Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 5 Part 5



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I happened to see some natto with soba dipping sauce, kimchi, and diced green onions. I was also pretty sure I had some frozen udon noodles as well. With all of these ingredients, I can make -that-!

「My “In Your Face Stamina Deluxe” Udon! 」

Perfect on a hot summer day, chilled kimchi natto, and diced green onions on top of udon noodles.

「So goooood! It’s really tasty! 」

Shizuku gathered around and started eating. Looks like all my effort making it really paid off. Served with some flattened and thinly stretched out bread that has been lightly drizzled with olive oil, then onion, cheese, bacon, and basil sprinkled on top. Then after that, all I have to do is bake it in the oven. There was some noise and good smells coming from the kitchen, but the western style room’s door was still closed, so I thought that Ria might have still been asleep.

「My original homemade pizza! 」

By taking ordinary bread and lightly flattening it and stretching it out, you can pour some olive oil on it and bake it to make it really seem like authentic pizza.

「I can eat as much as I want! I can really eat as much as I want! 」

With that, I’ll cut some corners but…

「Redbean filled bread with milk! 」

This combination comes straight from god in the heavens.

「This sweetness, and a refreshing drink! Amazing! But…what did you want again? 」


「There was something that Master wished to request of me? 」

That’s right. I got so carried away with cooking I nearly forgot. There was something I wanted from Shizuku, I forgot that I was making her bigger.

「The thing is, I work at a family restaurant. But it’s just a part-time thing. 」

「Family restaurant? I understand part-time though. 」

「Do you understand part-time jobs? 」

「Yes! They are written in the doujinshi! 」

「Oh, okay… 」

Although her part-time job knowledge might be a little different.

「Well that’s fine. A family restaurant is kind of like a dining hall. 」

「I understand! I have heard about the human world from some of the adults I am friends with. 」

That makes sense. And I guess from hearing that kind of stuff, she got an interest in the human world. Shizuku seems to have the same knowledge of the medieval world they both live in. Of course, the other world would also have dining halls.

「So … while I am at work, I want you to turn into me and spend time together with Ria. Just having fun together is fine. 」

「If that is what my Master desires! I understand! Shizuku will do my best! 」

Alright, thank goodness. Honestly, I thought that leaving Ria alone could be dangerous in a bunch of different ways.

「Then, can I have you transform into me really quick? Make it look just like me okay, exactly like me. 」

「Okayyyy! 」

After Shizuku replied, Ria’s form appeared and started clinging onto me.

「Uwa?! What?! 」

「Please allow me to scan you, Master. I will copy you exactly, so I have to do this very well. 」

「Ah, ah?! Do you have to do it down there too!? Please be gentle… 」

Ria, or rather Shizuku, seemed to merge with my body, or maybe melted into me, or maybe I was melting. As she did that, my entire body was covered with slime jelly, and it felt like I was being attacked and groped.

「W-Wait a sec, it tickles! Hehehehe 」

It seemed like Shizuku was under my arms scanning me.

「I’m sorry. Please endure this for just a bit longer. 」

If that’s what it takes, nothing else I can do. This is all so she can change into me.


I felt that Shizuku was getting closer near my nether regions. Or rather my entire hip area.

「Wait wait wait, that’s embarrassing! Uhu…」

「Okay! I have completely finished scanning Master! 」

Looks like it was finally over.

「O-Oh. It felt pretty good actually. You should have said something before going to that area though… 」

「M-My bad. 」

After Shizuku apologized, she completely took on my appearance.

「Whoa! This is me? Something about me seems kind of different though. 」

Actually, seeing myself was kind of disgusting for some reason.

「S-So cool! 」

Huh? Shizuku suddenly said that I was cool.

「T-That’s not true, right? 」

「It’s true! I’ve transformed into a lot of things but, Master is the coolest one so far! 」

She really insisted on it. But white slimes are the type to hold feelings of love for their master, so I thought it was probably just that. It didn’t feel bad though.

「For the time being when I head to my part-time job, play with Ria, okay? Ria is cute like a kid, so she’ll believe anything you say. If you just act and talk like a Great Sage, you should be fine. 」

I felt a little worried, but this was infinitely better than leaving a girl from another world alone in my room.

「But Master… 」

Huh? I feel like that’s the first time I’ve heard Shizuku sound like that. I wonder if she’s going to get cold feet after all.

「Is it really okay for me to just play with Ria all day while Master is at work? Wouldn’t it be better if I went and worked at this dining hall instead? 」

What did she say? Is this some kind of dream where someone else will go work my job for me? No, wait. It may be a good idea, but Shizuku is still a slime. I don’t think she could work any job for me. I’m just thankful that she can stay here and entertain Ria.

「That’s nice of you but… There’s no way I want to make you work for me. 」

「But I ate so much of your food… I’ve heard that the fee for eating food is rather high in the human world, correct? 」

「I guess that’s kind of true. 」

「I do not have any money, I want you to allow me to pay you back. 」

I’m really thankful she feels that way but it’s really not a big deal.

「Playing with Ria is one thing, but I wonder if doing my job might be impossible for you. You might get the hang of it after time but…」

「I think I could do it immediately. 」

As soon as Shizuku said that she went into the kitchen.

「Hey hey, wait a sec, where are you going? 」

「May I use some ingredients? 」

「That’s fine but… 」

While I wondered what she was trying to do, she took the remaining loaf of bread, flattened it, and started stretching it out. And then she drizzled it with olive oil, sprinkled on some pizza sauce, and put a bunch of other ingredients on it.

No way, was she…!

She baked it in the oven and took it out and started imitating even my voice.

「My original bread loaf pizza! 」

It looked exactly the same as the food I had just made earlier.

「The flavor is good too… 」

「My ability to copy things comes from having a good memory. I can also copy movements and actions. 」

So that’s how she did it. But after watching Shizuku do all these things, I could see she was really clever. There might be a time where I would be unable to go to my part-time job because of something happening in the dungeon. My family restaurant is open 24/7, so if we go right now there wouldn’t be many people there. I could try going there and teaching her a few things. Tomorrow is one thing, but there might be a time where I need her to go instead of me.

「Well, how about we go and have a little look then? 」

「Yes! Thank you very much! 」

But it was then that I realized there could be one problem with this plan.

「Come to think of it, you’re still big, so I can’t fit you inside of my pocket… What should we do?

「Would it be okay if I went in Ria’s form? 」

「I don’t want anyone to think anything suspicious, so Ria might be kind of bad. 」

Plus, if I take a beautiful blonde girl like Ria to my work with me, there would be a huge uproar and misunderstanding.

「So in other words, as long as you are able to hide me it is fine. Very well, then I will become your clothes, so please wear me. 」

What did she say?

「Or more accurately, I will be the one wearing you, changed into your clothes, and attached to your body. I will have you become naked, please. 」

「Y-You can do something like that? Won’t you be stretched out too much? 」

Shizuku probably had less volume than clothing, she would have to become pretty big.

「There is a lot of empty space between bodies and clothing. I’ll be directly glued to you, so it should be fine. 」

S-She’ll be glued to me? It seemed interesting, I guess there’s no problem giving it a try. But before that…

「Before we start, I wonder if you could transform into Ria for me? It would be a little weird to have myself get intimate with myself after all. 」

「I understand! 」

I went to the bathroom with Shizuku in the form of Ria.

「Okay. Please get naked. 」

「O-Okay… 」

This is a little embarrassing. Shizuku, in the form of Ria, clung onto me and “wore” my body. After a few moments, it looked just like I was wearing normal jeans and a t-shirt. Although on the inside, it just felt like I was wearing slime jelly all over my body.

「Ah—hey wait! 」

Shizuku squirmed over my lower area.

「I-I’m sorry. This part is so cute that I accidentally… 」

C-Cute?! I don’t want to be called cute there!

「Uwah! It’s becoming bigger! Just like it says in the doujinshis! It was so cute early but now it’s become rather frightening… 」

Don’t say that kind of stuff to me!

「Okay this is a bit embarrassing, so let’s just have the bottom half of my body be empty space okay? 」

「Okay, I apologize. 」

Alright, slime clothes are pretty good, actually. In the beginning, it felt weird and there were some accidents, but after you get used to it the texture is pretty nice.

「I can also adjust the temperature. The warmth from combustion, cooling from volatilization. However, only by 1 degree. 」

「Changing by 1 degree is pretty pointless. 」

「I will also require food and water accordingly. 」

So, adjusting the temperature means the amount she needs to eat will increase. In other words, my food expenses are going to rise.

「In any case, since I’ve moved here, I’ve been on break for 2 days, I should just try showing my face there really quick. 」

「Okay! 」

With that, my slime clothes and I went outside.



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