Chapter 58 Part 4 – Huh? My death is suddenly decided right from the beginning? More enemy reinforcements. And who is「he」, my strongest guardian?

But I can understand why he did that.

As seen from the nosebleed he had earlier, Seraphy is quite overwhelmed from reading Addis’s attacks.
He probably can’t sustain it for long.
So he wants to provoke him and turn it into a short term battle.
Then Seraphi ended the conversation with Addis and turned to look at us.

「Dwayne-san, please use the sturdy vines to tie the trees that are around Addis!! Hurry!!」

「……!? I – I understand.」

Even as he was puzzled at the strange request, Mr. Queer Witch followed Seraphy’s instruction.

The reason for Seraphy’s instructions was immediately made clear.
A thunderous sound rang, then there was a hole in the tree trunk in front of Addis.
Pieces of wood cracked and fell to the ground.

「…… That was the sound of a blow!! He hit the trunk with his bare hands, not with a weapon. He intended to break the big tree with just his fists ……」

Bradd grunted.

That impact with just his bare hands!? That’s absurd!!

「Nuahahaha!! This is what I call strength!! These fists of mine are my true strength!! Those weapons are just an added bonus. You are nothing but a powerless boy!! I’ll crush you!!」

It was hard to believe, but it was true.
Once again, the sound of a blow resounded, followed by the sound of something cracking that was as loud as a thunder, then a large tree fell toward us.

That’s crazy!!
This reminded me of the onslaught of the demon dog Gallam.

My blood ran cold as I remembered the scene when the imperial guards were knocked off their horses earlier. The attack at that time, which caused their armor to be dented and sent sparks flying, was not done with weapons but with his bare hands!! That would make a lot of sense, if they were hit directly by something this powerful, it’s natural that they would all fall unconscious with a single blow!!

With his all-white dress suit, stuffed animals attached all over his body, and his ridiculous appearance and behavior, I thought he was the magician type, but I never expected that Addis was actually a power fighter as strong as the demon dog Gallam

「…… That bastard. The previous attack on the imperial guards that sent them flying was not a technique, it was just a punch ……!! To think that it is invisible on top of having such a strong impact, that attack is extremely dangerous ……」

Bradd shuddered as he came to the same conclusion.

I don’t want to fight against an invisible demon dog Gallam or whatever he is, even if I’m given money. The fact that it’s a normal punch means that Addis can make as many attacks as he wants, with no limit to the number of times he can do so, and with no repercussions.

What are we supposed to do!? Against such a monster!!

The big tree that Addis had broken tilted and was coming at us.
Bradd tried to jump back with me in his arms.

「Don’t move!! It’s a trap!! He’s waiting for the two of you!! …… It’s okay!! Trust me ……!!」

Seraphy sternly stopped Bradd and he immediately stopped dead in his tracks.

The shadow of the tree grew larger as it drew closer to crush us.
The tree branches collided with each other and snapped.
The sound of the tree splitting rang and the leaves fell like rain.
The scent of wood spread through the air. A great weight of death looms over me.
Feeling scared, I clung to Bradd.

But the big tree that was slanted heavily, stopped just in time, right before the tip of our nose.
Mr. Queer Witch’s vines were strung across the other trees like a rope and stopped it from falling down.

I let out a deep breath.
I almost fell on my butt. It was utterly heart-stopping.

Of course, even the strength of Mr. Queer Witch’s vines would normally not be able to stop this amount of weight. If this tree had fallen in a meadow, the vines would have been torn off.

However, this place is in a dense forest with plenty of other trees.

Since the vines are spread out like a spider’s web, the trees will serve as both reinforcement and brakes. The burden would be dispersed over a wide area.

「Nuahaha!! You’re even more crafty than I expected, little captain boy. You saw through my ambush!! Thanks to that, I was denied the chance to dance with the red-haired princess!! I really want to ruin the princess at all cost!!」

Addis’s mocking voice rang.
We looked up and froze.
Addis glided toward us like a white monster.
Before we knew it, he was right in front of us ……!! 
He approached us as we were mired in the commotion of the falling tree ……!! 
If not for Seraphy’s advice, we would have been directly hit by Addis’s attack the moment we leapt and dodged the falling tree.

I – I’m not a princess.
I’m just a chic and smart downtown girl!!
Hey!! Wait!!
I tried to mimic her in a panic, but I immediately realized that I’m in trouble.
I forgot my disguise set today.

Addis rushed in like a bullet and easily repelled mother’s arrows.

「…… Nuahahaha!! It’s useless!! In the air, there is no place for the arrow to hide. The trajectory of the arrow is in plain sight!! No matter whether the arrow moves in a curve or jumps up, it is easy to stop it. Well then, let’s have fun once again with a game of tag, this time with the maid boy and the princess as the prize. Conflict is not good, you know. Once the princess’s head is separated from her body, everyone will be able to share and get along happily. I’ll give you guys whichever part you like.」

「…… You shithead ……!! Scarlet, hold on tight to me ……!!」

Bradd gnashed his teeth and carried me in his arms.

Earlier, Bradd had used 「Setsuna」, an acceleration technique, three times consecutively, but Addis still nearly caught up with us. Addis is not someone who we can run away from, especially when Bradd has to carry me.

Reading our thoughts, Addis sneered triumphantly.

「You should rejoice as I am about to go to you to invite you to a dance with me!! Although there is a slight difference in height, if your hands were separated from your body, I would be able to take just your hands and make you become my partner!? Un・Deux・Trois!! In a ghastly moment, I’m going to disassemble the red-haired princess to my liking ……!!」

Even if I searched all over the world, I would never find a young lady who would be happy to receive such a disgusting approach.
I was also deeply horrified. Oh gosh!! Each and every idea and phrase he says are revolting!! 

How dare he want to rip off my pretty hands.
He even went to the trouble of rephrasing 「In a short moment」 as 「In a ghastly moment」!! 
Such humor is not funny at all!!

…… At any rate, why is this guy looking at Seraphy triumphantly? Does this mean that he’s trying to kill me as an insinuation against Seraphy?
He must be very upset that Seraphy was able to see through his invisible attacks.

「Ohh, with your mere skills, you can’t do anything against me. What a pitiful, powerless boy. I want you to stand there and watch me beat the red-haired princess to death. Strength is everything. That’s the truth of the world!! Nuahaha.」

However, Seraphy glanced coldly at Addis, who was laughing.

「…… As you wish, I will stand here and not take a step. There is no need for me to move. Because the result of this battle is already decided.」

Seraphy pointed his finger at Addis, who was approaching me from mid-air.

「I had predicted your movements. I also knew that you would move to that position now …… The provocation and the series of actions afterwards are all calculated. …… You are an idiot who thought he was hunting down the weak and jumped into the trap with a triumphant air. Look!! There is nothing but the sky behind you now!!」

I could hear Addis gnashing his teeth.
He realized that he had been set up by Seraphy.

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