Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 1 Part 5




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes


“Nnh, nnh…… Fufu, Rou-sama…… Do you feel good?”

Her bouncy breasts slid up and down, catching and sucking with its sliminess his giant cock. They wrap tightly all around his glans and backside, still sensitive from his previous ejaculation.

Besides that, Diana sucked on his tip which was slightly poking to the face, making Rou moaned.

“Y, yes…… It is very, very good……”

Rou soon became the slave to the Maid’s service, coming closer and closer to ecstasy.

It seemed that Diana was also excited, judging by the overwhelming look on her face, her motherly and womanly instincts ticked.

“Umm…… Rou-sama……”

The beautiful woman looks him straight in the eyes while leaking a sweet voice, pressing her breasts against his hard member and picking up the speed of her movements.

“Hyiii….. Wh, what is it!?”

His voice quite unexpectedly became very high-pitched.

“Because Rou-sama’s thing seems not to be fully satisfied yet…… May I serve you some more……?”

“Eh, ehh…… You mean……”

Diana looked at him with entranced eyes, filled with hopes and expectations, her cheeks dyed red with shyness.

“That’s right. If it pleases you, Rou-sama, I can give you pleasure…… That is –––– if you are fine with someone like being your first sexual partner……”

“Y, yes! It would be my pleasure to have you, Diana-san…… I, l-leave myself in your care!!”

“Fufu…… Thank you very much.”

When the boy hurriedly shook his head, the Maid narrowed her eyes and hugged him closely, embracing his neck.

The Maid pressed her breasts against him, leading him to lie down on the floor. Having lost all of his strength after ejaculating so much, he easily lowered himself from the bath chair with no objections.

“There’s no need for you to feel so nervous……”

“Ah, right……”

The boy’s heart was filled with anxiety and expectations regarding his first time, and his body was tingling with tension. Diana sees that and looks at him in the eyes.

“Please pardon my rudeness, Rou-sama, but do you have any experience with women?”

“Ehh…… About that……”

“I see…… So it really is like…… In that case, do you really want me as your first partner……?”

The beautiful woman asks, trying to judge his reaction, while getting on all fours with a smile on her lips.

“Yes…… I want to, umm…… with Diana-san……”

Only for a second the face of Reaina appeared in his mind. But the Princess that he adored so much was not here, not now.

There was no reason for the young boy to refuse the offer of having sex with this older lady that was in front of his eyes.

“Aaahhh…… Being chosen as the one for Rou-sama’s first time…… I am going to service you in the best way that I can……”

The impressed woman straddles over the boy’s crotch with a joyful expression and puts the tip of his rock-hard penis over her twitching entrance.

From her pink, shiny flower petals there was dripping a transparent liquid, overflowing from her on the tip of his member. Her nether lips were gaping so wide that they seemed to want the boy’s penis so much.

(This, this is a woman’s pussy……)

His eyes were pinned to her secret mouth, opening and closing so swiftly. Her love nectar was so different from his own fluids, and her lips squeak as they suck on his glans.

“I’m going to take your first time, Rou-sama……”

“Aaahhh! Diana-san…… Uaaah!!”

While listening to the boy’s adorable shrieks, the Maid slowly sinks her hips.

Diana spreads her lips with her middle and index fingers, sucking his bulged penis, her soft female flesh swallowing his entire meat pole with an obscene sound.

“Haanh, it’s so hot and so hard……”

His tip was wrapped in her hot flesh, as it was burying itself inside her stretched cavity. It was full of folds and cracks that slowly tightened around him. With this motion alone, another urge to ejaculate overcomes him, but he managed to withstand it this time.

Taking this young boy’s rod inside of her made the woman to gasp passionately with an expression of pure happiness on her face. She smiled in a strange way.

“Haah, nnh…… I will make you feel very good in a second, Rou-sama……”

While supporting the weight of her body with her legs boldly opened, this time she pressed her hips down on his meat rod. Hot honey escaped from her insides, being exposed to the air.

“Ah, ahh, aaahhh…… Uaaah……”

She stopped waiting for his tip to reach her end by itself, and instead swung her plum butt down, forcing him to enter her all the way, to the very base. Her huge breasts jiggled slowly, matching her moves and her pink nipples danced up and down.

They looked pretty big through her clothes already, but actually seeing them naked was something else entirely. The size alone was a true masterpiece, but the same could be said about their shape and adult color, as well as the way in which they slowly swayed. The boy’s gaze is fixed on those breasts, thinking that they are truly magnificent.

“Haah, kufuu…… Well, what do you think? How is my pussy……?”

“H, how, even if you ask me that……”

Even though he prepared his mind for graduating from his virginity, feeling something like that and tasting this soft flesh for the first time in his life has left him in a state of puzzlement and confusion. But even so, every time she moves, an incredible tightness so different from mouth or hand squeezes around him, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body.

Transparent love juices kept of dripping from the place when they were both connected, drowning his meat lance making the boy’s crotch extremely wet.

“It feels good…… right, nfu?”

Seeing the boy’s somewhat weak reaction, the Maid sadly raised her eyebrows. Then, she put her hands on his cheeks, bringing his body into close contact with her own, causing him to sigh strongly. Soft breasts press against his skin, and he was again surprised by how smooth and silky they were.

“N, not at all……”

Because of the sudden stimulus, the boy could not think straight and panicked, denying the Maid’s words.

“In that case, I will have to make you feel even better……”

“Make me feel even better? What do you…?”

“Rou-sama, please start to move your hips…… Just like that……”

Diana started to move her waist up and down again, urging the boy. He did just as he was told, adjusting the movements of his hips to her rhythm.

“Yes, yes…… Just like that, nfuu……”

“Diana-san, this is…… I might not be able to, much longer……”

Her waist attacks his poor rod once again with increased speed and tenacity.

“My, my, your face looks so cute right now, Rou-sama…… Makes me want to kiss you……”

“Eh……? C, cute, you say…… Nnnhhh!? *kiss*, *smooch*……”

The veil of her brown hair fell on his cheeks, and her flushed lips connected with the boy’s mouth. As he have never kissed a girl before, Rou’s eyes went black and white with surprise, as the pleasant smell of the adult woman made his heart pound like crazy.

“Haah, *smooch*…… Rou-sama, nnh…… *Kiss*, *kiss*……”

While servicing his cock with her inner walls, the Maid skillfully moved her lips and finally let him penetrate her mouth with his tongue. Diana’s tongue were lifting his tongue, and he was catching hers with his own.
And then they both sucked on each others lips, making lewd and wet sounds.

“Nnh, puha…… Wait just a, *smooch*, nnh……”

Her kisses were so intense that for a moment he even forgot how to breathe. Their tongues intertwine with each other, sliding on their teeth and produce a lot of saliva.

(It, it feels so wet and slippery inside my mouth……)

Together with her tongue, a whole lot of saliva pours in his mouth, and his thoughts were instantaneously dyed with aggressive pleasure.

He wanted more pleasure and so he was instinctively seeking it. The movements of his hips were awkward at first, but with each thrust they become more and more accustomed to the rhythm of the woman’s bounces, multiplying his pleasure.

“Haahn! T, that’s right, are you feeling good, Rou-sama…… Hyaan!!”

Her tight, big butt hit against his thin waist. Every time Diana’s body moved up and down, a pair of big buns danced in front of his eyes. She looked as if something was about to come over her, and she starts to leak out a sweet voices.

“Diana-san…… Haah, kuh……C, can I touch your breasts……?”

“Y, yes…… Go ahead, do as you please…… Haah, so sudden, aaahhh!”

As soon as he heard the Maid’s answer, the excited Rou reached out to her breasts. All of his fingers sunk deep into her marshmallow-like breasts, and since their size would not fit his hands they spilled to the sides.

*Grope*, *Grope*…… *Squeeze*……*squeeze*~~~~.

“Ah, afuu, if you do it so strongly, I’m going to…… Aah, nnh, kyafuh……”

Touching women’s breasts for the first time in his life, their warmth, their softness, the boy was completely absorbed in this feeling. It was something similar to physical intimacy, and the boy instinctively strengthened his hold on them.

Having her breasts touched so strongly, the woman shrieked from the stimulus, letting out sweet breaths and her charming adult appearance flushed red.

“Aaannnh, ah, haah! I, it resonates so deep inside of me…… Does it feel good……”

It was totally devoid of any kind of technique, but the Maid followed his clumsy hip swings, desperately trying to keep her balance by laying her palms on the boy’s thin chest.

And like that, having his face buried in her brown hair, the pleasure started to shake his hips violently yet again
“Diana-san…… It’s, it’s going to come out again!”

Her cavity’s walls tightened around his penis violently, his movements becoming faster and rougher. The movements of his hips just wouldn’t stop.

*Smack*, *smack*, *smack*!

Huge waves of pleasure spreads from his meat lance all over his body, as their genitals rub against one another with wet and obscene sounds, sending droplets of love honey into the air.

(A, amazing…… So this is sex……?)

As the pleasure was overcoming the lower parts of his body, the boy’s head was full of thoughts about his first sexual experience. Before he even noticed, his desire to ejaculate rose to its limits, and he could do nothing more than to attack her crotch without holding back.

“Naah, yahaanh…… I’m about to cum as well…… Together, let’s cum together at the same time!”

The current look on her face, as well as her tightening around his cock, sucks all the spirit away from the boy, leaving him gasping for breath. His eyes are also being stimulated by the sight of the Maid’s lewdness, and his urge to ejaculate rises even further.

“Aaahh! I can’t hold back…… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, uuuhh!”

“Rou-sama, ahiii! You’re so rough, hiaaah!!”

The two people are closing in to their climax, putting their lips together as their bodies are covered in sweat from the room’s heat. Saliva wonders in between their mouths, some of it flowing outside and moistening their mouths.

“Aaahhh…… It’s so good! Hyiian, I’m cuuummming~~~~~~!!”

The Maid was the first one to let out a scream. With one big swing of her hips she sat on him, completely swallowing his still thrusting meat pole without thinking.

(No good, I’m cumming, too!!)

Soon, the boy reached his limit. Being eaten by her convulsing genitals, his hot cum shot out from the root of his cock.

“Aah!! Here it comes ––––––!!”

Putting all of his strength into his abdomen, he gave his hips one last push.


“T, there’s so much! Rou-sama’s sperm is, inside of me…… Naahhh!!”

The boy’s back arched, pushing his penis deep inside of her, clinging to her body.

“I, it won’t stop! It just won’t stop cumming……”

Raising his miserable voice, Rou was drunk on that pleasant sensation of forceful ejaculation. The Maid also had a look of satisfaction painted on her face, as she got to taste this virgin boy all the way.

“It, it’s amazing…… *kiss*, *smooch*…… It, it’s still coming out……”

Diana, who fell on his chest, hugs his head lovingly, breathing hard and giving him another kiss.

“Haaah…… T, that surely felt good……”

“Fufu…… It looks like I came as well……”

Even though he came he was still unable to move, so he just entrusted himself to the combination of the aftermath pleasure and being hugged by her.

“With that you managed to become a true man, Rou-sama…… From now on, I would like you to keep on taking care of Reaina-sama……”

“……R, really……?”

The afterglow of his first sexual intercourse soon subsided, bringing both the boy and the Maid back to reality.

Diana looks at the boy’s uneasy face and smiles gently.

“Yes, that’s true…… Just from hugging you, I can feel that you are a kind person, Rou-sama. I am sure that Reaina-sama will accept that kindness of yours, too.”

“T, thank you very much……”

“This might come as a little bit embarrassing, but it felt really good for me. Fufu…… It seems like both my body and my soul are falling for you.”

Having buried her face in his chest, Diana praised the boy while stroking him lovingly.

Being praised for something other than his training results, a strange mixture of happiness and embarrassment fills Rou’s face, making it become red.

Still, the soft smile of the Maid and the warmth of her body managed to heal the boy’s heart, suffering from pressure and confusion at his new castle life as a guard.




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