Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 4 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



「 W, what is, going on!? 」

The sudden stop made the Princess angry, and so she leaned out through the carriage’s
window. However, once she done that she immediately understood just what kind of
situation she found herself in.

「 Hyahahaha~~~!! So you’re Reaina, huh? 」

「I t would be better for you if you just let yourself be captured without making too much of a
fuss. 」

The ones surrounding the carriage looked like your typical rouges, with cheap weapons and
wearing vulgar smiles on their faces. There were ten of them in total. The driver was shot in
the arm by one of them and fell onto the ground.

But the fact that they knew her name meant that this was no simple robbery.

(Those must be the same men that tried to assassinate Father…)

Although she was aware that they were after her life, Reaina simply couldn’t afford to show
her fear to those men.

「 I am the third princess of the Kingdom of Agarthania, Reaina Luize Wilhelmiana. 」

The Princess walked out of the carriage with her head held high. It was a common
knowledge for a nobles to retain their composure and calmness while in face of opposition
full of aggression and hatred.

「 Fuh, a strong-willed one, hm? Well, it’s not like I dislike bitches like that. 」

「 Just look at that nice body of hers! I wonder for how long will she stay strong like that? 」

They were a fearless group of criminals who tried to assassinate the king. They were a lot
that would not recognize the royal majesty, for they were only looking at her with lewd eyes
and were liking their lips.

「 W, what impudence! The likes of you shall not touch me with your dirty hands! 」

The Princess’ shout echoed throughout the surrounding woods.

「 Let’s have a look at those boobs! 」

Reaina, who was still playing hard-willed, quickly realized just how overwhelming the
difference in their strengths was the moment one of them grabbed her breast. However, she
kept her mouth shut, as to not give them any satisfaction.

「 Kyah! Why you… Let go of me! 」

Her golden rolls shake, and her breasts bounce in accordance with her movements,
entertaining the brutes. No matter what, the Princess was still a fragile girl. There was no
way that she would be able to do anything while being surrounded by a group this big.

(Please, help me! Someone! Anyone! …………………………………………… Rou!!)

Faced with perilous danger, the image of the boy knight surfaced in the Princess’ mind.

Deep inside of his heart, she shouted his name.

Rou felt as though he could hear someone’s voice. After reaching the forest of Elberg, the
boy hurried his horse and strengthened his grip upon the reins.

Hearing the report that stated that the Princess went to the summer villa alone, Rou rushed
from the castle like an arrow released from a bow. Before he left he asked Diana-san to
explain the situation to authorities and send in support, and went after the Princess on a
lightly dressed horse he borrowed from the stables.

「 What’s this…!? 」

He could see a fancy chariot ahead on the road. It must have belonged to the royal family.
Plus, there were about ten people or so surrounding it.

「 Let’s hope I made it in time! 」

Seeing that, he sped up his horse. The sound of hoofs echoed on the ground, and it seems
that the men have also noticed that he was coming for them.

「 R, Reaina-samaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

He let out a roar upon seeing the young girl being held in the middle of the group of men.
It was definitely Reaina, cladded in pearl-white dress and whose golden locks shone brightly
in the rays of sun.

Realizing that his mistress was in peril, he also came to understand that the people
surrounding her were the same ones who tied to assassinate the king.

「 Uwah! Just look at this guy! Who is this!? 」

「 You stupid fool!! What are you even… Uwah ––––––!? 」

Surprised by the sudden coming of the horse and its rider, the bandits spread to left and
right, and the ones holding Reaina let go of her for just an instant.

「 Reaina-sama!? Are you alright!? 」

The boy knight didn’t miss this opportunity. He pulled on the reins and stopped his horse,
jumping down on the ground and rushing to the Princess’ side.

「 Eh, you… But why…? 」

Seeing the boy knight appear seemingly out of nowhere, Reaina was astonished, and her
eyes widened in surprise. Her hair were a mess and her dress was covered in soil, but other
than that she seemed unharmed. Rou let out a sigh of relief.

「 You, who the fuck are you!? 」

「 I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing here, but… Want to fucking die!? 」

The bandits regained some of their composure and drew their weapons while mocking the
boy in loud voices. The crisis was not yet over.

「I could ask you lot the same question, what do you think you’re doing, treating Reaina-sama in such a way… You’re going to pay for that! 」

Seeing this normally gentle and kind-hearted boy getting so angry for her sake, something
began to melt in the Princess’ heart.

「 D-Don’t get so full of yourself, you little shit! 」

「 You really think you can take down all of us on your own? 」

The rogues shouted in loud voices, trying to intimidate the boy. He could hear his heart
pounding loudly in his chest.

The sheer numbers were against him.

This isn’t the kind of situation he would normally thought he would be able to win.

Still, the boy had a reason not to back down.

「 Hey, just hurry it up and run away, this is for the best…. 」

Reaina pulls on the boy’s sleeve while looking uneasy.

「 No, running away from them is not an option here. I’ll try to end this quickly, so for now just
hide in the carriage, okay? 」

「 Eh… A, alright, I understand… 」

Hearing those words, the Princess had no other choice but to comply and do just that.

He managed to catch up to the Princess and make sure that she was safe for now. Now, the
most logical thing to do was to stall for time until the rest of the knights manage to get here.

He knew that he stood no chance in a fight against so many opponents. However, once he
calmed down he was able to look at this situation objectively. As soon as he realized that he
was prepared to die in his Princess’ defense, there was nothing he needed to be afraid of.

Living in the castle, serving the Princess of his dreams, partaking to beautiful women, for a
while he was living a dream-like life.

Now it was time for him to fulfill his duty as the Princess’ guard. And not only as her guard,
but since she was the woman he was longing for. In protecting her, his pride as a man was
on the line here.

「 Why do I like someone like him!? Someone who obviously has a death wish!? 」

Rou managed to push the Princess into the carriage before she got to say anything more.

「 Just so you know, we’re still gonna beat you into a bloody mess! 」

One of the bandits tried to intimidate the boy while shaking his two-handed sword

At the same time as the bandit readied himself to attack, a white flash crosses the path of his
weapon. *Clunk!*

The sword was knocked out of his hand and fell onto the ground.

After losing his parents at a young age, Rou’s life was not an easy one before he joined the
military. He would often need to defend himself from bandits, thieves and drunkards in back

The bandits realized that Rou was no pushover when it comes to fighting with a sword. Their
eyes began to shine like that of a wild beasts.

「 Just stay focused and surround the little shit! 」

Hearing their boss’s orders, a few people jump at Rou in unison.

And just like that the chaotic battle has begun.

If it was a one-on-one fight, he would never lose. The situation was strongly against him, but
even so he was trying to respond the best he could with his swordsmanship. However, the
difference in numbers was too overwhelming.

Still, Rou never gave up. He was defending Reaina, and so he wholeheartedly threw himself
to that responsibility as he charged the bandits.

「 Uuuuuuuuuuoooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh–––––––––!!! 」

In a display of resolution and determination, he downed a few of them one after another in
rapid succession.

However, even though his swordsmanship was superior to theirs, there was no way that he
would be able to cover all of his blind spots all the time. It was only a matter of time before
the fight turned into a war of attrition, a one during which he was gradually losing his strength
and his attacks and defense were becoming more and more sloppy. At his rate his defeat
was nothing but assured.

(Guh… Any more of this, and I’ll…)

The bandits attacks were raining down on him mercilessly one after another, and since he
was losing his strength, he couldn’t protect himself all that well from the blows. He was
slowly realizing that was his end.

Then, he heard the sound of horseshoes echoing in the distance.

Before he even realized it, about hundred horses appeared at the scene of battle. The
bandits were being disposed off one by one, and the rest of the newly arrived knights
assisted the Princess in getting away to safety.

Seeing this scene, Rou felt as though something finally snapped inside of him and he fell
onto the ground like a bag of sand.

「 A, are you alright!? Rou! 」

The Princess brakes free of the knights’ protection and rushes to Rou’s side.

「 That’s the first time…. You called me by my name… 」

「 Is that so… T, That’s not what’s important right now! 」

Rou felt as though he was finally recognized by the Princess, and this feeling blew away all
of his pain and all of his suffering.

However, it seems that his body finally reached its limit, for his consciousness went dark and
he couldn’t see or feel anything anymore.

When he woke up, the first thing he saw was an unfamiliar ceiling.

It wasn’t the ceiling of the hut he used to see when he was young, but rather the
fancy-looking one that he used to see during the last few weeks.

The giant canopy filled the most of his field of vision. While his mind was gradually
awakening, he noticed that he was sleeping on a comfy and soft bed, with pillows filled with
feathers and silky sheets.

「 …Uuh, where am I…? 」

He tried to move his arms and legs, but when he did, his whole body started to hurt.

「 Ah, it seems that you finally woke up. 」

He heard a voice, and when he turned his head towards that voice, he saw the Princess with
her eyes filled with tears. Looking closely, her eyes were all red and swollen.

「 Eh, R, Reaina… -sama…? 」

Rou tried to get up, but his whole body was struck with pain, and his breathing stopped at




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