Chapter 61 Part 2 – The power of the God of Combat pierces through the darkness. And Alisa starts to move.

…… Hmm? Then could it be that the reason why 「that girl」 cried was because of 「him」?
I can’t forgive 「him」 for making such a nice girl cry.
She has the same face as me, so 「that girl」 is definitely a good girl.
You scumbag that makes a woman cry. How can you be wearing a maid uniform so shamelessly?

Even though 「he」 noticed my scornful glare, 「he」 just smiled and ignored it.

「Come to think of it, you’re wearing a very classic dress today. It looks like a costume from the middle period of the『Silver Age』. Whoa, you even reproduced the silver threads from that period. It must have taken a lot of time and effort, but the luster looks great. And that embroidery is also astounding. It’s very elaborate.」

「He」 was deeply impressed with the work.

…… Ohhh, he has a good eye for beauty. Mnn!! Okay,「he’s」 not Bradd.

Inside my mind, I instantly retracted my reasoning.

After all, even a noble would need to have considerable knowledge about outfits in order to come up with the statement 「he」 just smoothly said. I think the ladies who are the face of high society would respond with an 「Oohhh」 if they heard it. 「He」 is as educated as the convenient-support-dictionary Seraphy.

In other words, 「he」 is definitely an intellectual.
Maybe even a noble.
「He」 is at the level where 「he」 could be the center of a conversation even if 「he」 was suddenly thrown into the upper-class social circles.
「He’s」 the exact opposite of the idiot Bradd, who likes to secretly snatch food.

「Scarlet’s red eyes and red hair really go well with a red dress like this. It’s your unique privilege in the world.」

And yes, 「he」 did not forget to express 「his」 consideration for the lady. 「He」 gets a perfect score.
「His」 tone of voice is somewhat rude, but 「he」 can use beautiful words if 「he」 wants to, I thought to myself as I stared intensely at 「him」.

The adult Bradd from the previous 「108 times」 had a studious side, but it was limited to knowledge related to combat.
Such as assassination techniques, how to set traps, and so on ……
There is no way that Bradd would be proficient in the knowledge necessary to converse with a noblewoman. He’s way too different from 「him」.

…… But 「he’s」 certainly not just a tactful conversationalist.

「…… So, what do you want to do? Should I half-kill Addis as you requested? I let him off the hook earlier, but if you, the one who was almost killed by him, wants me to do so, then I’ll do it since I’m also pissed off at this guy.」

The conversation was bloody right off the bat.
After saying those disturbing remarks, 「he」 tied a sword seal with 「his」 right hand and thrust it forward, while 「his」 left fist was in a ready position right beside 「his」 hip. The target is the unconscious Addis. The atmosphere turned tense and serious.

「W-Wait a minute ……!! What are you going to do!?」

I panicked. A terribly dangerous premonition ran through my body.

After all, 「his」 strength is extremely frightening.
First of all, the body that 「he」 is borrowing …… Bradd’s specs are extremely dangerous.
Even though he is ridiculously dressed in a maid uniform with a frilly apron and a red ribbon on his head, three years ago, he easily defeated two demon dogs whose fighting power is said to be greater than that of a wild tiger.
The next one, Gallam, was too strong and so Bradd’s strength was overshadowed, but even at that point, he was already abnormally strong.

Now, on top of that, he has mastered the physical enhancement technique, 「Blood Atonement」.
The life and death battle against the demon dog Gallam gave Bradd an experience equivalent to a decade’s worth of training and made his talent blossom. Bradd’s strength today is far greater than it was three years ago. No one, not even the battle group〈Lawless Crew〉, can stand up to him anymore. This also includes Bradd’s father, who is the head of the group.

His father is not exaggerating when he describes Bradd as the greatest work of the〈Lawless Crew〉.

Bradd himself says that his older brother, who is on a training journey, is stronger than he is, but I don’t think so.
Bradd’s talent is exceptional. Not many people are born like that.

I don’t recall many human warriors who can beat the current Bradd, even in light of my previous 「108 times」.

My father with his fine horse, Matzo with an iron ball, and the fierce tiger general Steindorf.

In terms of close combat, it would be about those three people.
Until the appearance of the Seven Phantoms this time around, those three people are all I could think of, even after I searched throughout my memory.

And now,『his』strength is added to that high spec Bradd’s body.

「His」 strength is exceptional, or rather, it is at a completely different level and has transcended dimensions.
「His」 strength is not in the realm of humans, but in the realm of gods.
「He」 defeated Addis, a member of the Seven Phantoms who was proud of his horrifying strength, by tossing and turning him around like a toy.
Moreover, 「he」 has not yet shown the full extent of 「his」 power.

In other words, even what 「he」 considers as a light poke could cause Addis’s cranium to explode.
If that’s the case, I would be forced to watch a splatter show right from the front seats.
Then I would be showered with blood like from a whale show.

「He」 tilted his head in response to my nervous questioning.

「…… Well …… I’m just going to use the『Heartless Autumn Leaves』with reduced output.」

Fugyaaaaaa!! You see!! My worries were right on target!!

The 「Heartless Autumn Leaves」 was Bradd’s finishing move during the battle against Gallam, right!!
Isn’t that a technique that forces the heartbeat of the opponent to increase unceasingly, causing the body to explode from the extreme blood pressure!!
That’s definitely not a 「just」!! That technique is too deadly!!

「That’s overdoing it!! You’re definitely trying to kill him!!」

I reflexively said so.

「No, I’ll control it well so that it won’t kill him. The blood blade will break up the musculature and muscle fibers so that it will never again be able to exert its monstrous power. The bleeding will be stopped immediately and I’ll control the technique so that his brain and nerves will not be damaged. The source of his pride is his strength. So I think if we destroy it, he will answer our questions more obediently.」

「He」 said it so casually, but it’s too scary!! Addis will be one step away from being a cripple, wouldn’t he?

「Well, that’s true, but I mean ……」

I sighed.

「He」 is intelligent and kind, but a hint of mercilessness can be seen from his actions.
Perhaps the ordeals 「he’s」 been through are in a completely different league.
I have a hunch that 「he」 has been through far more battlefields than my father who is referred to as a hero, Matzo the captain of the Imperial Guards, and even the adult Bradd in the previous 「108 times」 who was said to be the strongest person in the world.
Hell is so routine for 「him」 that some of 「his」 feelings have become numb.
That’s why once 「he」 makes a decision, 「he」 will not hesitate to eliminate 「his」 enemies.
It is already merciful for 「him」 to not take away their lives.

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