suddenly.

He went to visit the grave of my mother on the anniversary of her death and died in an avalanche. Grandfather O’Brian, who treated me so kindly, was also sent to heaven by a mysterious fire in the Melville mansion.

When I heard the new, the sadness flooded me almost to unconsciousness, but I awoke again and again after trying to convince myself it was all a dream, and finally realizing that I was alone, all I could do is cry.

But I couldn’t show it in public.

I will be a queen.

Without a family.

What a harsh world. A sad loneliness. Painful, in fact. I wish I could join them all…



I noticed that I was crying.

Wait a sec…what was that?! That memory?!

I thought this time was different! Is this really my memory?!

The father I knew was peppered with white hair and a sharp face, always coughing, and yelling “Don’t come near me!” when I ran to him. He never even came to the mansion, always staying at the Shylocks…and he never came home in the end.

The sound of rain echoed the confusion on my mind.


And so a heavy rain fell.

I clung to the tombstone and moaned.

I was happy to know that I was loved so much.

I can’t ever return it anymore.

He never said anything about his love for me while he was alive, but if I was smarter, and could read other’s hearts, I would have known his love.

What had I looked for up until now.

When I learned of his death, I didn’t feel any sadness, nothing stronger than if a friend of mine had died.

I wanted to do away with my childish self.

I was so stupid, what am I thinking?! WHAT!?

I hit my fist into the ground over and over.

No matter how much pain you endure, you can’t just erase it from your heart.

I…I’m not good enough to be called by that name!

Ethelreed had told me the truth about everything, and now spread an umbrella over me, and put it over my head.

I don’t care if I get wet.

He doesn’t smile. He had promised an old love this a long time ago.

So he can’t smile to me to encourage me.

Instead, he stood behind me with tears, always trying to protect me.

And now he cries again…my father was his ally.

「Cry while you can. And when your tears fade and you can see the path before you, continue in it with those tears still there. As long as you live, don’t let your love for others go to nothing. Live. No matter how bad it gets. That’s how I’ve had to live to today…」

And so my tears mixed with the rain.

As he spoke, my tears continued to fall, and I just found myself nodding.


「….Auuooo…? Ooohh…auuooo…」

I couldn’t stop sobbing.

Another memory I don’t know of?!

Am I turning into some kind of happily embarrassed maiden?

I can’t forget this. I have to remember all of this. I can feel my instinct telling this to me.

Because these memories are the only countermeasure against “that girl.”

I’m so frustrated my chest feels tight. One more minute and I won’t be able to remember all of it…it’s so frustrating.

I choke and my body writhes.

「Oh no! She’s still got to burp!」

Mary put me over her shoulder and tapped my back.

「…auooou! Aouooua!」

I was sprawled out like a sea lion.

Mary! Stop! No!

I’m not doing this just because I swallowed some air while breastfeeding!

I saw my mother looking at me while I was waving my hands trying to stop Mary,

「…I wonder if she doesn’t like her name…」

My mother said with a crooked gaze.

Noooo, it’s a very nice name!

I changed my countenance into a smile.

There’s no way I could allow my name to be mixed with that bitch Alisa!

Scarlet’s a great name!

It’s a familiar one too!

So thanks and all.


「The mistress seems happy with that…well, nice to make your acquaintance, Mistress Scarlet!」
Mary said, hugging me tightly.


The moment she called me Scarlet, I could feel myself tearing up again.




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